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Gum Packaging Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing gum packaging machine can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

A reason why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about gum packaging machine.

So, before investing in a new gum packing machine, read this guide.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In A Gum Packaging Machine?

Gum Packing Machine

Gum Packaging Machine

There are several benefits to investing in a Gum Packaging Machine.

Some of the benefits include:

Simplify Production

Using the machine will make the gum packing process simple and easy than when using manual packing.

Save Time

When you use a fully automatic Gum Packaging Machine, you will pack gum candies into several packages per unit time.

This feature allows you to concentrate on other tasks, thus increasing your output.

Increase The Shelf Life Of The Product

The packing material seals the gum candy and prevents elements such as air and moisture from decaying the product.

This capability ensures the gum candy remains fresh for long periods.

Prevents Contamination

Once you pack the gum candy with this machine, contaminants will not enter the product.

This feature prevents the gum candy from spoiling during storage and transit.

Ensure Freshness

Packaging material will ensure the gum candy remains fresh for a long time.

Product Labeling

Gum Packaging Machines will place labels on the gum packages, making it easy for consumers to identify the brand.

Increase Production

The production capacity of your company will increase when you use a Gum Packaging Machine.

For instance, fully automatic Gum Packaging Machines will pack and seal gum candy at high speeds.

Efficient Packaging

Gum Packaging Machines will achieve good packaging that will not compromise the quality of the gum candy.

Increase Product Appeal

The machine will pack gum candy in attractive packages, thereby making it appealing to several consumers.

Which Are The Different Types Of Gum Packaging Machine Available?

The available types include:

Manual Gum Packaging Machines

For these machines to operate, you require human personnel.

The manual version has the lowest production capacity since its capacity depends on the availability of laborers.

Also, they are the cheapest versions of Gum Packaging Machines.

Manual gum packing machine

Manual Gum Packaging Machine

Semi-automatic Gum Packaging Machine

Semi-Automatic Gum Packing Machine

Semi-Automatic Gum Packaging Machine

This version of the machine will need some form of human labor to enable it to operate efficiently.

Besides, it has a low production capacity and fewer features than the fully automatic version.

Fully Automatic Gum Packaging Machine

This version will need minimal to no operators as it will independently perform all tasks once you set the gum packing parameters.

On the control panel, you will program the machine as per your production requirements.

Fully Automatic Gum Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Gum Packaging Machine

How Does Chewing Gum Fold Wrapping Machine And Chewing Gum Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine Compare?

Here is how these two compare:

Chewing Gum Fold Wrapping Machine

A chewing gum fold wrapping machine will wrap chewing gum in an envelope fashion.

Also, it can wrap the gum candy with more than one cover simultaneously.

Fold wrapping is suitable with flat gum candies.

Chewing Gum Fold Wrapping Machine

Chewing Gum Fold Wrapping Machine

Chewing Gum Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

High-performance horizontal flow wrapping machines can wrap up to 1500 gum products per minute.

Also, you can use cold and hot sealing in this process.

The changeover times in these machines can be under 15 minutes which increases the performance of the machine.

Besides, a single size range and reproducible parameters allow the machine to operate stably quickly.

This machine contains innovative systems like smart sensors, control mechanisms, and an automated sealing mechanism.

Self-regulating sealing mechanisms allow you to alter gum packing parameters during operation automatically.

Besides, this feature allows the machine’s output not to depend on changing parameters like temperature and product traits.

The chewing gum horizontal flow wrapping machine wraps the gum candy in cardboard or aluminum wrapping materials.

This machine will also seal the wrappers hermetically.

The automated sealing mechanism allows for fewer rejects when you change the speed, stop, or start the machine.

Chewing Gum Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

Chewing Gum Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

What Are The Features To Look For In A Gum Packaging Machine?

There are different Gum Packaging Machines available in the market, and it may be hard to select one.

Here are some features you should consider when selecting this machine:

  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • A programmable logic controller and human-machine interface that allows for easy monitoring and operating
  • Self-failure diagnosis
  • Stainless steel material construction
  • Low noise pollution makes it environmentally friendly
  • Speed adjustment through a frequency converter
  • Packing speed of between 15 and 1500 packs per minute
  • Ability to accommodate different packing materials

Is There Difference Between Gum Packaging Machine And Gummy Candy Packaging Machine?

Both gummy candy packing machine and gum packing machine will perform the same function of packing gum products in the confectionery industry.

Gummy Candy Packaging Machine

Gummy Candy Packaging Machine?

Which Are The Packaging Materials Used In Gum Packaging Machine?

There are several packaging materials that a gum packaging machine can use.

These include:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Wax paper
  • Cardboard paper
  • PP [Polypropylene] film
  • OPP [Oriented Polypropylene] film
  • Cellophane

What Is The Role Of Feeding Systems In A Chewing Gum Packaging Line?

Feeding systems are important to ensure high performance, high equipment and hygienic product handling, and efficiency.

To achieve specific product traits and a high throughput rate, you need accuracy, repeatability, product control, and handling.

Also, you can use belt units to feed products that are prone to breakage.

What Are The Main Parts And Components Of the Gum Packaging Machine?

Several parts work together in a Gum Packaging Machine to enhance the packing process.

Also, these parts will perform different tasks which assist in forming suitable packages for the gum products.

Some of these parts include:

Control Panel

This part helps you to control and monitor the gum packing process.

The control panel has programmable logic controllers and a human-machine interface making it easy to use.

Also, manufacturers make these panels display in various languages.

Feeder Unit

This unit aims to feed the gum candy from the gum making machine to the Gum Packaging Machine.

Also, the feeder units will feed the packaging materials or bags in the machine to pack gum.

Depending on the machine, this part can be manual or automatic.

Distribution Unit

This unit consists of gears, belts, motors, guide rails, etc.

Distribution units ensure that you can move the products from one part of the machine to another.

Lubrication Unit

There are several moving parts in a Gum Packaging Machine that produce friction.

It is therefore vital to lubricate these moving parts to minimize the rate of wear and tear.

Lubrication units ensure that the moving parts operate smoothly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine.

Sealing Unit

Once you pack the gum products in various packages, you need to seal the pouches with a sealing unit.

Sealing units ensure the package is airtight, thereby preventing entry of contaminants and elements that hasten decay.

Labeling Unit

The gum packages need to have labels that will make them easy to identify.

Besides, you can print this information on the package.

Also, include the important information on the package to increase the visibility and how the product sells.

Electrical Unit

This part houses all electrical components such as fuses.

Electrical units will convert electrical power, thus making it usable for the operation of the machine.

Motor Unit

This part will convert electrical energy to mechanical energy that drives the parts of the machine.


This part will sense any faults or malfunctions with the gum packing process.

The sensors will relay information back to the electronic system, and the processor will sort it.

Sensors will automatically stop the gum packing process if there are issues with the machine.

Also, the sensors will properly calibrate the machine and show levels you should conform to when operating the machine.

Besides, the sensors will provide security to the operators and eliminate damages.

Which Are The Stages Entailed In Gum Packaging Machines?

There are three main packing stages that a Gum Packaging Machine can perform.

These include:

Primary Packing

In this step, the gum packaging machine will use fold wrapping or horizontal flow gum wrapping machines.

Also, this process may happen in one or several consecutive steps.

One or more gum packaging materials can be used depending on the Gum Packaging Machine.

After this happens, an optional process of collecting or grouping the products in multipacks happens.

Secondary Packing

You will wrap the gum products from the primary packing stage in one or several packing materials in this stage.

Also, you can pack the gum products in multipacks or mono packs.

Some types of secondary gum packing include flow wrapping, fold wrapping, or three side sealed packs.

Tertiary Packing

You will place the fully packed gum products in closed or open carton trays or display cartons in this stage.

Also, you can seal the cartons with cellophane.

Can You Integrate Gum Packaging Machine In A Chewing Gum Production Line?

Yes, you can use a Gum Packaging Machine with other machines in a chewing gum production line.

Here are some of the machines you can use alongside a Gum Packaging Machine:

Gum Filling Machine

This machine will electromechanically fill gum in various sizes of packaging materials.

Gum Making Machine

This machine helps you to supply gum to the gum filling machine within the production line.

Gum Cleaning Machine

This machine helps you in maintaining high hygienic standards.

The machine will clean off the dust from the gum candy.

Gum Labeling Machine

This machine will print or place information on the gum packages.

The information that it includes are:

  1. Manufacture and expiry date
  2. Batch number
  3. Brand name
  4. Ingredients, etc.

Gum Sorting Machine

This machine assists you in sorting gum candy in various categories before filling them.

The machine will sort the gum depending on weight and size.

What Are The Types Of Wrapping Possible With Gum Packaging Machines?

These include:

Bundle Wrapping

This type is similar to shrink wrapping but more for heavy-duty products.

Also, the film you will use here is thicker than that of shrink wrapping.

The package also has open circles at opposite ends on the pack that allows you to drip and carry the products.

Bottom Folding

This involves placing the item on a wrapping film then folding it to form a seal.

Single Twist Wrapping

This wrapping process involves wrapping the gum with the film material then twisting on one side to form a seal.

Double Twist Wrapping

This technique entails wrapping the gum with film material then forming seals at both ends on the product with a twist.

Roll Wrapping

This form of wrapping is suitable for round gum products or wine gums.

The sealing mechanisms produce hermetically sealed gum roll packs.

Can You Use One Gum Packaging Machine To Achieve Different Wrapping Styles?

These machines are flexible, making them able to form various wrapping or folding styles that will fit your products.

Which Are The Different Types Of Chewing Gum Cartoning Machines Available?

The types of chewing gum cartoning machines fall into the following classifications:

Level Of Automation

The two main categories are semi-automatic and fully automatic gum cartoning machines.

Semi-automatic chewing gum cartoning machines can be horizontal or vertical.

Some benefits of a semi-automatic gum cartoning machine include:

  1. It has a low maintenance cost
  2. This machine has a PLC, HMI, and other safety equipment, making it easy to use and safe.
  3. Also, you can upgrade this cartoning machine by adding optional mechanisms like hot stamping, tape-sealing, ink-jet printing, etc.
  4. They have an ergonomic design with safety rails around them that protect operators.
  5. Since it is easy to operate, you can use semi-skilled operators to handle the operation.
  6. It is easy to adjust the components of the machine

Fully automatic chewing gum cartoning machines have extra features and innovation than the semi-automatic version.

Also, since it is fully automatic, it requires little to no human intervention.

Aside from supplying chewing gum packing materials at the entrance, it supplies the following:

  • Ink-jet printing
  • Hot spraying
  • Carton erection
  • Product insertion
  • Date stamping
  • Carton closing

Fully automatic chewing gum cartoning machines will execute the product chute.

This machine will capture and define suitable operating parameters of automatic chewing gum cartoning machines.

The machine will independently handle, control, manage, and regulate the entire cartoning process.

All additional accessories of this machine will operate simultaneously with the machine.

Also, these machines can check the quality of the carton to decide if it is of good or bad quality.

The various modes you can find in fully automatic chewing gum cartoning machines include:

Continuous Automatic Chewing Gum Cartoning Machine

They are also known as high-speed chewing gum cartoning machines, making them suitable for high-speed operations.

This feature is suitable for gum with regular shapes that need no special handling processes.

The chaining process will run on guide rails, and the conveyors enable you to execute each packing process, including product insertion.

Intermittent Automatic Chewing Gum Cartoning Machine

This system will stop and allow boxing cycles.

Besides, they are up to 150 times slower when you compare them to continuous automatic chewing gum cartoning machines.

Intermittent and continuous systems will pack chewing gum laterally into cartons.

After that, they seal the cartons by locking the fasteners during flap insertion or gluing with hot melt.

Insertion of chewing gum happens mechanically or electronically.

Product Into Carton

This category forms what you will mostly find in several industries as it defines how the product enters the carton.

In this class, you can find:

Horizontal Chewing Gum Cartoning Machine

This cartoning machine will shape the cartons from empty stacks.

The machine will introduce the chewing gums by a lateral drawer, insert, or push, closing the carton.

Besides, this machine can come as either a continuous or intermittent cartoning machine.

This feature makes it suitable to realize high cartoning speeds, thereby good for a high production application.

Some features you should consider on horizontal chewing gum cartoning machine include:

  1. It should come with an automatic or manual loading system
  2. Also, you should adjust the design of the flow or conveyor system
  3. Tuck closure
  4. Standard accessories like tuck-in flaps or hot melt gluing mechanisms
  5. Vertical chewing gum cartoning machine

You will vertically introduce the product from the feeding system and then seal by folding the box.

Also, these machines are flexible and have a compact design making them suitable for several industrial challenges.

Some benefits of this system include:

  • It is easy to clean as it has an open structure
  • You can include extra modifications for delivery systems
  • It can come as either intermittent and vertical chewing gum cartoning machine
  • Also, it offers space for the operators to access the machine
  • They come with PLC and HMI, thereby making the operation easy
  • It also has simple format changes

Is It Possible To Print Using Gum Packaging Machine?

Printing of packaging materials is possible with this machine.

The information you print will inform consumers about what the gum package contains.

Some of the information you can print on the gum packages include:

  • Copyright information
  • Name of the gum product
  • Color of the gum candy
  • Date of manufacture
  • Nutritional information
  • Expiry date
  • Ingredients that make the gum
  • Name of the company
  • Weight of the product, etc.

What Is The Ideal Speed Of Gum Wrapping Machine?

Since there are different types of gum wrapping machines, their speeds will also vary.

For instance, if you use a semi-automatic gum wrapping machine, the speed will be lower than the fully automatic versions.

Also, if you want to meet high production demands, choose the fully automatic gum wrapping machines.

How Do You Choose The Best Gum Packaging Machine?

Since there are various Gum Packaging Machines in the market, selecting one suitable for your application may be difficult.

However, you can use the following indicators to select a machine suitable for you:


Are you planning to employ several operators, or are you planning to work with a few operators?

When you plan to have few operators running the machine, you are better off with fully automatic Gum Packaging Machines.

These machines can operate independently once you input the packing parameters and materials are in plenty.

Safety Features

Both your safety and that of the packing process are vital for your production.

Ensure the machine comes with safety features such as sensors that will detect and sound alarms when there is a malfunction.

In extreme cases, the sensors will automatically turn off the machine, thereby minimizing damages.


Ensure the machine is easy and simple to maintain and clean.

Make sure you can conduct changeovers and clean the machine within the shortest time possible.

This capability will lower the downtime.

Production Capacity

Are you planning to meet huge client demands within a short time?

If so, ensure the machine has a large production capacity.

Fully automatic machines can operate for long hours, thereby suitable for meeting great demands.

Material Construction

The material that makes the machine will affect the durability and quality of your production.

Stainless steel is the preferred material as it offers a wide array of benefits such as:

  • They are resistant to corrosion
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It does not allow bacterial growth
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Stainless steel is hygienic
  • Energy requirements

Depending on the machine you select, they may require varying amounts of power to ensure they operate efficiently.

For instance, commercial Gum Packaging Machines consume more power than compact Gum Packaging Machines.

Configuration Of The Machine

These machines can either be large or compact.

Compact designs are suitable for small working areas, while large machines are suitable for commercial purposes.

Besides, make sure the available working area you have will fit the machine you are choosing.

Ability To Integrate

Do you plan to expand your gum packing process?

Are you planning to include other support equipment in the gum packing production line?

If the answer is yes, ensure the Gum Packaging Machine can integrate with other support equipment.

Quality Standards

Ensure the machine complies with international, national, and regional standards.

This feature ensures that you and the gum packing process are safe.

Also, it will prevent you from lawsuits.

Are There Multifunctional Chewing Gum Packaging Machines?

Yes, you can find multifunctional chewing Gum Packaging Machines available in the market.

The focus is on the specifications of the customers to manufacture the Gum Packaging Machine for your application.

Multifunctional chewing Gum Packaging Machines can perform several tasks concurrently.

What you need to do when using these machines is change the chewing gum packing requirements on the control panel.

Once you change the specifications, the multifunctional chewing Gum Packaging Machines alter depending on the product requirements.

Multifunctional Chewing Gum Packing Machines

Multifunctional Chewing Gum Packaging Machines

Can You Customize Gum Packaging Machine?

Yes, you can customize a Gum Packaging Machine to suit your application needs.

Some aspects you can customize include color, design, accessories, features, size, production capacity, power requirements, etc.

Customize Gum Packing Machine

Customize Gum Packaging Machine

Which Industries Use Gum Packaging Machine?

A Gum Packaging Machine can perform different functions in various industries.

Some industries that use a Gum Packaging Machine include:

Food Industries

These industries will use a Gum Packaging Machine to pack various gum confectioneries.

Pharmaceutical Industries

A Gum Packaging Machine is vital for packing several pharmaceutical types of equipment within the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial Application

A Gum Packaging Machine can pack industrial products such as bearings, locks, etc., in various industries.

Nutraceutical Industries

This machine will pack nutraceutical products that supplement various diets.

Nutraceutical products are vital when it comes to the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

What Is The Cost Of Gum Packaging Machine?

Several factors affect the cost of a Gum Packaging Machine:

Automation Level

Gum Packaging Machines can come as either semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

Semi-automatic machines are affordable than fully automatic machines.

Production Capacity

Gum Packaging Machines with a high production capacity will cost more than those with low production capacities.


There are different types of manufacturers making Gum Packaging Machines, and they will price their machines differently.

Brands with more expertise and experience sell their machines at a higher price than unknown brands.

Construction Material

Various materials make a Gum Packaging Machine, and this will affect the quality and durability.

Gum Packaging Machines with stainless steel construction will fetch a higher price than other materials.

Auxiliary Equipment

Additional equipment that you plan to use in a Gum Packaging Machine will cost you extra.

State of the machine

Used Gum Packaging Machines cost less than brand new Gum Packaging Machines.

Country Of Origin

China, having several manufacturers, offers Gum Packaging Machines at competitive prices.

The variety of machines they have can fit any budget you have, from compact to commercial Gum Packaging Machines.


If you plan to customize a Gum Packaging Machine, you may end up paying extra to include these additional features.


If you purchase in bulk, some suppliers will offer you discounts.

Considering all these factors, these machines may cost between 2000 USD and 100000 USD.

Is The Conveyor Belt Of Gum Packaging Machine Made Using Food Grade Material?

Since food products come in contact with the conveyor belt, they need to be food grade.

Should Gum Packaging Machines Comply With cGMP Standards?

Yes, this will ensure they use the latest manufacturing standards when making Gum Packaging Machines.

Do You Supply Spare Parts For Gum Packaging Machine?

Yes, once you make your order, we will supply you with the spare parts you need for your Gum Packaging Machine.

What Is The Warranty Period For Your Gum Packaging Machine?

The minimum warranty period is 12 months.

At SaintyCo, we offer a range of packaging machine depending on your requirements and specifications.

Whether you need chocolate packing machine, cartoning machine or any other packing machine, SaintyCo offers the best prices in the market.

Contact us today for all your gum packaging machine needs.

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