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SQY-200/300/400 Sugar Coating Pan(Lab Use)

SQY Series Sugar Coating Pan

Sugar Coating Machine for Lab Use General Description:

  •  It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and food industries for coating tablets or pills.
  • A built-in heater is provided with the machine.
  • The pipe of the blower stretches into pot for an evenly heating distribution while the coating pan is rotating.
  • Adjustable coating pan and LED display.
  • Adjustable blower temperature and LED display.
  • Changeable coating pans (Ø200mm or Ø400mm) available
  • Option adopted spray gun system for film coating processing.
  • Small unit, 110V powder supply, simple set-up and easy to operate.
  • All stainless steel 316 construction to meet the GMP standard.
  • It’s easy to operate, clean, excellent performance and simple maintenance.

Sugar Coating Pan

Technical DataSQY-300SQY-400SQY-600SQY-800SQY-1000SQY-1250
Pot inclination42°42°30°30°30°30°
Motor Power0.37kw0.37Kw0.75Kw1.1Kw1.5Kw2.2Kw
Blower Power60W60W100W200W200W370W
Pot Volume1L1L5L8L10L20L
Heating Power1.4Kw1.4Kw2Kw3Kw4Kw6Kw
Rotational Speed0-46r/min0-46r/min0-40r/min0-32r/min0-32r/min0-28r/min
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