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TC-100 Tabletop Tablet / Capsule Counter

TC-100 Tablet&Capsule Counting Machine

TC-100 Tablet and Capsule Counter Function:

  • PLC control system. Easy operation by Touch screen
  • Highly accurate Counting Speed : 600~1000 pcs/min
  • Flap Nozzle for Non-Stop counting
  • Dust Accumulating device enhance the counting accuracy
  • Japan made “ Keyence” high accuracy fiber sensor
  • Tool Free for counting all types tablets and capsules
  • Easy control variable counting speed
  • Memory slot for counting recall
  • Advanced stainless steel GMP design
  • Choice of funnel sizes to suit container neck
  • Easy manual adjustment of hopper
Technical DataTC-100
Speed600~1200 pcs/min
Tablets5mm =160,000 Tablets / hour

10mm =90,000 Tablets / hour

Capsule# 1:50,000 Capsules / hour

# 4:70,000 Capsules / hour

Bottle size30~200mm in diameter
Accuracy± 0.1-0.2%
Power SupplySingle Phase 110 or 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H)760mm× 550mm ×740mm

TC-100 Counter

TC-100 Tablet counter

TC-100 Capsule Counter

TC-100 Softgel Counter

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