CS Capsule Sorter

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CS Capsule Sorter

CS Capsule Sorter


  • The world’s first capsule sorter of its kind;
  • It is ideal for all types of capsules including powder, granules, pellets and micro-tablets filled capsules
  • It automatically reject unqualified capsules such as light weight, loose pieces, chipped, cracked and empty capsules
  • The height and angle of the machine can be adjusted to fit any automatic capsule fillers
  • Excellent piece of equipment to work together with any capsule polishers
  • It operates on an air compressor without the power supply

Structure Principle:


  1. In the sorter segment G clean compressed air collects low weight capsule; loose piece And fragments of capsules to H the collecter.
  2. The pressure of the compressed air is shown on the filter decomp-ressed valve meter I ,which can be adjusted at different requirement.
  3. The qualified capsules are ejected from outlet J .

CS Capsule Sorter

Capsule Sorter CS
Capsule Model No. 00#  0#  1#  2#  3#  4#
Compressor Air 0.25 m3/min.  0.3Mpa
Capacity 300,000 capsules per hour
Weight (Kg) 15
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)mm 500 x 400 x (750 ~1050)


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