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SaintyCo is on its Way to be the Leading Fluid Bed Equipment Manufacturer in China

SaintyCo, the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of pharmaceutical machines, today announced 5 series of new cGMP compliant fluid bed machines.

Designed for unmatched convenience, reliability and accuracy;

SaintyCo fluidized bed machines will handle all material processing in the pharmaceutical industry such as drying, coating and granulating.

“Our new fluid bed processors give pharmaceutical industries a new way […]

SaintyCo Updates All Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

SaintyCo, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment, announces its new generation of capsule filling machines.

These include 6 series of fully automatic capsule filling machines, which include PrimaFill, AdvantaFill, MagnaFill, UltraFill, Dosator and ProCap.

Pharmaceutical companies will also choose from the 2 series of semi-automatic capsule filling machines. These include SF-V12 and SF-V25.

“Our upgraded automatic capsule filling […]

SaintyCo Guarantees A Turnkey-Solutions In The Pharmaceutical Machine & Equipment Manufacturing

SaintyCo is a high-tech company that offers turnkey-solutions by manufacturing and supplying cost competitive pharmaceutical machines and equipment.

This year, SaintyCo has launched the latest in its series of pharmaceutical equipment – the high shear mixture granulators.

Below is our interview with Tony Zeng, the SaintyCo Export Manager:


Q: Tony, what advantage does SaintyCo have over its competitors?

A: First, we […]