Softgel Sorter

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Softgel Sorter

FJ-12 Softgel Sorter,Softgel Sorting Machine:

FJ-12 softgel/capsules sorter is special design to sorting softgel capsules and pills. The machine is sort the drugs according to the diameter. It is suit to OV, OB, Round shape capsules. The soft capsules are put into vibrator on the machine, on the vibrating useful, the capsule will into the tracks of axis. As the gap between the axis is setting before, the capsule if not fixed to the requirement, will fall down to the tanks under axis, and at the middle of axis, the size is as requirement, the certificate capsule will fall down to the deliverer belt and be took catching tax. Bigger size capsule will be leaven on axis.

Softgel Sorter

Technical Data Sheet FJ-12 Softgel Sorting Machine
Sorting Size Range: 0-25 mm
Sorting Precision: Dia. +/- 0.1 mm; thickness: +/- 0.05 mm
Capacity: Max. 30000 pcs/hour
Sorting Roller Qty: 12 pcs (6 sorting ways)
Size of sorting roller: Dia 45 mm; Length 910 mm
Power supply: 220V/60HZ 0.5KW
Dimension (LxWxH, mm): 1650*1000*1750
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