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Stripack-350 Effervescent Tablets Strip Packing Machine

Sachet packing machines to pack effervescent tablets in foil strips

Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Repeatable Performance

The four side sealed foil pack containing pharmaceutical solids is widely known as strip pack.

For several applications it is a growing alternative to other kinds of packaging.

The range of machines produce high quality 4 side sealed packs.

The packaging materials are fed from 2 reels to the sealing station where the products are fed precisely timed in between the 2 layers of foil before being sealed together by temperature and pressure.

Quality inspection systems for the products after sealing are available as options.

After sealing the foil web is perforated and cut into the required pack sizes.

The finished and qualified packs can then be grouped and transferred to the relevant end packing system(s).

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Technical spects

Feeding system

  • Product supply hopper
  • Dust and breackage elimination system, incl. dedusting facilities
  • Sorting vibrator feeding channels for high feeding capacity with extremely quiet operation
  • Vertical product indexing unit, quickly exchangeable.

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Sealing quality

  • Sensing of seal temperature by integrated sensors
  • Multiple heaters per sealing tool
  • Quick heat-distribution components
  • Handling of all seal parameters (pressure/gap/temperature/speed) in panel
  • Film unwinding with constant tension
  • Various seal patterns to adapt to the quality of the packaging material

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine cGMP aspects

  • Surface finish according to pharmaceutical regulations
  • Consequent balcony design with separation of drive and function modules
  • Easy access to the product feeding for cleaning and format exchange
  • General execution as per cGMP regulations

Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine Availability

  • Quick format change-over due to minimized number of format parts
  • Individually pluggable draw-off modules
  • Integrated touchscreen operator panel
  • Foil reel shafts with quick release locks for fast change-overs
  • Low space requirement due to compact design

The art packing machines for effervescet tablets that is superior to  what has been availible on the market until now. Due to the sealing system can printed information be exactly positioned on each single tablet package which gives the user completely new possibilities.


Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine

Technical ParametersStripack-350 Effervescent Tablets Packing Machine
Width of foil roll350mm
Dia of foil roll300mm
Speed of strip3-3.5m/min
Punch frequency20-60cuts/min
Compressed Air0.5Mpa≥0.2mP3P/min
Net. Weight1200kg
Dimension L×W×H1600×1200×1900mm

Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

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