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Chocolate Packaging Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before investing in your next chocolate packaging machine, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose highly effective and reliable chocolate packaging machine.

Keep reading to learn more

What Is Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Chocolate packaging machines are equipment that mechanize the process of packaging chocolates.

It is one of the most important chocolate machine you should have.

chocolate packaging machine

Chocolate packaging machine

What Are The Features Of The Best Chocolate Packaging Machines?

Below are the features which make a good chocolate packaging machine stand out from the rest:

  • The best chocolate packaging machines can package any shape or size of chocolates without hassles.
  • You can set the machine to complete packaging on its own with little supervision.
  • Have a store of various sizes of packaging material. You do not need to manually feed the machines with packaging material every minute.
  • Produce more chocolates in less time.
  • Have an automatic counter that tells you the exact number of chocolates you have in a batch.

How Does Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine and Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine Compare?

Chocolate fold wrapping machine is an automatic chocolate packaging machine that wraps chocolates in an envelope shape. Chocolate foil wrapping machine on the other hand wraps chocolates in the shape of a ball, with various layers of foil.

Remember, the type of chocolate wrapping machine to buy will depend on your production needs and requirements.

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Chocolate Packaging Machine?

The following are the advantages of automatic chocolate packaging machines:

  • The machine operates with little or no supervision. Unlike manual chocolate packaging machine, you do not need to be there for every process.
  • The production output of the automatic chocolate packaging machine is high.
  • Automatic chocolate packaging machines take less time to produce large quantities of chocolates.
  • You do not need to count your products manually after production because the machine does that for you.
  • Cost of production is less because the machine functions automatically, so you need fewer employees involved in the production process.
  • Using an automatic chocolate packaging machine makes the production process more hygienic.
  • The chocolate wrappers look more aesthetically appealing when you use an automatic chocolate packaging machine.

automatic chocolate packaging machine

automatic chocolate packaging machine

How Many Types Of Packaging Are Possible With Chocolate Packaging Machine?

There are lots of packaging materials available for chocolates, and they are divided into primary and secondary packaging. Packaging materials like foil wrappers, boxes, and paper wrappers are primary materials for packaging chocolates.

There are also secondary packaging materials like bags, pouches, paper bags etc. The machine first packages the chocolates in the primary wrapping material, before then putting it into the secondary package.

What Is The Difference Between Stand-alone Chocolate Packaging Machine And Complete Chocolate Packaging Machine?

A stand-alone chocolate packaging machine specializes in only one part of the packaging process. For example, the machine can be specifically for sealing the chocolates up after wrapping.

A complete chocolate packaging machine on the other hand does all the packaging processes. For example, it fills the chocolates into the moulds, wraps them, seals and boxes the chocolates too.

What Are The Different Types Of Chocolate Packaging Machine?

The different types of chocolate packaging machine include:

Chocolate Fold Wrapping Machine

This type of chocolate packaging machine wraps chocolates in a flat style and shape.

It functions automatically and does not require lots of manual manipulations.

This machine can wrap chocolates of different sizes, with different materials. The chocolate fold wrapping machine is efficient and reduces your general production time.

The major disadvantage of the chocolate fold wrapping machine is that it is expensive to buy and install. This machine has an automated alarm system that stops the machine immediately a malfunction occurs.

Every function of the machine is automatic and you can customize them to suit your needs.

The parts that make up the chocolate fold wrapping machine are:

  1. Flexible moulds
  2. A distribution system that consists of feeder tubes, motors, conveyor belts and gears
  • Touch screen PLC control system
  1. Folder equipments to wrap conveniently
  2. Pneumatic system for pumping out the chocolates
  3. Electrical system to power the machine
  • Roll holders

These different parts all come together to make the chocolate fold wrapping machine to function effectively.

chocolate fold wrapping machine

chocolate fold wrapping machine

Chocolate Coin Wrapping Machine

This machine produces chocolates in the shape of a coin. The production process of this machine is fully automated, thus making it easy to operate.

The chocolate coin wrapping machine operates almost noiselessly, thus making it more comfortable to work with. It has a touch screen that displays all controls of the machine, and serves as a user interface.

The sensors in this machine will automatically stop the process once there is any malfunction. Chocolate coin wrapping machine is expensive to buy and install.

The moulds in this chocolate coin packaging machine are flexible and you can adjust to different sizes.

Main parts of the chocolate coin wrapping machine include:

  1. A cutting unit for the chocolate foil
  2. Conveyor belt and feeders as part of the distribution system
  • Temperature controller
  1. PLC touch screen that displays menu and instructions

chocolate coin wrapping machine

chocolate coin wrapping machine

Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

This machine uses different types of foil to wrap chocolates in the shape of a ball. The chocolate foil wrapping machine wraps chocolates efficiently, and in an attractive manner.

The chocolate foil wrapping machine is automatic so it helps to reduce production costs. The machine is very easy to use and operate.

The major disadvantage of this machine is how expensive it is to buy and install. The supply wheel containing the foils does not slow down as it supplies the wrapping papers.

The lubrication system of the chocolate foil wrapping machine is automatic. Hence, the machine is always well oiled.

The main parts of the machine are:

  1. Removable oil plates
  2. Distribution system containing motors, conveyor belt and gears
  • Wrapping disks and pistons which make the wrapping system more flexible
  1. A touch screen PLC system for displaying the control systems
  2. Automatic printer
  3. Sensors and automatic alarms

chocolate foil wrapping machine

chocolate foil wrapping machine

Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine

This machine uses paper aluminum or cardboard wrappers to wrap chocolate bars. There are different types of chocolate bar wrapping machines like the chocolate bar fold machine.

This machine wraps chocolates in different styles and sizes, and the process is fully automatic. The chocolate bar wrapping machine is easy to operate.

The major disadvantage of the chocolate bar wrapping machine is the need for special training to handle its special features.  The machine has a system that can diagnose and detect issues with the machine.

The wrapping system of this machine adjusts the wrapping paper to the dimensions of the chocolate bar.

horizontal flow chocloate bar wrapping machine

horizontal flow chocolate bar wrapping machine

What Are The Main Parts Of Chocolate Packaging Machine?

The main parts of chocolate packaging machines include:

  1. A distribution system containing a conveyor belt, gears and motors to operate the machine
  2. An electrical power system
  • A feeder system to feed the machine with wrappers
  1. A screen to display operational menu and instructions
  2. A printing system

Can You Use All Types Of Chocolate Packaging Materials With Chocolate Packaging Machines?

Yes, you can use all types of chocolate packaging materials with chocolate packaging machines. The machine sometimes uses different materials in different stages of packaging.

For example, plastic film can be for the first layer wrapping, then aluminum foil for the next. Other materials include paper, PVC, LDPE, PET and PE.

Which Are The Chocolate Packaging Stages Of Chocolate Packaging Machines?

The packaging of chocolate by chocolate packaging machines happens in different stages.

  • Primary Stage this is the first stage in the packaging process of chocolates. This stage could either be a single step process or a double stage process.

In the single step process, the chocolate packaging machine wraps the chocolate in light materials like aluminum foil or paper. The machine can also wrap the chocolates with more than one material at a go.

The double step process involves the same wrapping as the single step, but in two steps instead of one. After this wrapping, you can then seal the chocolates either by laser or glue.

  • Secondary Stage: this stage involves wrapping the chocolates in sturdier materials like cellophane, cardboard or polypropylene material.
  • Tertiary Stage: the chocolates are now put into display cartons or trays for display. You can cover the carton with cellophane to protect against moisture.

After the tertiary stage, you then make the chocolates ready for shipping by packing them into shipping cartons.

Why Is Secondary Stage Packaging Necessary In Chocolate Packaging Machine?

In a chocolate packaging machine, the process of packaging chocolates takes place in three stages. The primary stage involves wrapping the chocolates in light film, as the first layer of wrapping.

The secondary stage involves wrapping with sturdier material like aluminum foil, cardboard paper etc. This stage is necessary due to the fragile nature of chocolates, as it gives a double protective layer for the product.

Without the secondary stage, the chocolates are more susceptible to breakage and environmental factors like air.

Which Are The Equipment In A Complete Chocolate Packaging System?

Chocolate packaging machines can either be stand alone or complete packaging system. The complete packaging system consists of equipment such as:

  • Automated loading systems
  • PLC touch screens for displaying controls
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machinery
  • Horizontal form, fill and seal machinery
  • Efficient feeding systems
  • Equipment for filling and weighing product
  • Trays and cartons for tertiary stage packaging
  • Wrapping system for flow and foil
  • A buffering system for feeding the machine and loading.

What Are The Factors To Consider During Selection Of Chocolate Packaging Machines?

When selecting chocolate packaging machines, there are various factors that you need to consider. Factors such as:

  • Budget: some chocolate packaging machines are more expensive to buy and install than others. You need to figure out which machine best fits into your budget plan.
  • Type of machine: this is perhaps the most important factor for you to consider when selecting a chocolate packaging machine.

Some of the machines are specifically for a particular shape or mould of chocolate. For example, the chocolate coin wrapping machine is specifically for wrapping chocolates in the shape of a coin.

Also, in considering the type of machine, you need to know if the machine is stand-alone or a complete chocolate packaging machine.

  • Intended production rate: the amount of chocolates you intend to churn out, also factors into your choice of chocolate packaging machine. Some machines are manual, others are semi-automatic and automatic.

If you want to produce large amount of chocolates, an automatic packaging machine is most suitable for you. Manual and semi-automatic machines are most suitable for small scale production.

How Does Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapping Machine And Chocolate Coin Foil Wrapping Machine Compare?

Chocolate bar foil wrapping machine is basically for wrapping chocolates in flat square-like shapes. The machine makes use of aluminum foil and other materials to wrap the bars of chocolates.

The chocolate coin foil wrapping machine on the other hand, wraps chocolates in coin shape. The moulds are of different sizes but all have the shape of a coin.

What Factors Affect The Production Speed Of Chocolate Pouch Packing Machine?

The factors which affect the production speed of chocolate pouch packing machine include:

  • Type of machine: automatic machines tend to have a faster production output than manual chocolate packaging machines.
  • Maintenance frequency of the machine: cleaning, oiling and taking care of the packaging machine regularly ensure that the production speed is at its peak. If you do not take care in maintaining the machine, it will have a low production output.

How Does Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Chocolate Packaging Machine Work?

The VFFS packaging machine moulds the wrapping material to the shape you want fills in the product and then seals the package.

The operational processes of the vertical form fill seal chocolate packaging machine are as follows:

  • The spindle at the back of the machine contains the roll of film. The film material can be polyethylene, foil or paper laminates.

A film transport belt in the machine separates the film from the roll during operation.

  • After unwinding the film from the roll, the next step is to make sure the film is in the right position. The film is kept in place on the dancer arm which containers some rollers to hold the film in place.

The dancer arm keeps moving throughout the process in order to maintain the tension and prevent the film from flailing.

  • If the VFFS machine contains a printer, this is the point where printing occurs.
  • From the printer, the film moves through the film tracking sensors which ensure that the film does not move out of position. If the film falls out of position, the sensors send a signal to an actuator.

The actuator ensures that the machine shifts to accommodate the shifting of the film.

  • The next step is the process of shaping the packaging material into the shape you desire.
  • After shaping the packaging material, the packaging bag moves on to the next part to get its vertical seal. The hot vertical seal of the machine presses on the flap of the packaging bag and seals it.

The heat sealing jaws of the machine press together to seal the top and bottom part of the packaging bag. Heat sealers seal the bags with adequate heat to prevent air or moisture from getting into the product.

  • After sealing the bags, a knife from the heat sealing jaws moves forward and cuts the bag. This discharges the bag into a receptacle. This is how one cycle on the VFFS machine ends.

Vertical form fill seal choclate packaging machine

vertical form fill seal chocolate packaging machine

What Is Vacuum Packing In A Chocolate Packaging System?

Vacuum packing is a process for removing excess air from a product package. You put the product into a plastic bag and place it within the vacuum sealant.

This vacuum sealant removes all the air from the product before sealing it bag and releasing the chocolates.

Can You Integrate Feeding System With Chocolate Packaging Machine?

Yes, you can integrate a feeding system with chocolate packaging machine. A feeding system contains Conveyor belts, motors and gears to control the system.

The feeding system is where the wrapping materials and the products are fed into the machine.

Do You Supply Mini Chocolate Packaging Machines?

Yes, we supply min chocolate packaging machines. The mini chocolate packaging machines are suitable for small scale chocolate production.

What Is The Packaging Rate Of Chocolate Packaging Machine?

The manual chocolate packaging machine can churn out about a hundred chocolates per hour. The automatic chocolate packaging machine packages up to a hundred chocolates per minute.

Are There Chocolate Pillow Packing Machines?

Yes there are chocolate pillow packing machines.

What is Chocolate Packaging Machine Price in China?

You can get chocolate packaging machine for as low as $3000 in China.

At SaintyCo, we have a range of chocolate packing machines with unique features and specifications for our client’s needs.

Contact us today for all your chocolate packaging needs.

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