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C&C200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster

C&C 200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster

Max Output Capacity:1800000(Ø6) (t/h) 

C&C 200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster is new model with advanced structure. It has achieved double functions of tablet dedusting and elevating. Inlet of the machine can be connected with any model of tablet press, and outlet with metal detector, so that to realize the production line of tablet dedusting, elevating, and detecting.

C&C 200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster Feature:

C&C 200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster Body and cover of the machine take building-block design. Height of outlet is easy to adjust;

360° circle adjustment of inlet and outlet to make production more convenient and save factory room;

Fast-joint system to ensure safe and quick disassembly and assembly;

Outstanding efficiency can make mass production of Φ3-Φ35mm all-kind-shape tablet;

Parts in contact with medicine all made of 316L tainless steel. No blind spot during whole machine cleaning. Meet cGMP demands;

New design motor driver to make machine run more smoothly with lower noise.

C&C200G1 Uphill Tablet Deduster

Technical SpecificationsC&C200G1
Tablet Diameter (mm)Ø3-Ø35
Max Output Capacity (t/h)1800000(Ø6)
Inlet height (mm)740-940
Outlet height (mm)1525-1725
Dedusting Distance (m)11.1
Power Supply1PH  220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz  0.4kw
Compression Air0.1 m3/min  0.05MPa
Vacuum2.7 m3/min  -0.1MPa
Dimension (mm)577 x 606 x(1762-1962)
Weight (kg)130
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