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Starchless Depositing for Gummies: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are planning to start Starchless depositing for gummies business, then read this guide.

It will help you get the best gummy depositing machine.

You are going to learn the working principle, advantages, features, and gummy depositing techniques, amongst others.

Let’s get started.

What is Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

This is a new production process that is trending in the current market.

Both jelly and gummies are deposited using silicone molds.

Apart from silicon mold, this technology can also use molds made from metals, plastic or rubber.

Starch-free depositing produces high-quality gummies that are hygienic and does not require a long drying period like starch deposits.

This is because their manufacturing process adheres to GMP standards and it’s also approved by the FDA.

This makes these products acceptable in the current market.

Starchless gummies

How is Starch-less Depositing for Gummies done?

This is done through a silicon mold machine which is first moistened with a release agent.

The next step is to fill the molds with the jelly mass.

Thirdly, place them into an integrated cooling tower so that it can be cooled.

You can remove it from the molding station, de-mold and refill the mold to start a new molding process.

Producing a gummy through a mold takes only 20 minutes.

What are the Advantages of Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

G80 Small Scale Gummy Production Line-0

Gummy depositing machine

Starch-less depositing for gummies has the following advantages:

  • During the process of molding the products, the molds do not leave the plant for cooling. It will remain there throughout and this helps to facilitate its durability and functionalism.
  • The product has a dry matter end content. It enables it to dry within 20 minutes.

This makes the drying room useless and is eliminated from the manufacturing site.

Therefore, the plant requires less space for installation since it has a small footprint.

  • There is a reduced cost for energy used in cooling the products.

This is because it takes relatively less time to produce the mixer and for the molded products to cool.

Also, this leads to high returns to the producer.

  • The production process supports the manufacturing of confectionary that is not suitable for production through a starch mogul.

For instance, the intricate that is 3 dimensional in shape.

  • Starch-less depositing for gummies is a very hygienic manufacturing process.

Therefore, it is ideal for the molding of pharmaceutical and other medical confectionaries.

The molding process is also approved by the FDA and in compliance with GMP standards.

  • During molding, new fruit ingredients can be added to make a healthy snack.
  • The molds are flexible and can, therefore, be removed, cleaned and placed back to the machine.

This helps to facilitate its cleanliness because it will be free from bacteria and other forms of contamination.

  • The gummies and jellies once molded have a perfect shape and good flavor that is usually appealing to the consumers.

They are the most versatile candy and common in the current market in comparison to other forms of candy.

  • They are available in the form of diet supplements that you can take to beat hunger. Even strict vegetarians can get vegetable gummy candies.

What is Gummy Candy?

These are sugar and carbohydrate food items that taste sweet.

Gummy candy is made from gelatin and sweeteners that are available in appealing colors and shapes.

They belong to a category of chewable sweets.

Their ingredients are sugar, glucose, starch, flavoring, food color, citric acid, and gelatin.

They are good because they are fat-free and have some protein content in the gelatin.

How can you Choose Gummy Making Equipment?

A good gummy making machine must possess some specific characteristics that enable it to function optimally.

These include:

· Gummy making Machine Dimensions

The equipment dimension entails the length, width, height, and overall weight.

Also, the ideal dimension is determined by your molding needs and the size of your production facility.

· Production Capacity

Every product needs that a machine must be able to fulfill for you to produce good quality products.

If you intend to have a bigger production capacity, a bigger and an automated gummy making machine would be ideal.

· Machine needs to use some Source of Power

Before you source the equipment, knowing the workload for the machine is very critical.

This will help in guiding you on the right machine with the recommended power ratings.

· Pneumatic Requirements

The gummy making machine works through some sort of pressure.

These pressure required to manufacture gummy include:

  • The steam consumed by the machine in kg/hour
  • The steam pressure range in mpa for instance 0.2 to 0.6 mph.
  • The compressed air consumption is in cubic meters per minute. For example, 0.2 m3/min.

· Conditions and Requirements for Operation

The operation requires specific temperatures and humidity and this plays a role in the selection of this machine too.

Besides, the highest temperature and humidity that can be determined when using this machine is 550 degrees centigrade and 55% respectively.

Having all these in mind, you can source the best gummy manufacturing device that can fit your needs.

· Rated Depositing Time

It’s very important to have a piece of gummy making equipment that has a specified depositing time.

It will outline the exact time the machine will be expected to deposit the right product quantity.

For example, a machine rated to deposit 30 products per 45 minutes should do exactly that.

Which Techniques are used for Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

Auto mold lubrication system-

Gummy depositing machine

The techniques for starch-less depositing for gummies are many. But the most preferred one is a starch molding method.

This is because it gives room for the addition of runnier materials while making the gummy candy.

How does Starch Free Gummy compare to Normal Gummy Bear?

Gummy bear

There are similarities and differences between the starch free and normal gummy bears.

For instance, starch-free gummy can be made within a short time as compared to normal gummy bears.

The starch-free gummy is made through a mold that can be made from plastic, silicone, metal or rubber.

On the other hand, the normal gummy bear is made through a starch mogul.

The starch-less gummy ingredients include sugar, citric acid, food color, glucose syrup, gelatin, and other additives.

The normal gummy bear ingredients are the same as those used for making the starch-less gummy but starch is added.

The normal gummy bear takes long to dry while the starch-less one takes a very short time to dry.

Both of these gummies are made into different colors, shapes, and sizes that are very appealing to consumers.

What are the Components of Starch-less Depositing for Gummies Machine?

This equipment has many parts that facilitate its functions in the processing of gummy candies and these include:

Gummy production equipment

· A Refrigeration System

It’s this component that helps in reducing the temperature of the machine during the process of gummy candy formation.

Cold air is blown to cool the machine thereby allowing the gummy bears to remain in a chewable solid state.

· Electric Unit

This is the main power supply source that aids in the machine operation and is regulated through a control system.

· Pneumatic System

Certain processes in gummy making require the use of controlled air pressure. This is determined by the machine configurations.

· System for Transportation

This is a system that facilitates the movement of gummy candy processing materials and the finished products within the machine.

These materials are shifted from one station to another through a conveyor.

· Mixing and Melting Tank

All the gummy ingredients are heated to a liquid state and mixed in this part of the machine.

When gelatin is molten, it is easily mixed with other ingredients and easily flows from one unit to another.

This component has many mixers that can homogenously aid in mixing gummy candy ingredients into a uniform mixer.

· Control Panel

This component has an interface that aids in easing the operating of this machine.

The automatic gummy making machine has a complete PLC control panel where all operations can be configured, monitored and controlled.

This component has a touch screen that makes programming and monitoring the progress of the entire process easy.

· Lubrication System

This helps to sprinkle enough oil on the gummy candy.

Other than this, the equipment has some rotating parts that are regularly greased by this system to minimize friction.

· Production Hopper

This part of the machine is where all the gummy candy making materials are placed.

From this component, all the ingredients are shifted to the melting and mixing tank where they are processed further.

· Candy Molding Station or Mogul

The gummy candy is molded into different shapes, sizes, and colors in this component according to the predetermined specifications.

· Sieve

This component has many vibrating metals that aid in extracting excess starch from the gummy candy.

· Oscillating Brush

This is a brush that keeps rotating over the finished gummy candy and wipes away excess starch from the product.

· Sensors

As the machine operates, any abnormalities are sensed by this component and this prompts the machine to automatically stop.

In addition to this, the sensors help in properly calibrate the machine.

Finally, it can inform you about the required level you ought to adhere to while running this equipment.

· Dust Collection Unit

This component collects and disposes of all the dust from starch.

The collected dust can sometimes be recycled but only after making sure it is safe for use.

What is the Working Principle of Starch-less Depositing for Gummies Machine?

The gummy making machine is used to make gummies through the molding process.

The process entails different steps illustrated below.

· Preparation Stage

Confirm if the machine is operating and place the right quantity of all gummy ingredients into the product hopper.

After this put the power on and configure it before pressing the start button.

· Compounding Stage

When the start button is pressed, the materials begin to move to the melting and mixing tank in small quantities.

This process will take between 1-3 hours depending on the content of the hopper.

Upon completion of the compounding process, a sample is taken to the quality control laboratory to ascertain its quality.

· Stage for Forming Gummy Candy

After inspecting the quality of the mixture, allow it to flow to the molding station.

The mixture is again mixed with starch to prevent it from sticking to the molding machine wall.

Also, the starch is also added to hold the gummy candy in place during drying, setting and cooling periods.

Other than these, the addition of starch into the mixture of gummy ingredients helps in absorbing moisture.

This leads to the development of an appealing candy texture.

At this stage, trays of different shapes are available and candy can be formed into many different solid-state shapes.

For instance, fish, fruit, bear among others.

The already formed candy will unmold as it moves along the conveyor belt into the trays.

· Final Stage in Starchless Gummy Production

At this point, the batch falls on to the vibrating metal screen called the sieve.

As it vibrates, the oscillation brush wipes off all the extra starch from the batch.

This leaves a formed shaped gummy candy.

The other process which can be included in this stage is to decorate the candies into your desired color.

Inspect the final product and remove all the ones that are below the standard.

Finally, allow the good quality ones to move to the packaging stage.

Are there Disadvantages of Starch Free Gummy Production?


Starch free gummy depositing machine

Yes, there are some demerits to this kind of production.

For example, some ingredients may stick to the molding wall during the molding process.

This is because the ingredients do not include starch.

This may lead to cross-contamination during the production of gummy bear candy.

How do you Optimize Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

Starchless Gummies

The process of manufacturing gummy has become very competitive.

Therefore, you can optimize its production by doing the following:

Increase Molding Starch Flexibility

The flexibility will enable you to produce different shapes and sizes of gummy candy using the same machine.

It will also produce various confectionary, for instance, fondant cream and marshmallow.

In addition to these, the flexibility of this machine makes the manufacturing of different colors possible.

You can Optimize the Production by adding a Finishing Touch

These include coating the gummy candies with sugar.

The sugar and citric acid can be brought in small drums during processing through a controlled delivery system.

This aids in improving the entire production process by reducing the production time and yielding high-quality products.

Use a Better Technology for Packaging

A good bagging mechanism helps to maximize product throughput and manufacturing speed.

For example, vertical form seals facilitate easy and quick bagging of different confectionaries.

It can package at a speed of 250 bags per minute.

A good technology manages waste through stripper tube enclosure incorporation.

The gummies will be safe inside a tightly sealed bag.

The advanced technology also allows an automatic changeover which is prompted by product specifications.

Are there different Flavors for Starch Free Gummy?

Yes, there are different flavors.

These include orange, pineapple, raspberry, lemon, and strawberry.

Apart from these, some are very sugary while others are sour.

Which Support Equipment do you need for Starch Free Production of Gummies?

Starchless gummy depositor

Gummy manufacturing requires some additional machines because it is a rigorous process and these include:

· Gummy Bear Counting Device

This will help you in determining the number of gummy bear candy being produced and being packaged.

· Gummy Bear Polishing Machine

This machine has sieves that vibrate and oscillation brushes that remove all the debris from the gummy bear candy.

· Gummy Bear Ingredient Mixing tank

This machine has many mixers of different capacities and sizes that aid in mixing all the gummy making ingredients.

· Gummy Bear Storage

This is a storage facility that is dry and cool where the gummy bear is kept after packaging.

· Packaging Device for Gummy

This machine aids in the packaging of gummy bears in the correct quantities.

It opens, fills and seals the packages automatically.

· Weighing Gummy Making Device

During gummy ingredient preparation, this machine is used to weigh these materials which are either liquid or solid before mixing.

· Coil Cooker Gummy making Machine

This is used to dissolve all the ingredients like water, sugar and glucose slurry and pre-cook and cook them.

This equipment can work continuously since it has a high capacity, easy to clean and maintain.

· Additive Blending System

Other additional ingredients that are added after cooking the jelly can be added using this machine.

This machine accurately adds the correct quantity of these additives and can properly insert vitamins.

In addition to these, the machine can manipulate six different colors and flavors to produce appealing gummy colors.

· Gel Molding Starch

This machine is useful in molding the gummies. It helps to deposit ingredients accurately into the molds.

· Oiling Drum

The polishing agent layer is automatically added to the gummy candy using this device.

This machine is available in small, medium and large capacity and you can source one according to your production requirements.

How long will Gummy take to Dry after Processing?

The environment condition of the place where gummy is being processed is a determinant for its drying duration.

In certain conditions, it can take 72 hours to produce chewable gummy candies.

They will be allowed to dry while lying on their back for 48 hours.

After that, turn them up to continue drying for the next 24 hours.

What are the Applications of Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

The starch-less depositing for gummies is widely used in the medical and food industries.

For instance, in food industries, they are used to manufacture sweets of different shapes, colors, sizes, and flavors.

In the medical application supplements for vitamins, minerals and other medicines are also produced through this technology.

How do you control Quality in Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

To ensure starch-less depositing for gummies is of high quality, the machine must be of the recommended standard.

Also, you must use the right raw materials for the manufacturing of the gummies.

Both the gummy making machine and the ingredients must be inspected before embarking on the process of gummy candy production.

Other than these, packaging and storage of the final gummy products must be of the top-notch through the best equipment.

In addition to these, international quality standards should be maintained at all times. For example,

  • CGMP which sets the standard for good quality manufacturing practice.
  • FDA allows the only production of goods that can maintain high hygiene and safety standards.
  • ISO that permits work in environments that have been approved to be safe for technicians.

How can you Store Starch Free Gummy?

You can store starch-free gummy properly to last long by packaging them in dry and airtight packages.

After packaging, keep then on shelves away from water or any liquid that might compromise their integrity.

What are the Common Problems in Starch-less Depositing for Gummies Process?

There are many problems encountered during the process of starch-less depositing for gummies.

These include the following.

  • The gummy may stick together after the production due to the adhesive nature between sugar and other ingredients.

Sprinkling corn starch or powdered sugar over the gummy bear and shaking well helps resolve this problem.

  • There could be a failure of gummy ingredients to bloom because of insufficient water to help in mixing the materials.

Adding enough water helps to properly hydrate the ingredients.

This facilitates the good mixing process, which will solve this crisis.

  • The gelatin may fail to set as required due to the use of some materials with protease enzymes.

Avoid using such materials like kiwi, pineapple, mango, figs, gingerroots, and papaya to allow the gelatin can set properly.

  • Sometimes, gelatin may set too early than expected. This is due to low temperatures which cool the gelatin resulting in a premature setting.

Maintaining the required temperature to keep the gelatin warm all through the production process sorts out this issue.

  • The sizes, shape, color, and weight of the gummy bear may be different. This happens when there is a variation in the depositing and molding process.

Proper setting of the machine and changing molds because they may become wide with time may resolve this issue.

  • There could be a sluggish flow of the ingredients due to a slow machine operation speed. It could also happen when the material outlet is blocked because they may be thick and heavy.

Resolve this by inspecting the machine, clean it and add more water to facilitate the easy and fast flow of ingredients.

  • The gummy candy may be too jelly-like and may refuse to thicken for molding into gummy candy.

This may occur when the gummy ingredients are not properly mixed.

Adjust the mixing parameters and the duration of mixing to remedy this situation.

Is Starch-less Depositing for Gummies Economical?

Yes, it is.

The production cost is low since the drying time is just in 20 minutes and this reduces the power consumption rate.

Also, the process of molding gummies is simple.

Besides, the automated gummy making machine helps in reducing the labor cost since most activities are done by the machine.

What is the Future of Starch-less Depositing for Gummies?

This technology is gaining a lot of interest among manufacturers and it is being established quickly in the current market.

Gummies production

There is a forecast that in the future it will be the most common and preferred method for depositing starch-less gummies.

This is because it is cost-effective, can be done in only 20 minutes and its machine has a small footprint.

It can, therefore, bring more returns to the manufacturers than when they use other methods of producing gummy candy.

Is there New Technologies in Starch-less Depositing for Gummies Process?

Yes, there is.

The new technology is starch-free depositing gummies using molding mogul.

The molds are made from silicon, metal, plastic or rubber.

This new technology allows the gummy candy to dry in a few minutes and this promotes a quicker production.

How does Starchless Depositing for Gummies Machine Prevent Cross-contamination?

The machine prevents cross-contamination because it has been made in compliance with GMP that guarantees good manufacturing practice.

There is no contamination also because the machine is made according to FDA standards.

In addition to these, the machine is easy to clean and maintain.

Apart from these, the absence of starch reduces dust during processing when ingredients like vitamins are used for fortification.

Are there Special Ingredients you can add to Starch Free Gummy?

Yes, some ingredients can be added to a starch-less gummy.

These include vitamins, minerals sucrose syrup, and citric acid.

What is a New Solution for Starch-less Depositing for Confectionaries?

The new solution for starch-less depositing for gummy is to produce gummy candies that are 3 dimensional in shapes.

You can also produce stripes and fill them in a hygienic environment in a cost-effective way while achieving optimal output.

Lastly, the gummy is manufactured from gelatin and starch-free ingredients that can dry within only 20 minutes.

This increases the product output at a reduced cost thereby increasing industrial returns.

In short, with the information in this guide, you can easily choose a suitable Starchless depositing for gummies business.

At SaintyCo, we strive to give you the best gummy depositing machines.

For questions and free consultations, you can contact us now.

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