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MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine

MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine

MagnaPress Tablet Punching Machine Control system adopt PCC/PLC software, color touch screen display machine status, which have the auto trouble alarm, auto-brake function, at the same time providing ”trouble solving” etc function, quickly solve the problem, all important in formation can be displayed , printed and stored.

MagnaPress Tablet Press Machine Performance Advantage

The diameter of the pre-pressure whell and the main pressure are the same, which can reach bigger pre-pressure value, the max pressure, pre-pressure both can reach 100KN, bigger pre-pressure can guarantee the tablet exhaust well before the moulding on line, it will be reduce the break of the tablet, and use prepressure to press the easy break tablet, meantime increasing the speed.

MagnaPress Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine Without hydraulic system

Without hydraulic system, main press and prepress can be realized by the high power supported system, avoiding the leaking of oil and pollution of the tablet.

MaganPress of High-Speed Double-Slide Tablet Press Machine-3

Technical SpecificationsMagnaPress-49MagnaPress-61MagnaPress-73MagnaPress-79
Punch&die type(EU)DBBBBBS
Number of press station49617379
Max tablet diameter(mm)25161311
Max abnormal prolate axis size25181613
Max output(Tablet/h)430000530000630000680000
Max filling depth(mm)20181818
Max main pressure(KN)100100100100
Max pre pressure(KN)100100100100
Idle load noise dB(A)<75
Power380V 50HZ 13.5-15KW
Dimension (mm)1310*1310*1980
Weight (KG)4600

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