Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer

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Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer

Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer

Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer  Description

Vacuum & Homogenizing Mixer consists of high-speed cutting and stirring assembly, vacuum and normal pressure assembly, hydraulic pressure assembly, liquid-supplying barrel from floor with temperature-controlling automatically. It has compact structure, stable performance with bright and smooth surface. It could be operated and cleaned conveniently. It complies with the requirement of GMP and cGMP. It is applied to production of semifluid products such as milk food, grease and cream cosmetics and grease drugs. It is an ideal multipurpose equipment for homogenizing and mixing.

Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer  Features:

  • Pneumatic hydraulic lifting and lowering cover
  • Consists of: vacuum system, hydraulic system; homogenizing, slow mixing, temperature control
  • Homogenizer: 4KW/380V/3phase; 0-2800RPM; Variable speed control;
  • Slow mixer:2KW/380V/3phasel; 0-50RPM; Variable speed control;
  • Electric heater: 4KW/380V/3phase; 1pc
  • Vacuum pump: 2.2KW
  • Hydraulic: 0.75KW
  • Nozzles: DN65 sight view, sight light, vacuum port, vent, material inlet and outlet; compressed air inlet with adjusting valve, safety valve, vacuum and pressure gauge and etc;
  • Necessary vacuum piping
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