VGB-600D Chewing Gum Coating System

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VGB-600D Chewing Gum Coating System

VGB-600D Chewing Gum Coating System


With CIP online cleaning system, the D-type machine in addition to possess all the functions and characteristics of the C-type machine, but also have the following characteristics:

  • Different parts of the main machine are collocated with a number of nozzles for cleaning machine on-line.
  • Configured the independent cleaning liquid booster distribution station to make sure the pressure of cleaning liquid from every spray head get up to 0.6Mpa and wash the coating machine effectively.
  • Configured the cycle cleaning and frainage systems for the cleaning process to choose
  • Under the control of the PLC, can program a number of cleaning procedures.
  • Under the control of the PLC, dry the remanent water of each nozzle by compressed air.
  • Under the control of the PLC, implement fully automatic washing and drying process.
Technical parameter VGB-600D
Production capacity 600kg/run, material density :1g/cm3
Speed-adjusting range of coating drum 2-10rpm
Diameter of hole 3mm
Motor power of main machine 5.5Kw
Regulating range of hot air temperature Normal temperature 80℃
Filtration accuracy of hot air 0.5um
Motor power of hot air machine 5.5Kw
Motor power of exhaust air machine 15.0Kw
Motor power of peristaltic pump 0.18Kw
Noise ≤75db


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