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Tapioca Softgel Process: The Complete Guide

Most likely you are wondering what tapioca Softgel is.

Or, maybe, you are following a very strict diet that does not involve consuming animal products.

Do you feel that you are completely cut out from consuming Softgel capsules?

Well, your worries should not be bothering you anymore.


The good news is; you can get Softgel capsules that do not have animal products.

You don’t believe me.

Let’s have a look at one of the most important vegan Softgel capsules available for you.

Tapioca Softgel Ingredients

Usually, Softgel capsules come from animal products like gelatin.

The appeal and the potential of having animal free ingredients from Softgel capsules have been on the rise.

In this case, the tapioca Softgel capsule purely comes from vegetables.

Veg capsules

Veg Capsules

The main ingredient in the tapioca Softgel is tapioca.

Implying, if you are following a strictly vegetarian meal you can use the tapioca Softgel capsules.

Where does the tapioca ingredient come from?

Tapioca comes from the roots of a cassava plant.

Roots of cassava plant

Roots of cassava plant

Apart from the tapioca which makes the main material for the Softgel coat.

There are other ingredients that will make a complete capsule.

The ingredients include:

i. Preservatives that will increase the shelf life of the Softgel capsules

ii. Surface treatments

iii. Coloring agents that will improve the effectiveness of the Softgel capsule. Opaque colors improve stability of inner ingredients. It also decreases the proximity of free radical formation in the capsule.

iv. Disintegrants

v. Lubricants and solvents such as water

vi. Plasticizers to make the tapioca Softgel softer for easy swallowing.

The tapioca Softgel capsules must also have active ingredients.

The active ingredients are the fundamental reasons why you are taking the Softgel capsules.

Tapioca Softgel has active ingredients just like any other capsule.

These ingredients can either be carbohydrates, starch or vitamins.

You can as well classify the active ingredients as part of the inner fill ingredients.

The inner fill ingredients come after you have the tapioca Softgel coat in place.

Besides the active ingredients, the inner fill ingredients consist of:

i. Oily liquids falling under the neat substances

ii. Solution fills such as soybean oils which are purely vegetarian

iii. Suspension fills

What are the benefits of tapioca Softgel?

In the next section, you will learn about the advantages of the Tapioca Softgel capsule.

Benefits of Tapioca Softgel

Softgel technology is providing you with many options to choose from.

In this case, it is giving you the Tapioca Softgel capsule to suit your vegan needs and other benefits.

Here are some benefits:

Tapioca Veggie Softgels

Tapioca Veggie Softgels

  • Tapioca Softgel capsules are 100% vegan with no genetic modification.

The main ingredient comes from cassava roots thus making it animal product free.

It does not have any genetic modification making it Kosher, and Halal.

  • Tapioca is a stable ingredient and will not induce any form of cross linking reactions.

Since it comes from pure vegetables, you are free from animal-transmitted diseases.

  • Tapioca has better heat stability allowing you easy storage and transportation to different places.
  • Reduces gastrointestinal inflammation and distress

It is a healthier option over the other options such as carrageenan Softgel.

Carrageenan Softgel often has gastrointestinal inflammation and distress.

  • It is available in different sizes, shapes, and fill materials.
  • The capsule is also robust and non-brittle

Apart from that, Tapioca also has nutritional benefits.

In the next chapter, you will learn about proven nutritional facts about Tapioca.

Let’s find out.

Nutrition Facts about Tapioca

Tapioca is a starchy extraction of the storage roots of cassava.

It makes a very good alternative for a Softgel capsule coat but you can also use it as food.

Apart from that, it provides you with some form of nutrition.

Carbohydrates are the main nutritional ingredients in the cassava roots.

Tapioca softgel

 Tapioca Softgel

Carbohydrates are essential minerals that will boost the energy in your body.

The carbohydrates in tapioca do not have saturated fats and negative cholesterol thus providing your body with pure energy.

It is however low in minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Here are some of the nutritional benefits that you can gain from the tapioca plant.

i. It is a type of nutrition that will assist you in gaining weight in a healthy manner

ii. It consists of iron and copper which are essential minerals for the formation of new red blood cells. Calcium minerals is tapioca will also boost blood clotting, dilation, and contraction of blood vessels and boost nerve endings.

iii. It also has a particular amount of B-complex vitamins and folic acid that reduces neural tube defects in babies.

iv. It contains a wealth of dietary fibers that improves your digestion.

v. The ample amount of protein in tapioca will boost the metabolic activity of your body.

vi. Tapioca also has vitamin K which improves the density of the bone minerals. Vitamin k is also a good for our mental health thus preventing diseases like Alzheimer

vii. The potassium in Tapioca reduces tension and stress in blood vessels thus regulating blood pressure.

viii. It is also easily digestible, therefore, a good ingredient for the Softgel capsule coat.

Despite the nutritional benefits, cassava can also be very dangerous.

In case you want to consume it, you have to prepare it well.

If not, it contains a lot of toxic materials that can be harmful to your health.

Do you see why Tapioca is such a wonderful ingredient for the Softgel capsule coat?

Well, let us proceed to the different types of Tapioca Softgel available.

Types of Tapioca Softgel

Tapioca Softgel capsules are available in different forms.

Here are some of the different types of Tapioca Softgel in the market.



· Varying Colors

In your search for tapioca Softgel capsule, you will see them in different colors.

Despite the attractive nature of the color, it usually has its benefits to the capsule.

Different colors will signify different ingredients in a tapioca Softgel making it easy to identify.

Opaque colors on the other hand, keeps the inner ingredients safe from the effects of UV light.

· Different Sizes

Whenever you are taking a Softgel capsule, you will always do so under the doctor’s instructions.

The different sizes of tapioca Softgel capsules are just an indication of different capacities.

The process of making a tapioca Softgel capsule requires you to have a pharmaceutical background.

You have to know the right quantity of ingredients which will eventually determine the size of the capsule.

· Varying Shapes

You have always seen specific shapes of tablets and capsules.

Some of these shapes present a huge challenge when you are swallowing.

Well, the Tapioca Softgel capsules come in a variety of shapes that will increase the ease of swallowing.

The different shapes also improve the aesthetic value of the capsule.

It becomes more appealing to human eye and kids will often enjoy taking them.

· Variety of Fill Material

Fill materials including the active ingredients will never be the same.

Tapioca Softgel capsules have a variety of fill materials making them more effective.

Depending on the target function, you can find Tapioca Softgel capsules with vitamins, carbohydrates or any other active ingredient.

Apart from the active ingredients, it has other vegetarian-friendly fill materials such as soybean oils.

Tapioca Softgel Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Tapioca starch soft-gel capsules is a little bit different from the normal Softgel encapsulation processes.

Typically, the manufacturing Softgel capsules is difficult because it is very sensitive to heat.

Since Softgel encapsulation requires heat to seal the capsule, you have to look for an alternative sealing process.

You might decide to use the cold press method or layer the capsules for a hermetical airtight seal.

In this case, you will use the extrusion method which involves two main processes which are:

  • Co-extrusion of gel solutions and starch premix to form a composite starch film.

First, you will prepare a composite starch extrusion film which comprises of mix starch, gel solutions, and anti-caking agents.

This involves dissolving gel, emulsifiers, water retention agent, and the tapioca agent in water to form a gel solution.

Secondly, you will feed the resultant premix material into an extruding machine.

Mix the anticaking agent and the starch in a high speed mixer at a speed of about 1500 – 2000 rotations per minute.

As this continues, you can add the gel solution from step one as you keep stirring and form a premixed material.

The machine will process the mixture into a composite starch extrusion film.

It does this by repeatedly pressing, kneading, cutting and blending it by the screw.

A combination of these effects will lead to the change of the starch molecular chain structure.

It also improves the mechanical strength of starch further.

Additionally, the film has a very uniform thickness that will overcome the effect of uneven shell thickness and improper encapsulation.

Lastly, use the starch based rotary die method to make the capsule.

Feed the machine with the starch films that you will obtain from the above processes.

Adjust the temperature of the machine between 40 – 90 degrees centigrade.

Start the machine which will spin the starch film inwards and in different directions.

You can vacuum the grooves on the mould of the machine to make a composite starch film.

Continuous pressing of the starch film will result into the formation of a capsule.

The capsule will have a cavity which you can fill with the fill materials.

At this stage, you can either seal the capsules through the cold press sealing method.

You can also layer the capsules to get an airtight hermetical seal.

Since tapioca comes from cassava plants, the price of manufacturing will be lower than that of gelatin manufacturing process.

In the long run, you will be able to achieve a Tapioca Softgel capsule that will pass FDA quality tests.

Let us proceed to the last step of this guide where you will learn about technological advances.

Technological Advances in Tapioca Process

Tapioca is a dietary supplement in the minds of many of the people.

Recent advancements also take us from the world of tablets and into Softgel capsule consumption.

The same advancements present you with options of having Softgel capsules from animal and vegetable products.

On the same note, it brings Tapioca into the light thus making Tapioca a Softgel capsule ingredient.

These advancements transform the consumption of Softgel capsules into a more efficient mode of consuming medicine.

Here are some of the technological advancements that are improving traditional ingredients like Tapioca to modern drugs.

Soft gel capsules

Softgel Capsules

Vegetarian Softgel Capsules are Popular but still Pose a Great Challenge.

Transformation in the Softgel industry is taking shape due to the high demand for products that are vegan friendly.

Many people are becoming vegans due to health reasons while others are just following a strict Halal or Kosher diet.

Additionally, there is an increasing concern about contracting animal transmitted diseases.

Despite the new developments such as the use of Tapioca ingredients, further research and development are still in play.

The vegetable gelatin has a great problem since it has a weaker shell with a porous outer wall.

The weak wall is less capable of offering the inner ingredients enough protection from degradation and oxidation.

Many consumers complain about finding the oil inside the tapioca capsule rancid after a short period.

More research on this issue is important to get rid of these problems.

Despite technological advances, manufacture adoption has been very slow.

The use of more technological advances is coming into shape to improve bioavailability and absorption.

At the moment, you may not see a lot of change simply because the new technology is expensive to adopt.

Other than that, new technological advancements are coming up with Tapioca Softgel capsules.

These capsules have specific release times and dissolution rates.

The technology is also masking the bitter taste from certain ingredients like botanical extracts and theacrine.

This will involve a whole reconstitution of the tapioca Softgel capsules with better and more effective ingredients.

Another development that improves the user experience when it comes to swallowing the capsules.

You can now find chewable Tapioca Softgel capsules in the market.

These softgel capsules deliver the nutritional supplements alongside great burst of flavor.


I told you so.

You should never worry about taking medicine again.

No matter your religion, health status, or dietary combination, we have something for you.

Your experience in taking oral dosages has just become simpler.

What are you waiting for?

Visit your nearest pharmacy and request for vegan-friendly tapioca Softgel capsules.

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