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Choosing the Right Vacuum Bag Size for Your Needs

Vacuum bags have become a necessity for most manufacturing and packaging purposes. These bags are what you use to hold the product you’re packaging, and as you can imagine, manufacturers have been known to make different vacuum bag size options to fit different requirements. 

This would mean that when purchasing a vacuum bag, you need to sift through different vacuum sealer bag sizes and find the right one. In this article, we’ll look into the different sizes available, as well as explain how to make a choice.

Vacuum Bags: The Foundation Of Product Packaging

When packaging is concerned, vacuum bags are specially designed containers that help to implement vacuum sealing. As we know, vacuum sealing involves sucking the air from the surroundings of your package before covering it up with the proper seal. 

Vacuum bags come in highly durable materials, which you can seal as soon as you take out the air. Their structure makes for a reliable vacuumed environment, which helps in preserving the quality of the material as it is being transported. Besides this, the bags also protect the material entirely and help to optimize the available space you have. 

Vacuum bags come in different forms, from the largest food saver bags to storage vacuum bags and even the industrial vacuum bags that help to protect your bulky items. 

Understanding Vacuum Bag Sizes

Next, let’s look into the different sizes of vacuum bags, as well as the intricates surrounding them

Essentially, the vacuum bag size refers to the capacity of the bag to hold a lot of material. Because different manufacturers have different packaging needs, vacuum bags also come in different size configurations, which allow them to be as flexible as possible. That said, here are the more prominent size options across different industries: 

Available Sizes For Food Vacuum Bags  

For our classification, we’ll begin with food vacuum bags. 

Small Vacuum Bags 

These bags usually come with dimensions around 6 x 10 inches, and they are perfect when you need to package things like herbs, snacks, and spices. They are probably the smallest vacuum seal bags available, and you can get a lot of them around you. 

Medium Vacuum Bags 

With the medium vacuum bags, you have containers that measure somewhere around 8 x 12 inches. These are small vacuum bags in the grand scheme of things, holding items like pieces of meat, cheese, and more.

Large Vacuum Bags 

If you are looking to hold something with a little more weight, then the large vacuum bags are probably what you need. They measure around 11 x 16 inches in size, and they hold slightly larger items like bulk vegetables, whole chickens, and larger meal portions. 

Extra-Large Vacuum Bags 

With dimensions around 12 x 18 inches, the extra-large vacuum bags hold much bulkier items. You can use them to hold prepared meals, large roasts, and so much more, and their larger weight also comes with a stronger frame. 

Vacuum Rolls 

If you want something a little more bespoke, then you might want to go with rolls instead. These rolls come with standard widths of 11 inches, although their lengths can vary and can get as high as 50 feet. 

With rolls, you can essentially customize your bags based on what you need by cutting them to the length you need. Once you do that, you can seal both ends of the rolls to create the perfect bag! 

Vacuum Bags For Storage

If you are looking for bags that help you to store more than just food, then you are probably looking for storage vacuum bags. In this category, you have the following classifications: 

Small Storage Bags 

These bags are usually measured at about 18 x 22 inches, and they are perfect when you need to carry individual clothing items like shorts and towels. 

Medium Storage Bags 

Next, we have the medium bags, which are about 22 x 28 inches in size. You can easily stuff your light jackets, sweaters, and medium clothing items in here. 

Large Storage Bags 

Typically, the large vacuum bags for storage tend to measure somewhere around 26 x 34 inches. If you’re maybe traveling and you need to pack different clothing pieces or large coats, these bags are ideal.

Extra-Large Storage Bags

With measurements of around 30 x 40 inches, the extra-large storage bags are exactly what you need when you need to take either single, massive clothing items or multiple pieces of clothing at the same time. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Bag Size

One major conundrum that you see when it comes to vacuum bags is that there are just so many types and sizes available. And as you can imagine, making a choice between the different available variants can be a bit of a hassle. 

So, when choosing whether to go for small travel vacuum bags or big vacuum seal bags, here are a few important things you want to consider: 

What Are You Carrying? 

Generally, you want to start by considering the content you are working with. It’s important to find the perfect match between the size of the bag and the shape and dimensions of the items you are packaging. This way, you know that there’s enough space to accommodate the items without risking excessive stuffing. 

The Reason For the Packaging 

You also want to ensure that the side of the bag is in line with why you are packaging the item in the first place. For instance, when it comes to food items, bag sizes need to match the portion sizes to ensure that you don’t waste anything. On the other hand, in the case of non-food items, you need to choose bag sizes based on the type and volume of the item you are storing. 

How Frequently Will You Use The Items? 

When dealing with items that you have to access frequently, it’s recommended that you work with smaller bags, which are more manageable and convenient. But, if you are storing your items for long, then a larger bag probably works better. 

The Available Space To You 

Examine how much storage space you have to place the vacuum-sealed bags. You’ll need more compact bags for smaller spaces, while the larger ones will be able to take much bigger bags as well. 

Plus, if you have bags that are uniform, then you should be able to stack them on each other. 

The Need For Preservation 

When packaging food, you might want to spend extra time to ensure that the size of the bag is in line with the portion sizes you use. This way, you can ensure that the food remains fresh no matter what. 

The same applies to other non-food items that need to be protected from the elements. As much as possible, keep their quality and freshness preserved. 

How Strong Is The Bag?

If your items are heavy or they have sharp edges, then you would need to get thicker bags that are more durable and can prevent tears. At the same time, bags with high-barrier properties will also help if you’re working with sensitive items, as they protect against environmental factors too. 


In the packaging landscape, there is no doubt that accuracy is important. And in the name of ensuring accuracy, choosing the right vacuum bag comes in especially handy as well. We at Sainty Tec understand this importance perfectly, and we are here to help you out if you need to make a decision. 

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