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TI-500 Tablet Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

TI-500 Tablet Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

TI-500 Tablet Inspecting and Rejecting Machine Principle:

The tablets flow from the feed hopper into a vibratory chute where a perforated screen eliminates coarse, dust and chips and then collected in a below container. Tablets enter the inspection stage in a single layer. The tablets are transported on a large conveyor belt made from a FDA approved material.

There are two stages of the inspection process:

a) Tablets will be inspected on the upper sides and the first operator can easily eject the unqualified tablets.

b) A special conveyor system will automatically flip the tablets to have them inspected and ejected the bottom sides by the second operator.

During both inspection stages, the products lie flat on the belt and do not move or vibrate

TI-500 Tablet Inspecting and Rejecting Machine Features:

  • The sorting machine Model TI-500 Visual inspection machines with tablet turn-over system enables your operators to inspect reliably up to 50 kg of tablets per hour from all sides.
  • With calibrated work lights above the inspection zones, defective tablets can be eliminated by the operators with two flexible hand-held vacuum nozzles.
  • Any possibility of contaminating the product with abrasion of belts or chains is eliminated.
  • Integrated collection box for rejects within reach of the operator.
  • For cleaning purposes the machine can be completely dismantled without any tools within a few minutes, easy to clean, no cross contamination risk.
  • No noisy external vacuum cleaner necessary through the use of compact Venturi suction system
  • Reduced fatigue of the operator through ergonomic design.

TI-500 Tablet Inspecting & Rejecting Machine

Tablet Inspecting & Rejecting MachineTI-500
ApplicationInspection of small and medium sized tablets..
Production SpeedInfinitely adjustable.
OutputUp to 50 kg tablets, depending on  product & product size
Feed hopper30 L,
Electrical Connection220V/50Hz, single phase
110V/60Hz. single phase
Power Output0.6 kw
Compressed Air0.6 MPa
Dimensions1850 x 850 x 1315 mm

TI-500 Tablet Inspecting and Rejecting Machine

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