ZD-I Automatic Suppository Shell Making Machine

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ZD-I Automatic Suppository Shell Making Machine

ZD-I Automatic Suppository Shell Making Machine


ZD-I fully automatic suppository shell making machine is the forming equipment that make piece material into bullet head(torpeto),duck mouth type suppository packing belt by feeding, pre-heated, welding, heating froth forming,making split line,cutting bottom side of triangle. It is the first equipment of product line.

Work Procedure

Two rolls of PVC(PVC/PE) material with diameter∮300mm, inner diameter∮75mm are separately installed on belt–disk which equipped automatic brake system. After clamped tightly by jaw The material are transferred in turn to pre–heated, welding,froth forming die by feeding dolly according to cylinder travel. Heating blow making to suppository belt was as same as the shape of die, welded fastness,free gas leak, thick even,The split line can be made and the bottom side of triangle can be cut according to user’s needs. The material will go under the filling nozzle automatically after eliminate static electricity wait for pouring. The above motion are all completed by pneumatic, controlled automatically by programmable controller.

Main Technical Specifications ZD-I
Output: 7200-9800 granules/hour
Filling volume: 0~4g
Central distance: bullet head (torpeto) 17.5mm, duck mouth: 26.25mm
Suppository shape: optional specification, shape. Design and machining according to user’s need
Air pressure 0.65Mpa
Gas consumption                                0.8m3/min
Application piece material: PVC, PVC/PE height :60mm- 64mm   thickness: 0.15±0.01
Overall dimensions 2100 * 700 * 1300 mm (L * W * H)
Weight of overall machine 500Kg


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