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TFM-50A Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine

TFM-50A Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine

This TFM-50A Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine with Safety cover.

TFM-50A Effervescent Tube Filler is designed for packaging effervescent tablets into individual tubes. It combines proven systems to deliver improved productivity.

This unit was designed for layered filling of tablets into a tube and then placing a plastic stopper in the top.

  • Automatic tube feeder
  • Automatic vibratory bowl for stopper (cap feeding).
  • Automatic cap press sealing.
  • Detection and rejection if tablet less filling and cap missing
  • Automatic tablet channel Counting.100% accurate.
  • No tube, no filling; No tablets, no capping. machine stop.
  • PLC+HMI control system

TFM-50A Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Combination and performance:                                                                                    

  • Cap Vibrating System: Loading cap to hopper by manual, automatically arranging cap to rack for plugging by vibrating system.
  • Tablet feeding system: Put Tablet into hopper by manual, vibrating and sending tablet to channels automatically for packing preparation. Level sensor system checks and control vibrator ON and OFF.
  • Tablet channel unit: This unit is to arrange tablet and get expected row, then getting preparation of insert.
  • Tablet inserting unit: When Tablet and tube get ready, the pushing cylinder will send tablet into tube automatically. No tube no insert, no tablets no insert.
  • Tube feeding unit: put tube into hopper by manual, shaking system will send tube to rack automatically. Tube direction should be checked by manual before put into hopper
  • Cap Pushing unit: When tube get tablet, cap pushing system will push cap and close tube automatically, no tablet no capping, no tube no capping.
  • Electric unit: This machine is controlled by PLC controller, with automatic multi-function alarm system.
  • Machine material: Machine frame adopts steel and enamel paint, cover adopts SUS304, all material touch with tablet will adopts SUS304(SS316 optional)

Tube Filling Machine for Effervescent Tablet

Main Technical SpecificationsTFM-50A Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine
Filling range10-30pcs/tube
Diameter of tablet16-30mm
Thickness of Tablet4-8mm
Length of Tube80-180mm
Max. CapacityUp to 50Tubes/mindepending on the product and tube size
Power supply1.2kw 220V/50Hz,01phase
Compressive air0.5~0.7Mpa, 0.28CBM/min
Overall size3000×1600×1600mm

TFM-50A Tube Filling Machine For Effervescent Tablets

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