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High Shear Mixer: The Definitive Buying Guide

High Shear Mixer Granulator

I know you’d like to mix, humidify or granulate materials in one process.

That’s why today I want to introduce you to a multifunctional equipment – high shear mixer.

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you must know before buying a high shear mixer.

From working principle, basic parts, technical specification, classification to various options available in the market.

You know what?

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert in high shear mixer machines.

Chapter 1: What is a High Shear Mixer?

It is primarily a type of industrial equipment that diffuses or changes an ingredient from solid, liquid or gaseous state into a main continuous ingredient.

Well, in a simple description, we can say that it is a machine which combines different ingredients or materials while in different phases.

In most cases, the emulsion ingredient would always be in liquid form, and the transformation would typically make it immiscible.

What makes this machine a breakthrough is the fact that it can emulsify the different materials irrespective of the phase.

This equipment is as a result of a combination of an impeller or what at times is known as a rotor with a stationary part known as a stator.

Combination of these two components or many of these stators and rotors are placed in a chamber that contains the solution you want to mix.

In some other instances, the positioning of these elements can be inside a pipe where the mixture passes through to create shear.

Generally speaking, the high shear mixer is an equipmentrotating at an extremely high speed to supply mechanical energy.

The significance of this mechanical energy is to break the solid particles and liquid droplets in blends and diffusions.

High Shear Mixer

High shear mixer

So the rotor-stator mixers help considerably to prepare standard fine dispersions and emulsions significantly in various industrial processes.

In fact, the rotor/stator mixer, or just the high shear mixing machines are the most versatile equipment given that they can mix fine emulsions.

What often takes place here is that you place the different ingredients into machine and switch it on.

Another vital element worth noting is that high shear mixers have been around for a quite a long time.

It is only that the conventional ones were not as effective as the ones we currently have in the market.

But the procedure for mixing the emulsions and suspensions has always been the same, albeit with a bit of improvement from modern mixers.

This equipment nowadays has become an important aspect of a wide range of industrial processes including food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

But remember:

Mixing, is a process that requires efficiency, precision as well as relevant knowledge to execute it to desirable results.

And, more importantly.

High shear mixers can only be effective if you know how to use them in carrying out the process.

That’s the simple understanding of high shear mixer.

In detail, it is somewhat a straightforward machine as you’ll come to learn about it in the latter sections of this guide.

Nonetheless, let us now find out some of the fundamental reasons you’d need this kind of machine.

Chapter 2: Why You Need a High Shear Mixing Machine

In most industrial applications, mixing of various ingredients to form a particular product is an essential unquestionable element.

What happens is that such industrial applications often tend to ensure that they attain the best possible quality final product.

Well, it thus implies that they’ll go for the best possible procedures and equipment that would guarantee the quality.

So in this case, I want us to look at some of the critical reasons why high shear mixers are vital machines to use whether in industrial or domestic applications.

· To Increase Homogeneity in a Product

The primary essence of using a high shear mixer is to combine all the different ingredients into a single compound.

Such that by the time the process is over, the contents of the final product will have uniformity depending on the portion of each ingredient.

Mixing powder

Mixing Powder

The mixing procedure using this machine is ideal in the sense that it’s so fast and consistent.

So you’ll notice that by the end of the process you’ll have the uniformity in the product you’re mixing.

It becomes crucial when you have to include let’s say comparatively expensive ingredients which come in small portions.

So this machine helps to distribute the smaller portion evenly in the mixture and ultimately allowing you to also cut on cost.

· To Attain the Essential Product Features Before Further Processing

The truth of the matter is that mixing is often done as a way of enabling the product to incorporate and integrate all the required ingredients.

So, the best to get this especially in an industrial setting synonymous with bulk processing is purely to use a high shear mixer.

The best past?

High shear mixing helps a product in a significant way to attain the particular acceptable extent of homogeneousness.

Powder to make capsules

Powder to make capsules

Thus, in the long run, you’ll realize that this machine combines all the ingredients accordingly and make it possible to improve the quality of the particular product.

So primarily, what I’m trying to say here?

This type of machine is helpful in ensuring that the final product attains the necessary, desirable characteristics.

Incidentally, it enhances the quality, standard and acceptability of the product in the market.

· To Save Time and Energy

Take this as an example;

You want to mix 100 liters of viscous solution inside a tank.

Then you choose to do it manually by stirring until you feel the mixture is now okay to use.

Of course, it is practical and possible.

But can you imagine how long it will take to get the mixture done?

Can you also imagine how much effort you will put in the entire process just to achieve the desired results?


In this day and age, it is even ridiculous to start thinking of manual mixing if at all you need a homogeneous blend.

So in actual reality, you need a high shear mixer to enable you to save on ample time and energy while mixing the different ingredients to form a product.

In some instances, the speed at which these different constituents need to mix is also fundamental.

And that’s where this equipment becomes handy.

Since for some elements to be practical, it is necessary for the ingredients to mix within a reasonable time.

So using this machine becomes vital given that it ensures redistribution of all the constituents takes the shortest time possible.

· To conserve the environment

Usually, the level of air pollution during mixing of different ingredients can be gross.

In numerous occasions, you’ll notice that the mixture during the process tens to diffuse in the air.

You may not want to read this, but here we go:

Some of this mixtures can be dangerous both for human and the environment when at a certain level of processing.

Or better still, we can say that at some grade in the mixing process, the mixture may be toxic to the environment and possibly human.

Section of high shear mixer

Section of high shear mixer

So you need this machine because it helps effectively in reducing the chances of air pollution especially when the ingredients aren’t environmentally friendly.

Most of them nowadays have dust handling properties that make it possible for it to capture what would be toxic components.

Therefore, it keeps the surrounding and the people around comparatively safe from the possible adverse effects of the mixture.

· To increase efficiency in production

In most times, the effectiveness of carrying out tasks plays a considerable role in determining the quality of final product.

So in this case, you’ll find that this machine helps in making the entire process straightforward and quite simple.

Different types of high shear mixer

Different types of high shear mixer

As long as you have all the right items, mixing materials become an easy and fast task as well as the guaranteed high quality finished product.

Therefore, this equipment becomes significant when you need to achieve a high level of effectiveness in mixing your materials.

Basically, those are some of the fundamental reasons why you’d fundamentally need this particular equipment.

Before I forget, you may needs for other many personal reasons too, but the bottom line is that this machine is mostly substantial in an industrial process.

So let’s now shift gears and look at the categories of shear mixers and how they compare.

Chapter 3: High Shear Mixer vs. Low Shear Mixer – An Ultimate Comparison

While we’re on this subject, it is noteworthy to understand that we have two main categories of shear mixers; high and low shear mixers.

Understandably, they all work using a similar principle – just mixing different materials.

Also, you need to know that the type of ingredients determine whether to use a high or a low shear mixer.

To make it easier for you to understand, I will do this comparison in a table format:

High Shear Mixer

Low Shear Mixer

Suitable for a relatively high pressure and speedy/fast mixing needs

Best for applications that require low or less pressure mixing. Alternatively, you can use them for gentle mixing applications

Best for mixing material with heavy weight or high density

Recommended for mixing powder or material with light weight or low density material

A perfect choice for processing, reducing the particle size for powders or highly viscous liquids

Can blend without necessarily reducing particle size due to its low energy and gentle mixing

Uses high energy to mix

Requires low energy to process material

Mainly common in industrial processes

Common in most DIY process at home

Mainly come in robust and more complex structure

Most come in a simple structure


Depending on the nature of the application at hand, both high shear mixer and low shear mixers play an integral role in:

  i. Homogenizing

 ii. Disintegrating

iii. Dispersing material

 iv. Accelerating reactions, amongst others

Also, both the high shear mixer and low shear mixers come in both automatic and manual options.

Therefore, it is upon you to choose a machine that meets your specific needs.

It will depend on your unique application requirements.

Later in this article, I will take you through the various applications of high shear mixer.

Let’s say, if it’s a heavy duty mixing task in a big container, then it is quite evident that an automatic operation would be necessary.

Nonetheless, it is a simple action, for example, mixing to see chemical reactions then a manually operated shear mixer is ideal.

Also, it is important to mention that most high shear mixers feature blades as the main mixing tools.

Now we’ve seen how these categories of shear mixers compare.

So we want to move swiftly and look at the types of high shear mixers.

Remember our focus is primarily to understand the various aspects revolving around the high shear mixer.

So let’s look at these types and find out more regarding the same in this next chapter;

Chapter 4: Types of High Shear Mixers

Well, expectedly, it is quite apparent that in the modern day, you’re highly likely to find as many types of high shear mixers.

Probably because of the nature of the tasks these machines undertake.

It is thus ideally reasonable to find out the types of high shears mixers available.

So that it becomes easy for you to find the particular one that suits your needs.

Again, it helps in enhancing efficiency during material processing.

Therefore, in this chapter, we want to look at the common types of high shear mixers in the market. We’ll also discuss them briefly.

In general, though, we have quite some high shear mixers.

This ranges from home-made improvised majorly for DIY projects whereas others are heavy duty commercial shear mixers for industrial processes.

However, in our case, we will just look at the three common types that are often utilized in many different industries in different applications.

And before I forget, you also need to take note of the fact that all these three main types of high shear mixers are tailored for particular and varied tasks.

In actual sense, the main difference in the functionality of these mixers makes it possible for you to have a variety of options.

Now let’s get straight to the point and discuss these shear mixers.

4.1. Batch High Shear Mixer

In some cases, they’re known as batch blenders.

They refer to the types of mixers used in mixing comparatively large volumes of materials.

Feeding of materials into the batch high shear mixer is from the top to the mixing tank that has a mixer on a rotating shaft.

This shaft is at the bottom of this mixing tank.

This type of high shear mixer is effective and can rapidly process more than double of what an ordinary inline rotor-stator mixer can do, all factors constant.

Undoubtedly, they come in different sizes.

However, they are most suitable for conditions that require faster and voluminous processing.

And because they also have varied sizes, it is appropriate to have them in surroundings that are relatively spacious also owing to the fact of its bulk processing.

Batch high shear mixers are ideal because other than mixing they can also perform multiple tasks such as:

  • Emulsifying
  • Dispersing
  • Disintegrating
  • Homogenizing solids

They also have different capacities, and some would process as more as 8000 gallons.

I believe you can imagine how big it can be with this ability to handle such a size or even more.

High Shear Mixer Granulator

High shear mixer and granulator

What often happens with this type of equipment is that at times mixing of sticky solutions may leave some traces of the product on the inner surfaces of the tank.

Of course, this calls for thorough cleaning given that in many instances you can never mix another set of ingredients in such a mixing tank.

The cleaning bit may be quite tiresome and demanding given that the mixing tank could be somewhat sizeable.

But the good news, in this case, is that you can find some designs in the market which clean the tank as part of the operation.

So that you’ll not inherently need to clean it manually even after mixing reasonably sticky materials.

However, some of the batch high shear mixers models or designs often run dry hence making it quite difficult to clean the tank or limiting the same.

And still another positive note on this aspect is that it is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble hence making cleaning, not a rigorous task as such.

On a positive note, most of the batch high shear mixers nonetheless, require minimal maintenance as long as you use it appropriately.

Also, this type of high shear mixer is reasonably easy to operate.

It thus does not require too much technical support hence relieving stress arising from constant support inquiries.

4.2. Inline High Shear Mixer

This is also another effective and reliable type of high shear mixer.

In some instances, it is often known as inline high shear rotor-stator mixer.

It is suitablefor a mixer for continuous mixing.

Specifically, this machine helps to blend a wide range of combinations that include powder and liquid ingredients.

Most manufacturers of this type of mixer always design it in such a manner that allows it to offer high efficiency and rapidness regarding functionality.

Inline high shear mixer

Inline high shear mixer – Photo courtesy: Direct Industry

For that reason, it can reduce the duration of mixing at an overwhelming rate of 90%, clearly telling you super fast it is.

The location of a rotor-stator array is inside a housing which has an inlet and outlet at both opposite ends.

Operation of this rotor is through a seal.

The generator array draws all the elements that need to be mixed in a continuous stream.

This entire setup at this point acts as a centrifugal device that pumps the materials.

Even so, the inline high shear mixer tends to take relatively less space than the batch high shear mixer.

Furthermore, it provides a reasonable surrounding for regulating the mixing process and can as well be vital as part of the continuousprocess.

What’s more?

Attaining equilibrium mixing is possible using this machine merely by passing the materials through it multiple time, or at least more than once.

Some designs of this particular equipment support modification by using a rapid interchangeable work heads.

This subsequently, it enables the machine to mix, disintegrate and disperse the solid ingredients.

4.3. Lab High Shear Mixer

This is also another popular type of high shear mixer in the market.

Its design is suitable for applications that are beyond the capabilities of an ordinary stirrer but doesn’t require an intense high shear mixer.

This equipment is ideal for various laboratory tasks, R&D as well as QA analysis not forgetting small-scale industrial processes.

Lab high shear mixer

 Lab High Shear Mixer

The lab high shear mixer is arguably one of the most economical and comprehensive featured shear mixers that you can ever find in the market currently.

Incidentally, it features some of the best and effective components that make it possible to provide desirable functionality and results.

All the components fit well in their respective positions to facilitate smooth operation of this particular machine.

Moreover, the ergonomics aspect of this type of equipment and its flexibility are among other vital features making it popular.

They also come in different designs and sizes depending on the particular manufacturer.

By the way, this is significant because it makes it possible for you to have many alternatives when making your selection.

Also, the capacity varies depending on one model to another and ranges from a one-liter bench top unit to about 20 gallons.

But some tend to have a capacity of more than 20 gallons.

The durability of this machine is unquestionable, its petite appearance notwithstanding.

You see, most of its components are from stainless steel which is essential in preventing corrosion, and enhancing cleanliness.

The bottom line?

This is an efficient high shear mixer that provides best results and combines power, versatility,andspeeds all in one.

So basically, these are three popular types of high shear mixers available in the market.

However, if you’re a user who prefers a high shear mixing machine with cutting cut technology that enhances efficiency more than any other, then I have something for you.

Chapter 5: Components and Parts of a High Shear Mixer Machine

The number of components and parts of a high shear mixing machine varies from one unit to another, depending on a wide range of factors.

For that reason, it becomes somewhat challenging to discuss all the parts and components of this equipment.

Therefore here, we want to look at some of the critical parts which tend to be kind of common among various types of this machine.

But before we start, it is always fundamental to ensure that you assess most of the significant parts of the machine whenever you’re buying.

It is a considerable way that helps in making sure that you get something which suits your specific needs and performance standards.

So now let’s have a look at some of these components, with a primary focus on high shear mixers from SaintyCo.

· Mixing Impeller

Frankly, this is one of the most critical parts in any type of high shear mixer.

It is mostly a component that helps to transmit energy efficiently from the motor to the product to produce a desirable effect in the shortest time possible.

In other instances, it is known as agitator blades.

Ideally, the mixing impeller is a quintessential part given that it is what does the mixing physically.

Mixing impeller

Mixing impeller

The truth, however, is that the choice of the impeller for your machine solely depends on the type of application.

What it implies is that they have unique shears and so it is apparent that they will produce different fluid flow patterns, which nonetheless, is desirable.

Presently, we have numerous mixing impellers that you can use in this equipment.

But what you must understand is that good material flow plays a significant role in determining effective execution of the process.

Importantly, is to know that impellers come in different types.

It is thus an indication that you ought to expect your machine to have different fluid flow patterns.

However, all these different types of mixing impellers fall into two main categories;

  • Axial flow
  • Radial flow

Let’s discuss the two:

a) Axial Flow

So axial flow impellers are those that produce an up and down pattern.

They are suitable for various applications which prove challenging to stratify or suspend solids.

The flow pattern that this type of impeller produces is an outstanding top to bottom motion but only when these blades are mounted centrally.

b) Radial Flow

Radial flow impellers, on the other hand, produce side by side flow pattern.

This motion is also useful in increasing agitation inside, you know why?

It’s because it helps to minimize the vortexing and whirling motion inside the equipment.

In general, though, equipment may consist of various blades.

However, it’s the design and positioning of the same that determines whether it’ll rotate appropriately to spread and mix the granulation fluid.

· Cylindrical mixing drum/bowl

As the name suggests, the mixing drum is essentially the chamber or container that holds the materials during the blending process.

Undoubtedly, they come in different sizes and capacities depending on various factors as well as personal needs of the user.

Mixing bowl

Mixing bowl

Well, as you can see, this drum is cylindrical which is so much important in any aspect of this kind of bulk mixing.

In point of fact, the cylindrical shape helps in rotating the ingredients so that at the end it produces a homogenous final product.

It is made of a sturdy material which also does not seem to react with many elements.

Additionally, the agitator blades are attached to the interior surface of this drum.

So that it makes it possible for the mixing action to take place effectively whenever this drum is rolling.

The construction of this machine also makes it possible for a somewhat reliable and faster mixing of different materials.

Furthermore, the cylindrical shape also does not have corners that materials can hide or stick on to thus increasing efficiency.

· Multiple choppers

Choppers are essentially vessels that contain several sharp blades used for propelling the mixture of materials to disintegrate, emulsify or disperse the particles.

In a high shear mixer granulator, the multiple choppers are fixedon the mixing container, and it is in between the ploughs.

Fundamentally, the mixing choppers can have multiple blades or still, they can just be simple as long as they are effective.

Actually, the number of blades that a multiple chopper needs to is entirely dependent on the specific type of application.

Material mixing chamber

Material mixing chamber

They are essential because they help to avert formation of lumps in the mixture given that they break all the materials into finer particles.

Also, you need to know that it is easy to control multiple choppers during mixing by switching its motor on and off accordingly.

· Discharge port

This part plays the role of removing the granules from the mixing container.

Ideally, this is necessary because it allows you to conveniently remove to eject the final product from the mixing bowl.

Discharge port

Discharge port

Expectedly, the location of the discharge port is at the lower part of the dome.

Of course, this is the most suitable place since it helps in making sure that all contents are discharged from the mixing chamber.

It is also the best spot for this particular component because it eases the cleaning of the mixer by quickly draining off the unwanted dirty remnants.

The pneumatic cylinder operates the discharge port.

This is basically a sort of a compressed air regulated cylinder.

It primarily helps in opening and sealing the port.

· Motor to drive the impeller

Listen, the mixing impeller can never revolve or operate without a motor.

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

So when you see the mixing impeller mixing and disintegrating materials just know that it obtains its energy from the motor.

Motor is thus an essential component because in a great it determines whether or not the overall outcome will be appropriate.

This is from the perspective of kick-starting the entire mixing process by driving the impeller.

However, you need to know that the size of the motor and its power capacity determine the size of impeller it can drive.

And that is the reason why you have to particular when it comes to selecting the motor that needs drive the impeller.

· Spray nozzle for binding liquid

A spray nozzle, in this case, refers to a component that assists spreading of fluid into a spray.

But then the purpose of spray nozzle tends to be relatively unique.

Primarily, it enhances the surface area of the liquid which is vital when mixing different materials.

What happens is that a mixer contains excessive air.

This makes it relatively unsuitable to use air atomizing sprays since there tends to spray the liquid on the machine rather than the material.

Spraying nozzle

Spraying nozzle

Therefore, the spray nozzle that you use to bind liquid is a fundamental component that you should never disregard when assessing the essential elements of this machine.

· Compressed air

This is not inherently a hardware component, but it is still a significant element which makes it possible for effective granulation to take place.

Fundamentally, this particular air is regarded as a vital source for powering such a mixing machine.

High shear mixing container

High shear mixing container

Something notable about the compressed air is that they offer optimum performance in a surrounding that is of somewhat high solvents.

· Control system

Now, this is also the other significant part that of a granulating machine that you ought to know.

But interestingly, it is the component that you will always use often whenever you are operating the machine to mix ingredients.

Basically, the control system involves a number of an integrated mechanisms for operating the machine’s operation during mixing.

Control panel

Control panel

What’s more is that it contains some features such as LED screen display and touchpad among others.

Some of these features help in facilitating relay of commands to regulate the different parameters of this particular machine.

And therefore, it becomes so easy, fast, and convenient to mix the different materials and end up with the best quality final product.

In a nutshell:

These are some of the key components you’ll find in a SaintyCo high shear mixer granulator.

For that reason, ensure you look into these components keenly when buying or looking for this kind of machine.

It is imperative because they play significant roles in various capacities which ultimately affect the overall functionality of the machine and the subsequent final product.

Chapter 6: Working Principle of High Shear Mixing Machine

The high shear mixer is robust material processing equipment.

And in this section, I want to show you how a high shear mixing machine works.

As I had explained in chapter 5, high shear mixing machine has different parts and components.

It is these parts and components that coordinate to mix or granulate material.

By the way, knowing the working principle of high shear mixing machine will help you to optimize various material processing procedures.

And it’s what we want to discuss in this chapter.

What happens is that the fluid gets into this machine and it moves with varying speeds.

The process can either circulate hot or cold fluid through the cover.

The mixing container is always cylindrical, and it’s where the fluid moves to for either heating or cooling depending on current need.

High shear mixer granulator

High shear mixer granulator

Generally speaking, there are five fundamental stages involved in the working principle of the high shear mixer granulator, and they include the following;

  1. Mixing the powder
  2. Granulation of the fluid by adding binder automatically
  3. Wetting the powder
  4. Formation and densification of powder granules
  5. Attrition and breaking powder granules

What happens first is somehow a general process.

This is in the sense that, material flows into the product container (a conical shaped mixing container).

In this instance, the mixture blend into the mixing bowl with soft materials which also tend to be relatively mild.

Then the impeller, using its high lateral speed crushing blades cut this mixture into smaller and homogenous wet particles.

At this point, the particles pass through a chopper, which aids in slicing and breaking down the wet lumps which then become granules.

Typically, the impeller rotates at a relatively high speed of approximately 100 to 500 RPM.

It is at this speed that it’s capable of effectively drying the powder particles and dispersion of the granulating fluid into the high shear mixer.

The velocity of the granulation liquid which is outside the rotor diameter will evidently be higher than the one at the center.

Apparently, it is this velocity variation that creates the shear.

The chopper rotates at an ultra-high speeds of anywhere between 1000 and 3000 RPM.

It is this super speed that makes it possible for powder densification to take place seamlessly.

The high shear mixer, then drives the reamer which is powered by an electric motor which is essential because it regulates the solubility of the adhesive.

But again, this densification of the powder occurs when integrated with granulation fluid.

They are all discharged with high power unit mass via the forces that emanate from the high revolving shear.

Nonetheless, you need to take note of the fact that it is possible to categorize the high shear mixers into two:

  • Vertical high shear mixer granulator
  • Horizontal high shear mixer granulator.

The geometric positioning and orientation of the main impellers are the main factors that distinguish these high shear mixer granulators.

As you can see, the working principle of high shear mixer is simple and straight forward.

It basically involves putting material into the container, adding any possible additives, then the impeller and chopper do the mixing.

Of course, it is during this process that the machine can also form granules.

Normally, this is an automated process – just key in appropriate configurations and wait for the final product.

Remember, depending on your material processing needs, you may need bin blenders or fluid bed dryer.

Chapter 7: Technical Specification and Features of a High Shear Mixing Machine

Honestly, there are hundreds of high shear mixing machines available in the market.

However, what varies are the technical specifications.

In fact, these technical specifications determine whether the machine will meet desired requirements or not.

A good example is a fully automated high shear mixer. With a fully automated high shear mixer, you have the ability to:

   i. Configure all operations of the high shear mixer machine

  ii. Operate the machine without possible human intervention that is prone to errors

 iii. Increase the performance of the high shear mixers as far as accuracy and consistency is concerned

 iv. Ensure high shear mixer safety

  v. Proper control of material processing for a homogenous mixing

In short, this is what I am saying.

Every specification aims to enhance performance and reliability of the machine.

They tell you the capability of the machine – what it can do and for how long.

Have a look at this:

Lab high shear mixer technical specifications

Lab high shear mixer technical specification

Now, from the table above, you can see there are 10 important technical specifications of high shear mixer you must consider.

And, in case you are dealing with a multifunctional high shear mixer such as those that feature granulator, the specifications will vary.

Take for example, this one:

high shear mixer granulator

High shear mixer granulator

It’s this simple:

Anytime you’re buying a high shear mixer machine, focus on the technical specifications.

With this, you will get a machine that meets your unique material specification.

Now, let me take you through a quick overview of the various applications of high shear mixer machines.

Chapter 8: Applications of High Shear Mixer Machine

Here’s the certainty:

High shear mixers have become popular nowadays in many industries and several DIY projects at home.

That, of course, is a clear indication of the several applications of this machine.

Well, if you refresh your memory from the initial sections of this guide, you’ll realize that this type of machine is common in various industrial processes.

Again, some compact size high shear mixers are also used in the home for carrying out different types of DIY projects.

So, the focus of this section discusses some of the typical applications of this unit and see how they bring in efficiency in the specific industries;

· Pharmaceutical Industry

It is unquestionably the industry where the use of this machine is widespread.

The pharmaceutical sector is essentially processing and manufacturing of different types of tablets and other medicinal drugs.

Therefore, as you might know, production of pharmaceutical end products across-the-board often as a result of proper mixture.

Of course, as at now you know that the primary purpose of any high shear mixer is to mix, granulate, humidify and homogenize different material ingredients.

And this is precisely what an end pharmaceutical product goes through before packaging and sending it to the market for users.

So necessarily:

This machine is suitable in this industry as it helps to facilitate the efficiency of producing pharmaceutical products rapidly and in bulk.

In the pharmaceutical industry, these machines are commonly used to prepare suspensions and granular products.

Material processing in pharmaceutical industry

Material processing in pharmaceutical industry – CHEMANAGER

You see, suspensions and granular products often require standardized blending of different materials.

And what mostly happens is that some of the ingredients that make such products do not necessarily mix easily.

So it is this machine that helps to make sure all the ingredients, whether solid, liquid or gaseous break down appropriately.

Subsequently, it provides a final product with all the ingredients in accordance with the proportions.

· Chemical Processing

This is also another area where the application of a high shear machine tends to be universal.

Several chemical products are made from different types of chemical compounds.

Basically, during the process, you have to mix different chemicals products.

The mixing aspects are quite apparent but what makes this machine more applicable in such instances is the level of mixing.

You see, not all chemical products result from the processing of materials that can mix appropriately.

And it is for that reason that this machine becomes handy.

Detail of a colorful chemical plant
Detail of a colorful chemical plant

Chemical processing industry

It can mix all the ingredients regardless of the texture and particle size.

So that by the end of the process you get a uniform soft solution ideal for the intended purposes.

Such chemicals are often used in different applications depending on the contents of the ingredients.

High shear mixer, therefore, makes it relatively easy for mixing the chemicals which in turn become ideal for the specific purpose.

Mostly, high shear mixing helps the chemicals to attain the standard mix such that once the product acquires the intended feature, it hardly changes.

In fact, it stays in that particular characteristic for the longest time possible hence increasing its validity and viability.

· Food Processing

It is also the other industry where the application of high shear mixing is significantly common.

Some types of food ingredient hardly mix naturally and thus the need for this machine to help in blending them.

In most instances, this equipment is handy in food processing industry as it helps to prepare emulsions, sauces, condiments, and dressings.

Food processing industry

Food processing industry – Source: The Dollar Business

What happens is that some food products such as yogurt, sweets among others depend on gummy properties to attain the desirable characteristics.

Such properties are often suitable since they provide the necessary elements such as taste and texture of the final product.

Well, the truth, however, is that incorporating these properties into such food ingredients in ordinary cases tends to be quite challenging during manufacturing.

Also, such gummy properties can also be difficult to disperse and hydrate appropriately to the ideal standards.

Essentially, such food often forms agglomerates especially when you add water during the manufacturing process.

What’s more?

The excessive dilution of such ingredients can considerably degrade the quality of the end product.

Let me tell you this one for free:

Using high shear mixing machine in such incidents produces best results than you can ever imagine.

This design of such machine is in a way that enables it to produce an agglomerate-free dispersion.

Also, it makes it possible to hydrate the difficult gummy ingredients as well as the thickeners extremely fast.

What happens is that this equipment ensures all the ingredients pass through the workhead as many times as possible within the short mixing cycle.

Consequently, this reduces the size of the particles progressively making it possible for the product to attain the necessary properties.

The same machine is also vital in mixing various food ingredients for pets, which requires a significant extent of force to achieve it.

· Ink, Paintings, and Coatings

Currently, there is a regulatory specification for manufacturers of ink, paintings, and coating to produce specific product standards.

Mainly, this is to introduce new advancements to the product as a way of adding value to the customer needs.

This adds to the essence of environmental consciousness as well.

It follows that ideal processing methods for the value addition products primarily at the mixing and milling stages have to incorporate high shear mixer.

High shear mixing machine is vital in this application because it helps in effectively dispersing the ingredients in the production of ink, paints, and coatings.

Manufacturing paint

Manufacturing paint – Dire Tube

Typically, products for making inks, paints, and coatings tend to be relatively viscous.

Therefore, to get a suitable end product, you need a type of equipment with the capability of breaking down and dispersing these materials appropriately and evenly.

This machine can facilitate production of a wide range of inks, paints, and coatings among others.

Some of the notable examples include artist colors, silicone coatings, steel activators, specialty inks, fumed silica dispersions and inkjets among others.

· Cosmetics and Toiletries

Something familiar with cosmetics is that they contain desired consistency and texture.

But interestingly, several ingredients are used in making such products.

High shear mixers are essential in accomplishing different kinds of processing these products.

Emulsification, powder wet out as well as reduction of particle size are among the processes that this machine performs in cosmetic application.

What you ought to know is that proper mixing is a crucial aspect when it comes to the production of relatively stable emulsions of perfect quality.

In most cases, manufacturers of cosmetic products and toiletries use high shear mixing machines to increase flexibility in processing the items.


 Cosmetics Source: MIMS Today

It is essential since it is helpful in preparing smoother dispersions, stable emulsions, and relatively more unswerving batches.

At the same time, waste, dusting and excessive foaming reduce resulting inhigh-quality final products meeting the consumer taste and needs.

Some of the products this equipment mixes their ingredients include lipsticks, toothpaste, skin care creams, and wax emulsions among others.

· Adhesives and Sealants

This is another area where the application of high shear mixers is wide spread.

In fact, this machine plays a significant role throughout manufacturing of adhesives and sealants.

Primarily, this machine helps to stir miscible fluids of low viscosity as well as dispersing dissimilar complex materials of high thickness.

You see, preparation of all adhesives you see around revolves entirely around adequate mixing.

High shear mixers thus come in to offer homogenization of the emulsions, mastication of rubber as well as the dissolution of polymers.


 Adhesive – Source: Wise Geek

Well, the truth is that high shear mixers provide high efficiency in processing these materials and determining the quality of the final product.

This equipment also offers advanced technology in manufacturing of adhesives and sealants leading to useful products that match the market standards.

Latex sealants, epoxies, polyurethanes, hot melts, and silicones are among some of the products that this machine manufactures.

· Cement and Ceramics

Nowadays, manufacturers are so much into producing high-quality products that match the taste of customer and the regulatory standards.

The high shear mixer is also conventional in various industries that manufacture cement and ceramic products.

Cement manufacturing plant

Cement manufacturing plant – Source: Climate Tech Wiki

Of course, as you’d know these manufacturers use several different elements to produce these types of items.

In fact, the mixing process that this equipment provides has a direct correlation to strength, durability, and performance of cement and ceramics.

Well, you’ll have to agree with me that cement and ceramics all have different manufacturing processes.

But the reality is that mixing procedure forms the critical aspect of the producing these products and it’s the high shear mixer that facilitates this blending.

So basically, these are some of the typical applications of this equipment.

As you’ve seen, they are widely applicable in many different industries some of which you may not even think of.

But then, you need to understand in any setting that requires the mixing of different materials, use of a high shear mixer is inevitable.

Actually, even at homes, we often use this machine in carrying out some DIY projects, which is fundamental in breeding better results.

Hopefully, you now understand the applications of this equipment better, and possibly you can relate other areas where it plays an integral role.

Well, so let’s now move on swiftly to the last chapter of this guide and find out more about the SaintyCo high shear mixer.

Chapter 9: SaintyCo High Shear Mixer for Industrial Applications

Listen, owning a high shear mixer is unquestionably a substantial investment.

Therefore, you need to do everything possible within your influence to ensure you get nothing short of fitting one.

But then, the influx of this machine in the market currently makes it somewhat difficult for you to determine one that fits you best and offers desired results.

Nonetheless, every manufacturer will come with their equipment and try to entice you how it’s the best for your needs.

But in this case, let me help you to get rid of this confusion and mix up when looking for this type of machine by suggesting the most suitable brand.

SaintyCo high shear mixer granulator offers the most fitting and desirable result that meets your industrial needs.

For the longest time possible, this company has been producing high quality, reliable and efficient granulators that mix different materials accordingly.

This is one of the best companies that you can trust its mixing equipment for your industrial needs.

It has been in this industry for a reasonably long duration hence giving it the ability to manufacture the precise mixers that offer reliability, efficiency, and quality.

SaintyCo produces quite some high shear granulators.

That alone is a clear indication that you’re likely to get the exact equipment you need and suits your needs.

In fact, we have a series of many models that come with different features, of course at different rates.

This alone is vital because the different designs make it possible for you to attain ideal material processing needs.

An exciting element about SaintyCo high shear mixing products is that they feature a changeable rotational speed.

This is in conjunction with wholly enclosed lubrication and driving system.

For that reason, let’s briefly look at some of the notable models of SaintyCo high shear granulator mixers on the market.

· SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

If you’re looking for a mixing machine that guarantees you a stable, homogeneous and granules of high density that this is the ultimate equipment to choose.

It comes with some of the best features that make mixing of different materials efficient and relatively fast.

With an intelligent control system which helps to coordinate each progression and different parameters, this machine offers nothing short of efficiency.

It has an effective impeller, chopper and spraying nozzles which significantly help in mixing and granulating materials rapidly and accurately.

SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

SMG High Shear Mixer Granulator

The solid construction of this machine using stainless steel and the adjustable wheels enhance its durability and maneuverability respectively.

What’s more?

This specific model has up to 11 series making it suitable for you since you’re sure of getting a particular machine that suits your material processing needs.

SaintyCo, with its vast experience in this industry, integrates all of its machines with the best technology as a way of enhancing the efficiency.

Furthermore, the SaintyCo SMG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator comply with CE and cGMP design.

· SMG-H Series Rapid Mixer Granulators

If you’re looking for multi-functional equipment capable of processing a wide range of materials, then this is the ideal SaintyCo granulator series to select.

This is the type of machine that offers the quality in milling, granulating and mixing of different particles rapidly and homogenously.

It complies with the CE and cGMP designs and comes with a solid construction given its high-grade stainless steel formation.

Also, it’s capable of handling dust and wastes, and it is also fully automated making it ideal to perform its functions seamlessly.

SMG H Series Rapid Mixer Granulators

SMG-H Series Rapid Mixer Granulator

This machine also features a step ladder so that you can efficiently use to access its top sides.

Moreover, this machine is also compatible with other related equipment such as fluid bed dryer hence you can easily integrate them.

Currently, SaintyCo is the only manufacturer of high shear granulators that is researching and integrating advanced technology.

The design features of this equipment such as impeller, chopper and spray nozzles intend to make sure that they produce homogenous, consistent and porous granules.

The SMG-H Series Rapid Mixer Granulators are available in over ten series giving you the ability to choose what suits your particular material processing needs.

· SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

This SaintyCo’s product meets the dynamic needs for processing materials in wide-ranging industries.

Ideally, it’s the intelligent control system that makes it stand out together with its space saving vertical design.

This high shear mixing machine is highly efficient and produces granules relatively fast.

It has essential stable and functional features enabling it to process the ingredients effectively all the time.

Again, it is possible to integrate the SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer granulator with other equipment such as fluid bed dryer among others.

SMG-T Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

SMG-T High shear mixer granulator

This machine also uses high technology which guarantees auto-discharge and compressed air shutting mechanism.

It is CE and cGMP compliant and also in nine designs allowing you to make a preferable choice.

Also, this machine is more suitable for industries that deal with pharmaceutical, foodstuff and feed processing.

· SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer

As the name suggests, this is a laboratory designed high shear mixing machine that provides one-step mixing to humidify and granulate powder particles.

The quiet operation of this machine is among some of the notable features that make it quite popular in various industrial processes.

It comes with an accurately positioned impeller as well as a chopper and fully automated PLC system for coordinating different processing parameters.

Lab high shear mixer

Lab High Shear Mixer

The SMG 2-6 Lab High Shear Mixer also records all the data revolving around processing.

You only need to configure the printing system so that you can get a hard copy that contains all the necessary processing information.

This equipment is also highly portable owing to the fact that it features rubber wheels that can rotate fully.

This also makes it easy to maneuver it around different positions within the working space.

With its modular designs, you are sure of attaining convenient alignment of stirring pans.

This machine is most suitable for various laboratory mixing as well as research and development projects.

These are some of the SaintyCo high shear granulators.

They’re efficient, and one major thing they have in common is that they are compliant with CE and cGMP regulations.

That alone is a mark of safety and efficiency hence making it possible for you to produce a high-quality final product that meets the industrial and market standards.

Therefore, at any time you think of a suitable high shear granulating machine, SaintyCo should always be your next consideration.


Primarily, any moment you think of high shear mixer, fundamental elements that need to ring in your mind is efficiency and decent quality of final product.

Understandably, the only way of attaining these significant elements is by making sure you get reliable equipment.

Of course, these machines are quite many on the market today.

And to find what suits you can be more challenging than you think you know.

A slight mistake can make you regret because this is somewhat a considerable investment.

But hopefully, this guide has been helpful to you such that next time you think about buying one you’d easily maneuver around.

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