TFM-280 Desiccant Filling and Sealing Machine

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TFM-280 Desiccant Filling and Sealing Machine

TFM-280 Desiccant Filling and Sealing Machine

Desiccant Filling&Sealing Machine Combination and performance:                                                                                    

Desiccant Filling&Sealing Machine is used to achieve the cover of the automatic management cover, automatic feeding, automatic washer assembly, product testing, product count, finished out of the material, removing waste and other functions.

With clear function

With counting function

With sealing temperature setting adjustment function, temperature range from 60-200℃.

The device itself should be enough security features, device overload protection, emergency stop buttons. Machinery equipment and accessories shall comply with national safety standards for environmental safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety, and so on all aspects.

Peripherals vibration plate, linear vibrators, strap lines and PLC board adopts the European standard connections.

All sensor wiring using quick-change connector for easy maintenance and replacement

Cap the components in the assembly process and assembly is completed should not be any lower quality of damage, that no form of semi-finished and finished products in the production process of wear, scratches, crushing, staining, foreign substances, oil pollution, product deformation and other quality problems.

Main Technical Specifications TFM-280
Output 35-40 caps/min
Power supply 3.5kw 220V/50Hz,1phase
Compressive air 5~8 Bar
Overall size 2500×2500×1800mm
Weight 600Kgs


Desiccant Filling&Sealing Machine

TFM-280 Desiccant Filling&Sealing Machine

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