TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

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TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a coaxial and triple type mixer, suitable to stable homogenizing and emulsifying, the finished granular is very small. The quality of emulsifying depends on the disperse of the granular on the preparation stage. The smaller the granular is, the weaker the trend of accumulation to the surface becomes, thus the smaller the opportunity for the emulsifying to be broken becomes. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, you can get the high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum emulsifier Product instruction:

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  is specially designed by introducing foreign updated technology and on the basis of ointment-making technics for processing cosmetics and ointment. It is composed of pretreatment boiler, vacuum emulsifying mixer boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, tilting system, and electric control system, etc.

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum mixer homogenizer Application:

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  can be used for production of ointments and creams in cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories, especially for the preparation and emulsification of ground substance with large viscosity and high content of solid.

TFZRJ 5-20L Cream making machine Advantage:

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer  has triple blender, hydraulic lift cover, high-speed homogeneity blender (Speed is 0-3500r/min, frequency speed regulation) and low-speed scraper blender (Speed is 0-40r/min,frequency speed regulation). Fast -cutting vortex emulsification blender is used in hom ogeneity part, which can scrape in a low speed and automatically blend and snuggle up to the bottom and wall of boiler. The machine draws powder material by the way of vacuum in order to prevent the power flying . The whole working procedure is operated in he condition of vacuum in order to prevent the material coming into being bubble after high-speed blending and reach the request of sanitation and asepsis. CIP cleaning system is equipped in this system. The contact part of vessel and material is made from SUS316L material. Mirror finish of the inside surface is 300EMSH. In order to ensure the stabilization of the control, the vacuum pump is the products of Germany Siemens Company, the button is produced by Japan Fuji Company, the transducer is the product of Japan Matsushita Electric Industries and the electro-control part is the product of Siemens Company. The machine is made completely according to the GMP request, which is the most advanced and most perfect cream production equipment.

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Main technique parameter TFZRJ-5 TFZRJ-10 TFZRJ-20
Effective Capacity 5 10 20
Emulsify Kw 1.5 1.5 2.2
r/min 0-2800 0-2800 0-3500
Agitator Kw 0.37 0.37 0.37
r/min 0-40 0-40 0-40
Outside Dimension L 1000 1000 1800
W 600 600 1600
H 1670 1670 1850
MAXH 2700
Total power 5

TFZRJ 5-20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

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