TP-6 Tea Bag Packing Machine

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TP-6 Tea Bag Packing Machine

TP-6 Tea Bag Packing Machine


  1. VERTIH-tech TP-6 tea bag packing machine has such functions as automatic ration filling, heat-sealing of tea bags, automatically pasting cotton thread and tags, and cold-sealing of the envelope in the longitudinal direction.
  2. High performance of sealing structure Air tightness well, the bags are prepared in a continuous process from a roll of heat sealable material. After placing into each bag the programmed amount of tea bags, they are sealed and cut for delivery.
  3. Stainless steel body of forming device, installing and removing within short time.


VERTIH-tech version vertical packaging machine for tea

◆Heat-sealing of tea bag with cotton thread and tag

◆Cold-sealing of envelope

◆Tea bag dimension:L62.5mm*W50mm

◆Speed up to 110 bags/min


It is suitable for packing a range of tea products, and particularly suited to products that require high standards of package: aesthetically perfect, without any wrinkles, the flush seams are highly resistant and all four sides can be printed on.

TP-6 Tea Bag Packing Machine

Model Name TP-6 Tea Bag Packing Machine
Max. dosage 8cm3
Inner bag dimensions L62.5mm*W50mm
Tag dimension 28mm*24mm
Envelope dimension 70mm*65mm
Thread length 210mm
Packing speed 110bags/min
Power supply 380v 50hz
Total power 1.5kw
Net weight 640kg
Gross weight 800kg
Overall dimension 1700mm*1050mm*2130mm


TP-6 Teabag Packaging Machine

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