Softgel Tooling

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Softgel Tooling

Softgel Tooling

SaintyCo Serial Die Roll of softgel encapsulation machine

The shape and size fo the gelatin capsules mainly depend on those of mold of the gelatin encapsulation pressed pill machine, various mold rollers are available according to the requirements of customers.
Our design is also suitable for the BOCHANG/DCM/CHANGSUANG.

Die rolls:

  1. Die rolls are available in variety of sizes and cavities.
  2. Made from hard alloy aluminum material.
  3. Space between pockets is “bead blasted” to minimize gel adhesion.
  4. Easier to time with colored timing marks on front of die rolls.
  5. Special designed, can save gelatin and improve the production effective.


  1. Faster heat transfer from the Teflon® coated aluminum wedges to the gel ribbon.
  2. Availabel in a variety of sizes depanding upon which system you are using.
  3. Patented design – constant temperature wedge, reduce the operation difficulty, regulate temperature quickly.

Timing gear: An integeral part of the softgel kit.

Distribution Plate: Teflon® distribution plate improves regulatory compliance.

Raw Material Selection:

The material of the dies is hard alloy material, this reasonable material selection can ensure the dies to be not easy to deformation, especially ensures the stability of the raw material itself after processing, so that to ensure the service life of the dies. The main indexes: alloy composition high and even, strong stretch proof, good toughness, wear-resisting and not easy to deformation.

Processing equipemnt:

The equipment we used to process the die rollers is high precision four-axis linkage CNC machining center. The precision and stability of the equipment can affect the quality of the dies directly , and on the other hand the quality of the dies is the best standard to evalue the precision of the equipment; For every set of die roller, we can ensure its precisiion by using high quality equipment with the help of high quality, high precision toolings and choosing reasonable processing procedure.

Shape and loading of common softgel capsule

Shape and loading of common softgel capsule

Drawings of Die roll


Drawings of Die rollDrawings of Die roll-2

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