TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment

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TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment is made up by stroma dissolution pot, vacuum emulsification blender, hot water pot, cam rotor pump, vacuum pump, hot water sanitation pump, hydraulic system, automatic feeding material system, electrocontrol system.

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment Use:

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment is used to produce the suppository medicine and specially used to emulsification of oil stroma, cream stroma, solubility material and pectic material with high content of solids.

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment Characteristic:

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment has easy operation, steady capability, good homogeneity, high efficiency, reasonable structure, small volume and high automation level and easily clean.

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment Advantage:

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment has triple blender, hydraulic lift cover, high-speed homogeneity blender (Speed is 0-1800r/min, frequency speed regulation) and low-speed scraper blender (Speed is 10-70r/min, frequency speed regulation). Fast-cutting vortex emulsification blender is used in the homogeneity part, which can scrape in a low s peed and automatically blend and snuggle up to the bottom and wall of boiler. In the course of mixing the cam rotor pump let the material move in the way of outer circle in order to emulsify the material. The machine makes the material mix into the vessel of package machine by automatic hydraulic control feeding material. The machine draws powder material by the way of vacuum in order to prevent the powder flying. The whole working procedure is operated in the condition of vacuum in order to prevent the material coming into being bubble after high-speed blending and reach the request of sanitation and asepsis. CIP cleaning system is equipped in this system. The contact part of vessel and material is made from SUS316Lmaterial. Mirror finish of the inside surface is 300EMSH. In order to ensure the stabilization of the control, the electro-control part is the products of Germany Siemens Company, the button is produced by Japan Fuji Company, the  transducer is the product of Japan Matsushita Electric Industries and the vacuum pump is the product of Siemens Company. The machine is made completely according to the GMP request, which is the most advanced and most perfect suppository production equipment.

TFSRJ 100-500L Suppository Compounding Equipment

Main technique parameter Emulsify Agitator Outside Dimension Power(Kw)
Kw r/min Kw r/min L W H Max H
TFSRJ-100 3 0-1700 1.5 0-40 2400 2360 2200 2800 10
TFSRJ-150 4 0-1700 1.5 0-40 2450 2375 2200 2900 11
TFSRJ-200 5.5 0-1700 1.5 0-40 2500 2380 2200 2900 12
TFSRJ-350 7.5 0-1700 2.2 0-40 2800 2600 2550 3400 19
TFSRJ-500 7.5 0-1700 2.2 0-40 3700 3500 2600 3500 19


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