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ProTab Tablet Making Machine

ProTab Tablet Making Machine

The Max. tablet diameter of ProTab Tablet Making Machine is 25mm.

Electronic Control Section:

A frequency converter maintains continuous control over motor and production speed.

Pressure detecting system, PLC,display screen, and approaching switch work together to provide compressing pressure, production speed, production amount, and weight difference alarm.

Display screen allowing total control over entire production process.

Panasonic made machine main components(freqyebct converter, programmable control unit, display screen, etc.), highly compatible and reliable.

Mechanical section:

The main power and transmission system uses main motor and synchronization gear to drive the deceleration unit, which drives the main axle and the die disc combination. The motor it self has adopted a frequency converter to achieve continuous control over production speed.

Rectangular worm reduction unit that operates at low heat, high torque and transmission efficiency, very accurate, and at a very lower noise. This unit also have the advantage of never need maintenance.

Stainless steel Machine’s body structure

Stainless steel upper, medium, and lower die disc combination, oil impregnated upper and lower plunger bearing, and a special die disc combination designed to avoid swinging off raw materials.Direct connection between main axle and the die disc combination to avoid power loss.

Upper guide rail dish and connecting dish employs an unitary structure to achieve space efficiency.

Support spring provide a steady system pressure.

Fully automatic lubrication system.

Adjustable main pressure and upper plunger plunge depth.

The tablets are formed by two process of compressing.

Adjustable tablet thickness.

Forced loading mode for more filling efficiency.

Adjustable filling depth.

The die disc combination comes with a powder collector.

Glass door replaced traditional steel plate for more convenient supervising.

Threaded stainless steel transmission chamber for easier disassemble.

Functional Parameter:

 Each tablet is with in 1% of the average tablet weight

Single tablet weight difference: < 3g ±5% ,≥ 0.3g ±3%

Final product percentage of passing: >99%

Die disc combination and every part that have to contact the raw material are all made out of stainless steel to avoid rusting.

Upper and Lower punch holes has adopted oil impregnated bearing with special oil and dust prevention unit.

Production output can be continuously adjusted and the machine comes with an up and low production imitates control.

Half production is also available.

The tablets are formed by two process of compressing: pre-compressing and main compressing.

Display data such us formation pressure and production speed etc.

The tablets are formed by two process of compressing: pre-compressing and main compressing.

Powders are force filled by the double propeller.

Fully automatic lubrication system.

Able to compress abnormal shaped tablet .

Machine comes with a powder collector, additional auxiliary equipment such as vacuum cleaner and tablet filter can be installed as add-ons

Sealed compressing chamber, designed to meet the GMP standard.

Machine come with pressure overload warning, emergency stopping and malfunction warning.

Technical ParameterProTab Tablet Making Machine
Dies (set)814
Max Pressure (KN)8080
Max Pre-pressure (KN)1515
Max Tablet Diameter (mm)2525
Tablet Thickness (mm)2020
Upper and Lower Plunger Diameter (mm)0.5~80.5~8
Upper and Lower Plunger Length (mm)25.3525.35
Center Die Diameter mm)133.6133.6
Center Die Thickness (mm)38.138.1
Max Speed of Main Shift (r/min)23.8123.81
Max Production Capacity (t/h)2400042000
Power Supply3
Dimension (mm)835*705*1650
Weight (kg)900
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