ZLZ100-1000 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter -stationary

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ZLZ100-1000 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter -stationary

ZLZ100-1000 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter -stationary


This equipment is mainly used in the solid dosage production procedure for transferring and discharging materials, consequently it is operated with corollary equipments such as FG or FZ equipments for mill and homogenization of granules, and de-agglomeration of agglomerates according to the process requirements, in order to obtain acceptable uniform granules. The materials are charged to the mill machine by vacuum method. Vacuum mill cum sifters, stationary are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.


This equipment is composed of chassis, column, lifting system, vacuum feeding system and ZL series mill cum sifter. When operating, start vacuum feeding system, granules are sucked into the cone mill where they are going to be extruded, cut and grinded by the mill blades which force the granules to pass through the conical screen and get uniform size. And finally, granules are discharged into bins.


This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation; the whole machine has no dead angle or protruded screws. To ensure a safe production, it is also designed with a device avoiding misoperation of the butterfly valve which is easy to dismantle and wash. Moreover the cone mill is lifted and lowered to any process heights, so it can be hermetically connected to the next processing equipment. Consequently, powder dust or cross pollution are effectively controlled to optimize the production process. ZLZ series vacuum mill cum sifter, stationary complies entirely with GMP requirements for medicine production.

ZLZ100-1000 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter -stationary

 Vacuum Mill Cum Sifter -stationary Main structural dimensions Power Max mill production capacity
L1 L2 W1 H H1 H2 H3 H4 DN Kw Kg/h
ZLZ100 510 700 600 4000 2500 3000 500 3700 190 1.5 100
ZLZ200 510 700 600 4000 2500 3000 500 3700 190 1.85 200
ZLZ450 600 990 700 4000 2500 3000 635 3835 200 4.5 450
ZLZ700 600 990 700 4000 2500 3000 635 3835 200 5.5 700
ZLZ1000 600 990 700 4000 2500 3000 635 3835 200 7 1000


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