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Candy Pulling Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Candy pulling machine is an electromechanical instrument designed for pulling and aerating caramel mass during candy making process.

This machine is integral in the general confectionery-manufacturing process, majorly for small-scale candy sweets production.

In this FAQ guide, all your pertinent questions and concerns regarding candy pulling machine are well-answered and articulated.

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candy pulling machine

candy pulling machine

Which Varieties Of Candy Pulling Machine Can You Find In The Market?

Usually, candy pulling machine is available in two main varieties, which include the following;

Semi-Automatic Candy Pulling Machine

This candy pulling equipment variant has relatively few automated operating parameters.

In essence, it implies you can easily control most of its operations manually or automatically based on the particular parameter.

 semi automatic candy pulling machine

semi-automatic candy pulling machine

It is somewhat slower compared to automatic unit but relatively affordable and quite reliable.

Besides, it rarely requires in-depth routine maintenance and, in many instances ideal in small and medium candy pulling solutions.

Fully-Automatic Candy Pulling Machine

Ideally, this type of candy pulling instrument, as the name indicates, features fully automated specifications.

In other words, this machine variant does not require any form of human intervention to activate any of its operating parameters.

It is easy to integrate with other instruments in the candy production process as long as you get the settings right.

automtic candy pulling machine

automatic candy pulling machine

Moreover, this machine is super-fast, thus guaranteeing you faster production volume within minimum time possible.

Also, you can find it in numerous sizes and custom designs to ensure the operation parameters suit your specific demands.

But fully-automated candy pulling instrument is quite pricey compared to a semi-automatic alternative.

Besides, it may require relatively thorough routine maintenance, depending on how you use it.

What Is The Purpose Of Candy Pulling Machine?

Specifically, the design of this machine is to pull and aerate caramel mass used in making candy sweets.

It turns caramel mass into a satin appearance and mixes it with the respective recommended additives.

During the pulling process, caramel mass changes color to whitish while its density decreases.

Thin air capillaries penetrate through the pulled caramel mass and allowing it to acquire a silky look as it turns soft and airy.

Technically, the pulling process that this machine initiates allows the caramel to have superior quality.

Besides, pulling of these ingredients and respective additives allows the candy to have an extended shelf-life since it prevents it from sticking or melting during storage.

Candy pulling machine also enables the additives added to caramel to distribute evenly over the whole caramel mass volume when pulling.

Which Material Is Used For Making Candy Pulling Machine Body?

An ideal candy pulling equipment is manufactured using various materials.

This machine encompasses different parts and components, all made from various materials.

However, the most commonly used material for constructing the body of several candy pulling machines is heavy-duty, cast stainless steel.

Ordinarily, this material exhibits immense corrosion resistance, which is critical in candy pulling solutions.

In many instances, the caramel mass and additives used in making candy products contain some chemicals.

Hence, cast stainless steel makes it possible to inhibit such chemical substances from corroding the surface material.

Cast stainless steel is also durable and has high tensile strength,

In essence, it means this instrument can endure numerous mechanical and aggressive handling without damaging or wearing out.

This material also requires low maintenance, and it is easy to clean, which is vital in handling food-related products such as candy.

Furthermore, cast stainless steel is preferred for this component since it features excellent anti-bacterial elements.

Often, this makes it an ideal food-grade material approved for manufacturing hygienic food products.

However, some manufacturers may prefer using other materials such as aluminum, which is equally a suitable body material.

How Much Does Candy Pulling Machine Weigh?

There is no definite weight of a candy pulling machine.

Notably, you can find it in different weights, mainly depending on the actual size of the machine.

Also, the actual type of material used for making this equipment influence the actual weight.

Some materials, such as stainless steel, tend to be a bit heavier than other materials.

Also, the exact size of the parts and components of this machine determines its net weight.

Nonetheless, a standard candy pulling equipment weight starts from 500kgs.

But you can find others weighing up to about 1000 kgs or more.

Custom units, on the other hand, maybe heavier or lighter than standard weight based on your specifications.

What Is The Standard Dimension Of Candy Pulling Machine?

It varies based on different factors surrounding the specific candy pulling machine.

Often, these machines come in different sizes, which means the dimensions also vary.

Also, different manufacturers usually design this machine in different styles.

Hence, there is no definite standard dimension.

But in many instances, the common candy pulling machines in the market have dimensions of (1550 by 1200 by 2100) mm.

These dimensions may vary from one machine to another, albeit slightly.

You can, however, go for a custom design, which features different dimensions depending on your needs, especially space.

What Is The Recommended Power Voltage Of Candy Pulling Machine?

Technically, the ideal power voltage of this candy equipment depends on many factors such as the following;

  • Size – A bigger candy pulling machine requires relatively high power voltage to run its functions effectively.

Thus, the bigger the device, the more power voltage it shall require and vice versa.

  • Specifications – A candy pulling equipment with numerous specifications often requires high power voltage to manage all the features seamlessly.

As such, for optimum performance for a machine with more and complex specifications, it is ideal to go for a one with higher voltage.

  • Mode of operation – Semi-automatic candy pulling unit in an ideal world would require a relatively low power voltage than a fully-automatic one.
  • Production volume – The higher and faster the production throughput, the more the power voltage is needed.
  • Customization needs – Custom candy pulling machines may require low or high power voltage based on your production demands.

In essence, there is no fixed power voltage for this particular machine since it depends on many factors like the few mentioned above.

However, most standard candy pulling machines require a power voltage range of 220-380 V for optimum performance and efficiency.

Is Candy Pulling Machine Costly?

A wide range of factors determines whether a typical candy puling machine is costly.

For instance, buying a fully-automated unit is more expensive than purchasing a semi-automatic unit.

In this case, the former features several advanced specifications, and it’s faster and more reliable than the latter, hence costlier.

Another cost-determinant is the particular specifications of the candy pulling machine you are buying.

Ordinarily, if you buy a unit with more advanced specifications, you will spend more money than buying one with basic features.

The actual design of this machine is also a core factor determining whether it is expensive or affordable.

Notably, custom candy pulling machines tend to be more expensive than standard units.

Often, customized designs entail integrating and adding different components and specifications to allow the machine to match your requirements.

Also, the specific machine brand you are purchasing is a significant element that influences the price of this equipment.

Relatively popular brands are traditionally expensive since they tend to ride on their tested and proven reputation as far as reliability and quality are concerned.

As such, little-known or unpopular candy pulling machine brands are somewhat lowly-priced since they do not necessarily have a significant market share.

And importantly, the order quantity of this machine also informs the particular cost you will pay to acquire it.

Usually, buying several pieces of this machine guarantees you higher discounts in many outlets instead of purchasing one or a few units.

The bottom line is that whether a candy pulling machine is pricey is dependent on numerous factors, including the ones described above.

Which Candies Can You Make With Candy Pulling Machine?

Essentially, you can use this machine to make several types of candy products.

Of course, it is designed to make hard candy, soft candy, and parvada among others.

However, the specific candy products you can make with this equipment include the following;

  • Toffee
  • Mints
  • Dragee
  • Curative candy
  • Marshmallow
  • Taffy
  • Praline
  • Marzipan
  • Caramels
  • Licorice
  • Nougat

What Is The Longevity Of Candy Pulling Machine?

Generally, this machine exhibits an impressive service lifespan.

The heavy-duty cast stainless steel material used for making its framing components is sturdy and resistant to various mechanical factors.

Besides, the design and integration of its parts, components, and features is seamless, enhancing its overall durability.

In essence, it means this machine features a formidable design construction making it quite adaptive to several harsh conditions.

Even so, several aspects often determine the exact durability of this equipment, such as the following;

  • Exact conditions it is exposed to – Candy pulling machines are often exposed to various environmental and mechanical conditions.

Of course, exposure to unending aggressive conditions usually lowers its overall longevity and vice versa.

  • Body material – Ordinarily, framing material is an integral durability determinant aspect of a candy pulling machine.

Hence, if it is a stronger material, it will last longer than a comparatively weak material.

  • Intensity and frequency of usage – Notably, the more you use this machine to pull candies, the faster it wears out.

In essence, it is exposed to subjective tear and wear every hour it runs.

  • Routine maintenance – A properly maintained candy pulling machine will outlast one, which is poorly looked after.

What Are The Ideal Maintenance Practices For Candy Pulling Machine?

Naturally, a typical candy puling instrument does not necessarily require comprehensive routine maintenance.

Most of the maintenance practices you can always do on this equipment are occasional and include the following;

  • Repairing and replacing all the damaged and worn-out components with ones recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning the equipment thoroughly every time after use before storing it.

While at it, ensure you use mild detergents, especially when you are cleaning the body frame.

  • Lubricating all the moving parts of this machine using recommended lubricants.

It reduces friction on such parts, which is fundamental in enhancing performance and service lifespan of this machine.

What Is The Production Volume Of An Ideal Candy Pulling Machine?

The production volume of this machine often varies based on several aspects.

Fully automated units produce higher volume than semi-automated units.

In this case, the former depends on automated functions, which are more efficient and faster than what the latter depends on.

The power rating is another element that determines the exact production volume of an ordinary candy pulling machine.

A machine with high power voltage has a higher production capacity than one with relatively low voltage.

Hence, there is no standard production throughput in a typical candy pulling machine.

It depends on numerous elements like the ones mentioned above.

However, a standard candy pulling machine usually has a production capacity of 25-50kgs per batch.

But you can always go for custom units to ensure you obtain exactly what suits your demands as far as production volume is concerned.

How Is Candy Pulling Machine Beneficial To Your Confectionery Business?

This machine is of significant value to your confectionery business in several ways, such as the following;

Minimizing Production Cost

Since this equipment is relatively fast and features automated functions, it allows you to cut down on running costs significantly.

It does not require much human labor, which in the end may eat into your profits.

Speedy Production Speed

You can attain high volume when using candy pulling machine since it is fast and reliable.

This is essential to your business because it allows you to fulfill bulk orders within shortest time possible.

Improves Quality of Candy Products

The pulling and aeration that this machine does on the caramel mass ensure uniformity in the final product.

As such, it makes it possible for you to produce high-quality candies that are tasty and attractive.

High Reliability

A standard candy pulling machine guarantees immense reliability during the production process.

Of course, this is advantageous because it makes it increases efficiency in your confectionery business.

What Is The MoQ For Purchasing Candy Pulling Machine?

The specific MoQ for candy pulling instruments is usually based on the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

However, most companies usually allow purchasing as low as a single unit.

Of course, this is fundamental since it makes it possible for you to acquire this machine even when you are operating on a tight budget.

Thus, you need to inquire, negotiate and agree with your preferred manufacturer on a specific MoQ when buying this equipment.

What Factors Determine The Warranty Terms Of Candy Pulling Machine?

Notably, every candy pulling instrument manufacturer has its terms and conditions as far as warranty is concerned.

Different aspects often influence the actual warranty terms, and it is important to always inquire diligently before signing.

Often, some manufacturers provide partial warranty.

And this means the warranty only covers specific aspects of the machine.

This could be the major components or faulty equipment upon approval.

In other instances, some manufacturers often provide a comprehensive warranty on the candy pulling machine.

This implies that all aspects surrounding the machine are covered, and the manufacturer will be fully liable if any part or the entire machine fails.

Therefore, it is important to read and understand the finer details of the warranty terms before signing.

Ensure you get clarification from the manufacturer or your representative before signing the warranty document.

Candy Pulling Machine Complies With Which Quality Standards?

In many instances, candy pulling machines often comply with different quality standards based on country of origin or destination.

It means different countries or regions have specific quality standard certifications, which this machine needs to comply with.

Of course, this is important since it demonstrates the equipment meets all the required safety and quality standards.

candy pulling machine

candy pulling machine

Nonetheless, some quality standards, which this machine complies with are acceptable worldwide, and they are as follows;

  • FDA – Food and Drugs Administration
  • UL – Underwriters Laboratory
  • RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  • SGS certification
  • CE Certification
  • ISO – International Standards Organization
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials

If your candy making machine has some of these certifications, depending on your country, it is quite clear that it meets the required quality and safety standards.

Does Candy Pulling Machine Support Integration With Other Equipment?


It is possible to integrate this machine with a wide range of other equipment used in candy manufacturing production line.

The most important element is ensuring you adjust the settings of this machine to match that of the integrated equipment accordingly.

In essence, it helps in enhances the integration efficiency to guarantee reliability and desired performance.

Why Is Conducting Factory Acceptance Test For Candy Pulling Machine Advantageous?

FAT, as it is commonly known, offers a lot of benefits to you when buying this equipment, such as follows;

  • Allows you to save considerable resources and time given it handles all potential mechanical issues of the machine in advance.
  • It improves safety issues regarding the machine since it considers all the required standards.
  • Enables you to determine whether the equipment is suitable to endure certain operating conditions it will be exposed to.
  • It allows both parties involved in the transaction (buyer and seller) to resolve various concerns regarding the machine before shipping to its destination.
  • Allows you to establish the party, which is liable for a detected issue or mechanical problem of the machine.

How Supportive Are Chinese Manufacturers When Buying Candy Pulling Machine?

Immensely helpful.

Ordinarily, most Chinese manufacturers always provide sufficient information in your local language regarding various aspects of the machine.

This is important because it makes it possible to understand how the machine works to increase efficiency and reliability.

Chinese manufacturers also have several contacts of various personnel offering different services such as customs clearing and shipping.

Of course, this is essential since it makes your purchasing experience seamless and worthwhile when importing candy pulling machine.

Furthermore, Chinese manufacturers always support manufacturing of OEM and ODM candy pulling instruments.

Ideally, you need to provide your OEM designs to the manufacturer for approval and production of such machines.

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