TFM-60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

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TFM-60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

TFM-60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

The latest design with safety cover, better performance and security guaranteed.

TFM-60A Effervescent Tube Filler is the latest model designed for packaging effervescent tablets into individual tubes.

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine This unit was designed for layered filling of tablets into a tube and then press cap with silica.

  • Automatic tube feeding
  • Automatic cap vibration.
  • Automatic cap pressing.
  • Automatic tube unscrambling
  • Detection and rejection if tube less tablet
  • Automatic stop machine if lack of cap, tablet or tube
  • No tube, no filling; No tablets,no capping. machine stop.
  • PLC+HMI control system

Tablet Tube Filler Combination and performance:                                                                                  

  • Cap Vibrating Unit:Loading cap to hopper by manual, automatically arranging cap to rack for plugging by vibrating system.
  • Tablet feeding Unit:Put tablet into tablet hopper by manual, the tablet will be sent into the tablet position automatically.
  • Feed tablet into tube unit:Once detect there is tube, the tablet feeding cylinder will push the tablets into tube.
  • Tablet inserting unit: When Tablet and tube get ready, the pushing cylinder will send tablet into tube automatically. No tube no insert, no tablets no insert.
  • Tube feeding unit: put tube into hopper by manual, the tube will be lined into tablet filling position by tube unscrambling and tube feeding.
  • Cap Pressing unit: Once detect there is tube, the capping unit will cap the tube automatically.No tablet no capping, no tube no capping.
  • Lack of tablet rejection unit: Once the tablets in tube is lack of 1 or more, the tube will be rejected automatically.
  • Electric unit: This machine is controlled by PLC controller, with automatic multi-function alarm system.
  • Machine material: Machine frame adopts steel and enamel paint, cover adopts SUS304, all tablet contact parts adopts SUS316.

Tube Filling Machine For Effervescent Tablets Component List


Item Name Brand Manufacturer
1.0 PLC Siemens Germany Siemens
2.0 Touch screen Siemens Germany Siemens
3.0 Main electric control part Schneider French Schneider
4.0 Cylinder Festo Germany Festo
5.0 Solenoid valve Festo Germany Festo
6.0 Photo electric,magnetic switch Panasonic,Festo Japan Panasonic

TFM-60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

Main Technical Specifications TFM-60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine
Filling range 10-30pcs/tube
Diameter of tablet 16-30mm
Thickness of Tablet 4-8mm
Length of Tube 80-180mm
Capacity Up to 60 Tubes/min

depending on the product and tube size

Power supply 1.5kw 220V/50Hz,01phase
Compressor air 0.5~0.6Mpa, 0.24CBM/min
Overall size 4000*2500*1850mm
Weight 1000Kgs

TFM 60A Automatic Effervescent Tablets Tube Filler

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