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TR-50 Paper Wrapping Machine

TR-50 Paper Wrapping Machine

This machine is designed and suitable for wrapping in on roll with several pieces of tablets by aluminum foil & paper laminated material, all movement of this machine adopts advanced PLC controller, stepper motor and pneumatic cylinder to combine, so it is very stable and reliable, operation easy and maintenance convenience.

It can run fully automatically, warning and stop function for no wrapping paper and no tablet, all tablets touching material adopts excellent SUS304 stainless steel (or SUS316), other steel material adopts enamel paint or Alloy to combine.

Composition and function:

  • Vibrating tablets feeding unit: put tablets into hopper by manual, Vibrating system will send tablets into track automatically for wrapping preparation, automatic stop for overload tablet, automatic start for lack of tablets, all tablet arrangement is automatically.
  • Tablets arranging unit: this unit is to arrange tablets according to setting position and quantity for pushing to wrapping station.
  • Wrapping paper feeding unit: Put the wrapping paper to holder, machine can arrange wrapping paper to wrapping station for standby automatically.
  • Controller unit: This machine is controlled by PLC controller, automatic warning and stop when any procedure get malfunction.

Main components:

1PLC+ buttonMitsubishi+ IDEC button
2Pneumatic cylinder and SolenoidValveAIRTACAIRTAC Taiwan brand
3optical fiber switch, photo electricityswitch, magnetic SwitchKENENCY & AIRTAC
Main Technical SpecificationsTR-50
Voltage220v 50/60Hz
Diameter of tablets18-30mm
Quantity per roll10-20pcs
Purified & Compressed air0.5-0.7MPa
Capacity55 rolls per minutes

TR-50 Paper Wrapping Machine

Paper Wrapping Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you understand all the vital aspects about paper wrapping machine.

From components, working principle, material type, classification, to documentation – you will find every information you need about paper wrapping machine.

So, if you want to learn more about paper wrapping machine, read this guide.

What is Paper Wrapping Machine?

A paper wrapping machine is a piece of equipment that will wrap products using paper.

Paper wrapping machine

Paper wrapping machine

What are the Advantages of Paper Wrapping Machine?

There are several advantages of a paper wrapping machine.

They include:

Product Appeal

The machine will wrap products giving an aesthetic value.

Besides, when you do not wrap products, it is hard to label them as you wish.

Also, you can include images and texts on the paper to make the product more appealing on the shelf.

Efficiency and Reliability

A paper wrapping machine will wrap products in paper throughout the day as long as it is in good condition.

This allows one to meet production needs and produce quality paper wrappings on products.


Manually wrapping products by hand will take a lot of time.

This is because the workers can only wrap one product at a time.

Also, it is not efficient to use manual wrapping techniques as the wrapping will not be consistent.

Using a paper wrapping machine will save a lot of time as the machine can wrap several products per unit time.

Product Protection

Using a paper wrapping machine will assist in protecting the product inside the wrap.

The paper will provide physical protection from environmental elements that would otherwise damage the products.

Such environmental elements may include moisture, sunlight, dust, or air.

Increase Speed

There are various paper wrapping machines available in the market.

For instance, we have manual and automatic paper wrapping machines.

The automatic versions will have a high paper wrapping capacity than the manual machines.

This will make you meet your production needs within a short period.

Increase Production Capacity

Fully automatic paper wrapping machines can wrap several products at the same time.

This means you can increase your production capacity by a large percentage.

Also, the operator can fluctuate the production capacity depending on the needs of the company.

Ease of Use

Some paper wrapping machines come with programmable logic controllers [PLC].

These components assist the operator in making changes during the operation on the fly.

Also, it allows for easy monitoring of the paper wrapping process.

Prevents Contamination

The machine wraps products within the machine hence minimizing chances of contamination.

This means the products will reach the clients in the best quality.

Health and Safety

A paper wrapping machine offers several advantages to the operators.

For instance, the operators will not be at harm while using these machines during the paper wrapping process.

The machines also release less noise, which will protect the operators from noise pollution.

Automatic versions have sensors that will sound an alarm when there is a safety concern that needs correction.

Ease of Maintenance

It is easy to clean and swap parts of the machine as it is easily accessible.


The initial cost of purchasing automatic paper wrapping machines may be high.

In the long run, they will lower your recurring costs.

Also, they require less supervision during the paper wrapping process.

This is because they can perform most operations by themselves once the operator feeds the paper wrapping parameters.

What are the Limitations of a Paper Wrapping Machine?

The limitations of a paper wrapping machine should not deter you from purchasing one.

Some of these limitations occur one time, while others may have a long time effect on the environment.

The limitations of these machines include:

Human Labor

The manual paper wrapping machines will need human laborers to operate them all the time.

This means the recurring costs in terms of salary will increase.

High Purchasing Price

Automatic versions of paper wrapping machines will cost you more.

The more technology it has, the more expensive it gets.

Also, when you need to customize the paper wrapping machine, you need to part with a large amount of money.

Besides, this is a one-time limitation that will not reoccur.


Since the machine can operate without stopping, there are chances that it might break down at some point.

This means there will be no paper wrapping until you repair the fault.

Also, it will lead to no production, thus a decrease in sales and profits.

Training of Operators

There is a chance that you need to train the operators who will monitor and feed instructions to the paper wrapping machine.

This is to ensure the paper wrapping process happens effectively and efficiently.

Also, the operators need to understand the troubleshooting procedures should the machine fail to work.

High Installation Price

After purchasing the machine, the installation has to be as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

This will ensure that the machine works well and all parts are functioning as they should.

The type and size of the machine will influence the cost of installation.

If you plan on not relocating anytime, this cost will happen once.

What are the Features of a Paper Wrapping Machine?

Structure of paper wrapping machine

Structure of paper wrapping machine

Since there are various paper wrapping machines available, they all come with different features.

Manual machines have different features than automatic machines, even though they all serve the same purpose.

The features will help you understand the capabilities of different machines.

It also assists you to know if the paper wrapping machine will meet your production needs.

Some of these features include:

  • Ability to integrate it into the production line with other support equipment.
  • Programmable logic controller and human-machine interface for ease of operation.
  • Stainless steel durable body design.
  • No product, no paper wrapping.
  • Current good manufacturing practice compliance.
  • Variety of sizes to fit any workspace.
  • Automatic sensors to ensure the accuracy of paper wrapping.
  • Easy to conduct changeovers with minimal tools.
  • An ability to quickly replace wrapping papers via the supply wheel.
  • A self-lubrication system that will prevent the tear and wear of the moving parts.

Which Materials make up the Paper in a Paper Wrapping Machine?

The materials that make up paper that a paper wrapping machine uses include:

  • Laminated paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Film

Which Industries use a Paper Wrapping Machine?

Several industries employ a paper wrapping machine in their production line.

These industries include:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Confectionery industries
  • Food industries
  • Beverage industries
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Electronic industries
  • Health industries
  • Books and magazine industries
  • Leather industries
  • Agricultural industries

What are the Parts of a Paper Wrapping Machine?

As we know there are various paper wrapping machines, which means the parts they have may somehow differ.

Besides, they all have basic components that will assist with the paper wrapping process.

These parts include:

· Hopper

Here, you will insert the products and the paper wrap material.

· Paper Wrapping System

It contains pistons and discs that improve the flexibility of the paper wrapping machine.

· Control Panel

This part will allow the operator to control and monitor the paper wrapping process.

It has a programmable logic controller and a touch screen interface with graphics.

· Conveyor System

It will assist in moving products from one part of the machine to the other.

· Motors and Gears

They convert electrical energy to mechanical energy that assists in moving the parts of the machine.

· Paper Wrap Holders

These components will hold the paper wrap during the wrapping process.

It prevents the paper from tearing as it unwraps from the rolls.

· Lubrication Unit

The moving parts of the machine may have a lubrication system that will apply oil on them.

This minimizes friction which may be hazardous to the machine and the paper wrapping process.

· Sensors

Automatic sensors will detect faults with the system and warn the operator via the control panel.

It assists in maintaining the quality of the whole paper wrapping process.

· Printing Systems

It will print texts and images on the paper wrap.

This information will help consumers identify with the product.

· Electrical Cabinet

This component houses all the electrical wires and supply units.

It also supplies power to the paper wrapping machine.

How does a Paper Wrapping Machine Work?

A paper wrapping machine works by taking papers and wrapping them on products.

All the components in the machine work together to achieve this process.

The working principles are:

Preparation Stage

The first step involves making sure that the paper wrapping machine is in good working condition.

Ensure the electrical components are on and that there is power coming into the machine.

Also, feed the products and paper wrap into the machine before the wrapping process begins.

The operator will input the wrapping parameters via the control panel.

Paper Wrapping

Start the paper wrapping process from the control panel.

Products will move from the hopper into the wrapping station via the conveyor system.

Also, the wrapping paper will unwind from the paper roll towards the wrapping station.

Once in the wrapping station, the paper will enclose the product seamlessly.


After wrapping the paper on the products, the products exit the wrapping station.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Paper Wrapping Machine?

There are several factors to consider while choosing a paper wrapping machine.

This will help you purchase a machine that will meet your production needs.

The factors to consider include:

Quality Standards

Choose machines that meet international standards to ensure the safety of your staff and quality paper wrapping.

It will ensure the reliability, effectiveness, and acceptability of the machine in the market.


The amount you have will influence the type of paper wrapping machine you can afford.

It is advisable to purchase a machine that will meet your production needs.

Level of Technology

Several industries will incorporate machines that have the latest level of technology.

It enables you to achieve high production rates and produce quality wrappings.

Efficiency of the Machine

Go for a machine that will perform quality paper wrapping with minimal to no errors.

Size of Machine

Paper wrapping machines are of different shapes and sizes.

Choose a machine that will fit your workspace.

Larger machines require more work area as they are suitable for commercial industries.


Select a machine that is easy to maintain and is easy to repair or replace parts.

Also, ensure the spare parts of the machine is readily available in the market.

How does Manual and Automatic Paper Wrapping Machines compare?

Here is how manual and automatic paper wrapping machine compare:


The production rate of automatic machines is higher than those of manual machines.

This makes them able to meet production needs within a short span.


Automatic machines have certain levels of automation that are not in manual machines.

This makes them capable of performing the wrapping process independently.


Automatic machines are reliable than the manual versions.

Their automatic nature allows them to perform the wrapping process repetitively.

Reliability fluctuates in manual versions.


Automatic paper wrapping machines will produce quality wrappings than manual machines.


Manual machines are cheaper than automatic paper wrapping machines.

This is because they have minimal technology in them.

What are the Maintenance Practices of a Paper Wrapping Machine?

Maintain the machine in good condition to ensure its reliability and durability.

Conduct quarterly or semi-annual inspections to ensure all parts are in good working condition.

Minimize friction by lubricating all moving components which, will prevent tear and wear.

Replace or repair all electrical components to prevent fires from breaking out and electrocution of operators.

Clean the machine regularly to prevent dust from building up that may cause the breakdown of the machine.

Replace worn out parts with genuine parts to prevent downtime as fake parts may break down easily.

Replace worn-out conveyor systems to enable products to move seamlessly in and out of the machine.

Replace blown fuses with new and genuine ones.

Paper wrapping section

Paper wrapping section

What Quality Standards Should a Paper Wrapping Machine adhere to?

Quality standards ensure the health and safety of operators and consumers.

These quality standards include:

  • European Union CE mark
  • Food and Drug Administration [FDA] quality standard
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance [RoHS] quality standard
  • International Organization for Standardization [ISO] quality standard
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP] quality standard

What are the Types of Paper Wrapping Machines available in the Market?

The three main paper wrapping machines available are:

Manual Paper Wrapping Machines

They require operators all the time for them to operate.

It is the cheapest of all three machines.

Also, it has the lowest production capacity.

Semi-automatic Paper Wrapping Machines

It will need some human involvement as it has some manual components.

It is suitable for mid and even large companies.

Fully Automatic Paper Wrapping Machines

These require minimal supervision as one operator can monitor the entire process.

It works independently and has the highest production capacity.

Also, it is the most expensive of all these three.

Why is Wrapping Paper Not Recyclable?

This is because they contain dye, lamination, and non-paper additives which you cannot recycle.

Is Wrapping Paper Bad?

Wrapping paper is not necessarily bad.

There are some you can recycle and some that you cannot recycle.

Also, since they are of temporary use, most end up in landfills hence polluting the environment.

What Factors Determine the Price of a Paper Wrapping Machine?

Here are some factors that will determine the price of a paper wrapping machine:

  • Supply and demand
  • Type of manufacturer
  • Market conditions and economic state
  • Condition of machine
  • Age of machine
  • Model and features
  • The reputation of the manufacturer

What is the Cost of Paper Wrapping Machine?

The price of this machine can range from 500 US dollars to 200000 US dollars.

What Support Equipment can you Integrate with a Paper Wrapping Machine?

The support equipment you can integrate with this machine include:

How do you Troubleshoot Paper Wrapping Machine?

Troubleshooting allows you to identify problems and fix them easily.

Paper Wrap Veers Off the Center

It may be due to:

  1. Loose paper wraps.
  2. Belts not aligning.
  3. Paper wrap is not at the center of the carriage.

Solve this by aligning the belts and replacing the paper wraps.

Creases of Paper

This is due to:

  1. Faulty collars or rollers.
  2. Obstruction on the forming rollers.

Solve this by replacing the forming collar and cleaning out obstructions.

Problems Unwinding Paper Wrap

Some causes include:

  1. Dirty components with lots of friction.
  2. The zipper getting caught on collars.
  3. High pressure of belts.

Solve this by cleaning and adjusting the belts properly.

Jamming Paper Wraps

This is due to:

  1. Too much pressure on the bands
  2. High friction on paper wraps

Solve this by feeding proper parameters to lower heat and friction on moving parts.

How will a Paper Wrapping Machine Boost your Business?

This machine will boost your business by:

  • Increasing production capacity
  • Improving the safety of operators
  • Increasing sales and profits
  • Reducing recurring costs
  • Producing quality paper wraps

Why Should you Import Paper Wrapping Machine from China?

The reasons for one to import these machines from China are:

  • They offer competitive prices.
  • There is a variety of machines available for all companies.
  • The manufacturers support the OEM business.

What Documentation do you Need Before Purchasing Paper Wrapping Machine?

These documentations include:

  • Factory Assessment Test [FAT]
  • Operational Qualifications [OQ]
  • Installation Qualifications [IQ]
  • Performance Qualifications [PQ]

Depending on your unique requirement and specifications, SaintyCo designs and manufactures a range of paper wrapping machines.

Contact us today for all your paper wrapping machine needs.

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