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Softgel Encapsulation Machine: The Ultimate Guide for Importers

Softgel Encapsulation Machine manufacturer

Do you want to produce paintball or liquid marijuana?

Or, you’re planning to produce soft gelatin capsules.

Here is a useful guide on how to import suitable Softgel encapsulation machine.

This guide covers everything you need to know about Softgel encapsulation machine.

From the basic definition, parts, working principle to support equipment, etc.

The best part?

Later in this guide, I will recommend a few machines you can consider for your project.

Chapter 1: What is a Softgel Encapsulation Machine?

It is quite apparent that you or someone you know has ever taken Softgel medicine from one time or the other.

But are you aware of what produces these types of medicines which are somewhat similar to capsules?

So let me explain this machine in detail to enable you to have a general idea of what it entails.

Generally, softgel encapsulation refers to mechanical equipment used for a wide range of industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

It operates electromechanically by filling sealed gelatin shells in a manner that is utterly airtight and protected from any potential external influences.

In most instances, this type of machine is used to fill soft gelatin capsules with liquids or semi liquid substances.

These substances naturally contain different pharmaceutical materials or a combination of a wide range of active drug compounds and excipients.

For a fact, the process of filling these different active pharmaceutical ingredients into various sizes of gelatin capsules is what is known as encapsulation.

This is what this particular machine ideally does.

Well, the most critical element regarding this equipment is that it enhances the accuracy of the amount of dose within each capsule.

Softgel Encapsulation machine

Softgel encapsulation machine

What happens is that during encapsulation the ingredient mixture has to be homogeneous.

And to attain this, you need equipment which guarantees you best results especially from an industrial point of view.

It is apparently one of the aspects that gives the Softgel encapsulation machine more popularity given that you’re confident of precision and effectiveness.

Again, this machine integrates different components in efforts of making it one of the most suitable machines for various pharmaceutical uses.

What’s more?

The Softgel encapsulation equipment has been in this industry since the invention of the Softgel medicinal products.

So we can merely say that it is an advancement of the other conventional machines for encapsulating the capsules.

The modern designs feature advanced technological advancements.

And don’t forget:

There is also an essence of making sure Softgel meets the various standards both for industrial and medicinal applications.

Therefore, one significant way of achieving this is by using this machine which incidentally, meets all the specific standards.

For that reason, it guarantees you a top-notch product.

Basically, this machine works using a particular principle, which you’ll also get to know in the later chapters of this guide.

So continue reading.

In a nutshell:

Softgel encapsulation machine is an electromechanical equipment that fills liquid or semi-liquid substances in soft gelatin capsules.

It achieves this through rotary and linear motions from various driving mechanisms such as motors.

You’ll learn more about parts and components later in this guide.

For now, I want to take you through another important aspect of soft gelatin capsule filling machine.

Chapter 2: Soft Gelatin Capsules Basics

Before dwelling so much into Softgel encapsulating machine, it would be necessary to understand what Softgel is.

That’s exactly what I am going to cover in this section.

I’m sure it would be vague to merely guide you on the best ways possible of importing this machine if you’re not aware of what the product it produces entails.

Of course, I know the experts in this industry know most things regarding Softgel capsules.

But you may as well be surprised to find out something important about the same which you weren’t aware of.

Soft gelatin capsule

Soft gelatin capsule

Now without taking much of your time, let me explain a few basics surrounding this type of pharmaceutical product.

2.1. What is Soft Gelatin Capsules?

I’m sure all along from the beginning of this guide, this is one of the questions that was crossing through your mind.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place because I want to explain it to you from a rather broader perspective.

Mainly, if you often take different types of supplements such as fish oil or Vitamin E then chances are high you’ve at some point in time seen Softgel capsules.

Sample of softgel capsule

Sample of Softgel capsule

It refers to medicine that for an oral dosage that looks similar to capsules.

It consists of different ingredients sealed in a shell formed from gelatin and appears to have a liquid fill.

Ordinarily, the Softgel capsules appear as oblong and translucent, are aesthetically appealing and contain a fine finish making it easier to swallow.

The truth, however, is that there is much to know about Softgel than this brief description. And that is what I want to discuss herein.

Precisely, Softgel is a short form of two different words, soft gelatin.

Gelatin is a vital compound that many manufacturers incorporate when producing these products.

So what is gelatin, given that it’s one of the major components of Softgel capsules?

This is a substance which emanates from collagen and extracted from animal parts, specifically bones, and skins.

This component is common in food additives and comes in a various form including:

  • Desserts
  • Puddings
  • Marshmallows and other similar food products

What makes gelatin ideal for manufacturing this type of medicinal product is the fact it can dissolve easily and hence releases its contents faster.

This, therefore, makes it suitable for such drugs because it hardly causes any unnecessary side-effects to the body.

On the other hand, though, gelatin is not vegetarian.

And for that reason, it at times tends to be unsuitable if you’re following a strict vegetable diet.

This, however, should not kill your spirits because Softgel also contains other numerous ingredients.

Some of these ingredients such as:

  • Hypromellose
  • Pullulan

The two can be substitutes for gelatin.

In fact, these two substances are derived from non-animal sources.

Moreover, they obtain broad regulatory acceptance and have been around for close to three decades.

So when you find Softgel that contains these two ingredients, you should be confident it is safe since they do not have any animal elements.

Different shapes of soft gelatin capsules

Different shapes of soft gelatin capsules

It thus makes them suitable even when you’re a vegetarian following strict diet.

Softgel also consists of other ingredients that enable it to attain its specific properties such as flexibility without degrading and attractiveness.

Color additives are among the elements that make it possible for the Softgel to be active and also to protect the contents from UV rays.

The essence here is that the ingredient’s stability increases and at the same time reducing the possibility of free radical forming.

The opaqueness appearance of this capsule also prevents the oils from rotting or becoming rancid.

Producing Soft gelatin capsules is relatively simple, and they come in different sizes depending on particular requirements.

One element revolving around the Softgel capsules is that they feature easy-to-swallow shell. Incidentally, this shell conforms to the global quality standards.

It is comparatively difficult to tamper with the shell and also in most cases; you’ll find them available in different types of colors and shapes.

And probably it is this unique shapes and a wide range of attractive colors that make it possible for this product to become popular among different people.

2.2. Benefits of Softgel Capsules

There is an open fact that we all by now know:

That Softgel capsules utilize encapsulation technology and liquid-filled capsules as a way of bringing several forms of formulation and commercial benefits.

This is specifically fundamental to the numerous health and nutritional clients as well as biopharmaceutical sector in general.

These pharmaceutical products play a crucial role in different health and nutrition for enhancing hormones and overall well-being of an individual.

Oblong soft gelatin capsules

Oblong soft gelatin capsules

Apart from that, this product provides numerous benefits, especially for your health which include the following;

a) It improves the efficacy and bio availability

It happens by providing all the necessary nutrient through a solution or any other means that support absorption.

Now, enhancing bioavailability is an indication that you’ll unquestionably have somewhat faster disintegration of nutrients.

Consequently, you’ll have an instant delivery of nutrient which is essential since it allows you to produce a rapid onset of action.

b) Contains a wide range of nutritious and healthy ingredients

From the look of things, you may assume that this product is too small to hold any essential elements beneficial to health concerns.

However, what happens is that these capsules carry various types of compounds in the form of semi-solid, gel, paste or liquid.

You see, this is one vital aspect that makes the Softgel capsules a favorite of many people.

As much as it appears small, it can accommodate different nutritional and healthy elements.

c) You can get a tailor-made product that suits your needs

Definitely, people are different, and so the requirements of the body also have to vary from one person to another.

So the good thing with Softgel capsules is that you can go for one that is designed explicitly for digestion at a specific gastrointestinal tract.

Isn’t this exciting?

Imagine you’re taking a medicinal or nutritional product that your body can break down or digest at your preferable place within your digestive system.


That is what happens with Softgel capsules.

You directly determine the specific area where you deem suitable for its digestion to take place and then go for it.

d) Provides options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians

One thing about Softgel capsules is that you can find the suitable one depending on your dietary preference.

Ordinarily, this gives you the freedom to choose what you need to use to obtain nutrients, vitamins and other fundamental minerals.

For instance, if you’re strictly following a vegetarian diet, you can get the ones that contain elements that conform to this diet.

If you’re non-vegetarian, the options are never-ending. You can get as many capsules that enable you to improve your health.

e) Better skin tone and healthy hair

Typically, Softgel promotes the production of collagen which is unquestionably crucial in improving growth of healthy skin.

Collagen also plays a considerable role when it comes to reducing wrinkles and tightening of the skin.

Nonetheless, the protein content in the gelatin also helps to boost healthy hair growth.

Moreover, it improves shrine and decreases breakage which is imperative for improving overall appearance.

f) Safety

All the components that makeup Softgel capsules are derived either from animal or cellular sources.

It, therefore, shows that it is safe for human consumption.

This is because it does not contain any form of chemical compounds that would perhaps cause unnecessary side effects.

Primarily, they do not contain any form of preservatives in their composition that would harm you or any other user adversely.

This is important because it shows that you can as well improve your health without necessarily your body reacting with components of this product.

Furthermore, there is none or little stomach discomfort especially during the digestion of Softgel capsules.

g) Hermetically sealed

Softgel capsules are airtight and sealed in a way that external components can hardly influence them.

Of course, this is an advantage because makes it difficult to tamper with them.

As you might know, the shell looks relatively fragile, and any puncture would damage its surface.

This kind of sealing is also essential because it prevents the active ingredients from becoming rancid and subsequently rendering the product useless.

The translucent appearance also keeps the active ingredients of such Softgel capsules away from light which in a significant extent can deteriorate some substance.

h) Easy to Swallow

Incidentally, one of the primary reasons that attract customers to buy the Softgel capsules is the capability to swallow them easily.

This is unlike other types of capsules which at times may be difficult to swallow since the shell material is seemingly not as smooth as possible.

i) Healthy Bones

Softgel contains various compounds and ingredients that boost the strength and functionality of your bones.

It is, of course, vital because you develop stability and overall strength as well as allowing your body to function accordingly.

2.4. Comparing Hard Gelatin Capsules vs. Soft Gelatin Capsules

Normally, capsules come in either hard or soft shells.

These shells are made using gelatin and a myriad of substances.

Normally, they fragment due to the effect of digestive drugs and subsequently release the contents of the drug.

Soft gelatin vs. hard gelatin capsules

Evidently, both of these types of capsules vary depending on various parameters, and it is what I want to discuss here.

Such that you’ll understand the difference perhaps with similarities and other aspects that they share in common.

So generally, hard gelatin capsules are also known as Dry Filled Capsule abbreviated as DFC.

A mixture of sugar, gelatin, and water either with or without a coloring substance is what forms a hard gelatin capsule.

From the viewpoint of shape, hard gelatin capsules tend to be more or less cylindrical.

Actually, you don’t necessarily have to be keen to notice this aspect.

Just looking at them shows you how tube-shaped they are albeit reasonably small.

Structure of hard gelatin capsules

Structure of hard gelatin capsules

On the other hand, Softgel is available in a wide range of shapes ranging from oval, round, cylindrical and tube-like.

In fact, this is among the features that make the Softgel capsules comparatively attractive hence the popularity among many people.

The other significant difference between these two types of capsules is in the manner of sealing.

Well, sealing of Softgel is hermetical as 1-piece capsules which contain different ingredients that come as liquid fill or semi-solid state.

The sealing type of hard gelatin, on the other hand, consists of two parts; the cap and the body.

These two parts are fitted to make one piece which contains all the necessary ingredients.

Still, on the same aspect, sealing of hard gelatin capsules takes place after filling.

This is essential since it ensures that the medicinal ingredients hardly come out of the capsule even in rough handling.

But sealing of Softgel capsules happens in a combination of various functionalities of machines.

The other considerable difference between the hard and soft gelatin is from the viewpoint of the ingredients.

Softgel capsules contain sugar, flavoring agents, plasticizes, preservatives, coloring agents, opacifying agents and of course gelatin as the main component.

Blue soft gelatin capsules

Blue soft gelatin capsules

On the other hand, some of the ingredients that form the basis of hard gelatin sources include plasticizers, titanium dioxide, coloring substances, and gelatin.

In this case, gelatin, coloring agents, andplasticizers are among some of the ingredients that you can find in both hard and soft gelatin capsules.

However, it’s important to know that the ratio of such ingredients tends to vary in soft and hard gelatin capsules.

Let’s take plasticizers and gelatin for instance; soft gelatin contains more of these ingredients than hard gelatin capsules at 0.8: 1 and 0.4:1 respectively.


Both of these drugs can be released at specific points of the body.

It is actually one of the significant similarities of both hard gelatin and soft gelatin capsules.

So what essentially happens for this take place effectively is that during manufacturing the capsules have to be filled with target release pellets.

In this case, it makes it possible for digestion of capsules to take place within a specific area of the digestive system.

Manufacturing capsules with target release, however, require you to select the best equipment possible that can encapsulate the drugs.

Now that’s some of the fundamentals of soft gelatin capsules.

But still, I’m sure you’d be asking to know more about the parts of the machine that manufactures Softgel capsules.

And that’s what leads us to the next chapter;

Chapter 3: Main Parts of Softgel Encapsulation Equipment

Any machine for that matter is made up of different parts and components that work together to provide seamless functionality.

And in most cases, you’ll find that many machines that do different functions such as encapsulation often come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

So in this chapter, we want to discuss some of the significant parts and components of a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Parts of Soft gelatin machine

Parts of soft gelatin machine

The essence here is to provide you with the basics so that you stay alert whenever you’re seeking such type of machine.

What do I mean here?

It’s fundamental to understand some of these parts and components to make your work easier especially during selection.

The first thing that you must do whenever you’re buying this type of machine is to review the user manual thoroughly.

You see, it’s imperative as it enables you to acquaint with some of these components and functionality of the machine theoretically.

So at the end of it all, you’ll be aware and familiar with all the parts including the unique ones which are specific to a particular encapsulating brand or model.

Now let’s discuss some of these parts and components in details;

3.1. Medicine Pump

Medicine pump is also known as the material feeding pump.

It is an essential part located at the upper part of the machine above the frame and below the material tank.

In fact, the location of this part makes it possible for it to suck the ingredients from the hopper and directs it to the subsequent stage via the feed tubes.

Material feeding pump

Material feeding pump

The medicine pump has to be robust and stable, and that’s the reason stainless steel becomes an essential material for this component.

This pump sucks the ingredient material in the hopper then sends it to switchboard combination.

What’s more?

It works simultaneously with other conjoined parts to ensure that they work impeccably for efficiency.

Primarily, material flows to the injection wedge and the excess fluid reverts through the return tube to the hopper.

One aspect of this equipment is that it supervises the medicine pump automatically.

Incidentally, this is vital since it prevents the tubes from leakage or bursting.

3.2. Wedge

It is also a vital component located above the tooling system of the Softgel encapsulation equipment.

The wedge, at times known as injection wedge, derives its name from its geometrical shape.

It works systematically.

This is in the sense that it heats up the web to an ideal temperature and at the same time injecting fill ingredients on the web.

Softgel Encapsulation Machine Edge

Softgel encapsulation machine wedge

Still, this happens while the fill materials move in the direction of die cavity between two rollers.

Also, remember that that pressure emanating from the pump system forces the fill material to flow through the injection wedge.

What’s more is that the injection wedge may as well have a water heating or electric system depending on a particular model.

Another fundamental aspect is that the design of this equipment determines the complexity of the injection wedge.

In some cases, you’ll find that some feature shut-off valve systems whereas others come with sensors that help to coordinate the motion of this part.

The other significant element regarding the injection wedge is that it determines the precision of this machine.

3.3. Spreader box

The spreader box is the component that holds and spreads the molten gelatin immediately it leaves the melting and mixing tank.

In most cases, you’ll find that the design of Softgel encapsulation equipment features two spreader boxes on its both sides.

Spreader box

Spreader box

Basically, it means that there is one on the left side and another oneon the right side of the spreader box.

The location of this machine is merely above the cooling drum of this equipment.

In ideal situations, the rotation of the casting drum is seemingly parallel to a controlled gap which is between spreader box and cooling drum.

Apparently, ribbon shells form from this particular action.

You should also note that the size of the spreader box is dependent on the particular application such as the type of the soft gelatin capsule.

3.4. Die rolls

Die roll is the component that considerably determines the shape and the size of the gelatin capsules.

Die rolls are made from relatively sturdy aluminum material making it ideal for pressing the molds accordingly.

You’ll always find different encapsulating machines with die rolls of varying types, sizes, and cavities.

The design of this component features a space between the pockets as a way of minimizing the intensity of gel adhesion.

Die rolls

Die rolls

The good thing with die rolls in this machine is that they rotate homogeneously hence easy to time color marks on its front.

3.5. Lubrication roller

A lubrication roller in the Softgel encapsulation equipment is a component that lubricates solution on both sides of the web.

The essence here is to prevent the gelatin skin from the possibility of damaging when it is processing materials.

Lubricating Roller

Lubricating roller

Ordinarily, you’ll find that a Softgel encapsulation machine comes with a minimum of three rollers.

It’s imperative because it ensures that gelatin ribbon or web gets to the Softgel tool system when tight.

However, it is critical to make sure that the lubrication solution you use has to be safe and must never cause any reaction with the capsules or gelatin ingredients.

3.6. Mangle conveyor

As the name suggests, the role of this component is to move materials from one point to another.

Mostly, during the processing of the Softgel capsules, there is a need for moving them for additional processing.

Among some of these extra processing are drying, inspection as well as sorting.

Mangle Conveyor

Mangle conveyor

Therefore, the mangle conveyor primarily moves the Softgel capsules which apparently are delicate to the next subsequent processing stage.

It has conveyor belts that facilitate the swift transfer of these materials.

3.7. Main body

This component is arguably the most significant in Softgel encapsulation machine.


It is what holds all other parts and components of this equipment.

Furthermore, it is the main body where the integration of different parts and components take place.

It is made of sturdy stainless steel material which guarantees durability and necessary stability during operation.

Main body of the machine

Main body of the machine

Again, the main body acts as the linkage of all the various components of this machine.

The other essential aspect of the main body is that it protects the many components given that it seals them from possible external interference.

What do I mean here?

Its solid construction covers the internal parts of this machine hence relatively difficult for any outside element to damage them.

3.8. Control Panel

Most of the Softgel encapsulation machines have PLC control systems.

In fact, in this day and age, it would be weird to find one that does not have this component.

It is primarily a component that contains all the systemic elements for monitoring the different operations of the machine and determining the processes.

Control panel

Control panel

Control panel is a vital component because making it possible for you to operate and monitor a wide range of functions and parameters of this machine.

This part features several buttons and LCD touchscreen which displays all the relevant information and respective commands for the equipment.

You need to understand the specific function for each button to ensure that you’re operating it in the right manner.

Also, the control panels in most cases have settings that allow for different languages.

Therefore, you can choose one you understand.

3.9. Tumble dryer

The tumble dryer is a component designed to offer comfortable and straightforward drying system after processing of the Softgel capsules.

Its location is adjacent to the mangle conveyor since it’s the conveyor belt that directs the processed material to this dryer.

Typically, the soft gelatin capsule remains in the tumble dryer for quite a considerable time before moving to the drying trays.

Tumble dryer

Tumble dryer

Drying trays are also part of the drying system and help in the drying of these products thoroughly after leaving the tumbles.

The tumble dryers come in a range of shapes and designs.

In fact, as you will see later in this guide, Softgel encapsulation machines have different tumble dryers.

They vary in both weight and size.

Moreover, the power consumption of each tumble dryer also varies.

It is an aspect you must consider when buying tumble dryers.

What’s the bottom line here?

These are the most important parts and components of a Softgel encapsulation machine.

Apparently,as I told you earlier, the equipment also has other elements, especially within the main body.

Nonetheless, you can read more about them in the product catalog and consequently learn more about the same.

Now that you know the fundamental components of this machine let’s swiftly move to the next vital element you must know before purchasing the device.

Chapter 4: Softgel Encapsulation Process

Chapter three of this guide provided the critical components and how they function to ensure quality and efficiency in the production of Softgel product.

Primarily, describing how these different parts and components function provides the basis of the working principle of a Softgel encapsulation machine.

In this section, we want to dwell further in understanding how the Softgel encapsulation machine works.

So that you can have an idea of how the final product of the Softgel capsules comes to be from the beginning to the end.

Technically, there are five steps in this process, which also describe the working principle of this machine.

What I mean here is that each step is more or less a reflection of how this particular equipment functions.

Now let’s quickly look at the working principle of this equipment on a step by step basis.

Step 1: Preparation of Gelatin

This is the first step of this process.

Generally, there is a need for choosing the appropriate ratio for gelatin formulation from the available ingredients.

This stage essentially involves blending and heating granulated gelatin and other numerous relevant ingredients.

It is a process that often takes place in a gelatin melting tank using relatively warm water.

Figure 19Soft gelatin melting tank

When preparing gelatin, several factors come to play as a way of making sure that you get the best results.

For instance, the ingredients have to contain adequate gelatin.

This is basically protein substance, and you can obtain it from various sources like animal bones and skins.

You also need to ensure that you include a plasticizer, water and colorantsin appropriateratios to get a standardized capsule.

Choosing a suitable formulation for this material is significant because it is gelatin component that makes the shell of the capsule.

So once you have all the ingredients and you mix them accordingly, you’ll heat, blend and vacuum the ingredients to form a thick syrup.

This thick syrup is what’s commonly known as gel mass, a fundamental compound in the encapsulation process.

Once the formation of gel mass is done, it then flows to the spreader box, cooling drum and later to the die roller system.

At the same time, you should always have it in mind that the equipment regulates the motion and other parameters to enhance optimal production.

This is what forms the basis of the first phase of the soft gelatin capsule manufacturing process.

What follows in the working principle of this machine is preparing fill material.

Step 2: Preparation of Fill Material

Incidentally, this is the second stage in the manufacturing process of a Softgel capsule.

It is somewhat of an intensive process as it involves quite a number of aspects.

Primarily, this process revolves around the preparation of non-aqueous paste or oil for purposes of encapsulation.

This is however dependent on the particular ingredient of the Softgel capsule.

Fill material

Fill material

Some of the components that play a role in the preparation of fill material include:

  • Mixers
  • Processing tanks
  • Mills
  • Homogenizers
  • Vacuums
  • Sieves

Again, the inclusion or exclusion of any of this equipmententirely depends on the nature of this product.

While awaiting encapsulation, heated and unheated transfer tanks may become necessary for gelatin and fill material.

Typically, the fill material flows from the hopper to the injection wedge through the tube.

But for you to get the best fill material you have to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible.

Step 3: Encapsulation

This third stage of the working principle of this machine also plays a vital role in the production of the final product.

It is mostly a process of converting the syrup or the gel mass into a comparatively thin layer of gelatin.

Once the conversion is done, wrapping of the gel mass around the fill material follows suit in a bid to form what would now be a Softgel.

Solf gelatin capsule filling

Soft gelatin capsule filling

What primarily happens here is that the equipment combines both gelatin and fill material together to create the Softgel capsules.

It follows that the die rolls which are always in rotary motion allow the two gelatin ribbons to move into them.

The result is a unique shape of these capsules.

These capsules then leave the equipment through a discharge chute while the brush gets rid of any capsule that perhaps sticks on the die roll.

Other than that, the stripper rollers also take away the capsules on the gelatin web.

The unique element of this particular process is that it happens quite faster and continuously.

Step 3: Drying

This marks the fourth stage of the working principle of a Softgel encapsulation.

Inherently, this process involves the removal of excess moisture from the cover of gelatin to enable it to shrink and make the Softgel firm.

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers

A tumble dryer is an essential component when it comes to drying of the Softgel capsules.

In fact, it consists of different other parts that facilitate faster drying.

It is the conveyor belt that takes the Softgel capsules to the tumble dryer for drying.

These parts all work together to ensure that drying occurs.

From the tumble dryers, the soft gelatin capsules are put in the drying trays for further drying.

In most cases, Softgel capsules always take the shortest time possible in this process since excessive drying can dilapidated the contents and quality of the final product.

Step 4: Cleaning, inspection, and Sorting

This is the final stage in the process of Softgel production.

What happens here is that the moment Softgel capsules leave the discharge chute, it’s clean, inspect and sort.

By doing this, you’ll only have good capsules that meet the right quality standards.

It is the point to remove bad Softgel capsules.

Capsule inspection and rejection

Capsule inspection and rejection

Here, you will require auxiliary equipment.

As you can see, the working principle of Softgel encapsulation machine is simple and straightforward.

Now, let’s move to yet another important aspect of Softgel capsule filling machines.

Chapter 5: Ultimate Industrial Capsule Filling Machines Comparison

Capsule filling machines play an integral role in many industries.

Depending on the situation at hand, you may wish to fill hard gelatin capsules or soft gelatin capsules.

More importantly, you must choose a suitable encapsulation machine.

In this chapter, I am going to walk you through three main types of capsule filling machines:

i. Softgel encapsulation machine

ii. Tamping capsule filling machine

iii. Dosator capsule filling machine

Let’s compare these machines:

5.1. Softgel Capsule Machine vs. Tamping Pin Capsule Filling Machine

Generally, a tamping pin is a popular technology in capsule filling process.

An equipment that uses tamping pin as its basis for filling capsules.

During this process, the hard gelatin capsule goes through different stages.

Tamping pin capsule filling machines use a different technology from Softgel encapsulation machine.

This implies that they have different working principles.

In the previous chapters, I had explained how soft gelatin encapsulation machine works.

I will not cover that here.

Tamping pin capsule filling machine

Tamping capsule filling machine

For this section, I will explore tamping pin capsule filling machines.

You see, tamping pin machine contains five pins with a dosing disc, which has several holes on its surface.

Ordinarily, the tamping plate always closes the several holes on the surface of dosing disc.

The working principle of tamping pin capsule filling machine is such as the dosing disc rotates, holes move from one tamping pin to another.

Material flows into the holes and the machine compresses it at the same time.

After the compression of the powder, it results in a slug which finally gets ejected into the shell of either hard or soft capsule.

This is quite different from the working principle of Softgel capsule machine which essentially involves five stages.

One advantage of a tamping pin capsule filling machine is that it enhances accuracy when filling the ingredients in the capsules.

This makes it a perfect choice for accurate dosage filling.

Basically, it gives the consistency and reduces a wide range of inconveniences making the entire process seamless.

This machine also increases the overall output thus, you can realize high turnover.

What’s more?

It is user-friendly, and this is an indication that most of its features are easy to control and operate.

Moreover, since it has a simple operating system, making it easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

Also, a tamping pin capsule machine can be relatively expensive depending on your budget.

This can, therefore, limit you from purchasing it.

In general, though, the major difference between Softgel capsule machine and tamping pin capsule filling one is the working principle.

Otherwise, most of the benefits and other aspects surrounding these machines seem to be relatively similar.

5.2. Dosator Capsule Filling Machine vs. Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Dosator is the other type of technology that many other capsule filling machine use.

It is relatively different from the tamping pin technology.

The difference is quite evident from the working principle ofdosator capsule filling machine.

When you look at the dosator capsule filling machine, you’ll realize that the design is quite different from the Softgel encapsulation machine.

Take for instance, dosator capsule filling machine features pins and body sections that rotate to fill hard gelatin capsules.

Dosator capsule filling machine

Dosator capsule filling machine

Therefore, it gets fewer powder doses which comes from the bulk container.

It then moves it to a component that packages the capsules.

Apparently, this is one of the fundamental advantages of this machine.

The fact that it can guarantee the more flexibility when it comes to filling powder shows it is inherently beneficial.

Furthermore, the dosator capsule machine is also useful even when it comes to filling different types of substances such as pellets and tablets among others.

And like I said, this machine varies from the Softgel encapsulation machine majorly from the working principle.

It fills capsules in five major stages.

The first stage here involves powering ON the machine to force the dosatorinto the powder bed.

Next, the powder then fills the cavity which is available at the tip of the dosator.

In ordinary circumstances, the size of this cavity will be dependent on dosator plunger level.

The second stage of the operating principle of this machine involves the powder filling the cavity.

At the same time plunger compacts it within the dosator.

It then follows that the dosator pulls back from the powder bed in the third stage of this process.

And at the same time, the dosator moves together with the powder in the cavity.

When it gets to the fourth stage, doctoring is the primary activity that takes place.

In this case, the tip of the dosator becomes full, and elimination of any excess powder takes place.

The essence is to ensure that there is no excessive powder hanging at the tip of the dosator.

In the final at the fifth stage, the dosator machine now ejects the powder into the capsules before they get to packaging.

The working principle of this machine is as simple as that with the notable aspect being a faster process.

The only problem is that you may find it a bit difficult to understand the principle especially after assembling it.

As you can notice, these machines vary basically on working principle and if anything, the roles the plays also do vary.

A significant similarity between the Softgel encapsulation machine and this dosator capsule filling machine is that all operate in five stages.

But then again, another advantage of a dosator machine is that you can modify it to suit wide-ranging filling applications.

Chapter 6: Design and Structure of Softgel Capsule Machine

In this section, I will walk you through various designs and structures of Softgel capsule filling machines.

Normally, the designs and structures may vary depending on the model of the machine.

But, since I have discussed different parts of a Softgel encapsulation machine earlier, I will not go into that again.

Also, in chapter 7, I will take you through different specifications of the soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

So here, I will only compare a few designs to let you appreciate the designs of Softgel capsule filling machine:

Aprila SG200 soft gelatin capsule filling machine

Aprila SG200 soft gelatin capsule filling machine

And here is the technical drawing of the machine:

Technical drawing of Aprila SG200 soft gelatin capsule filling machine

Technical drawing of Aprila SG200 soft gelatin capsule filling machine

Basically, for this chapter, I just wanted you to appreciate these designs.

Always, before you buy any soft gelatin capsule filling machine, you need a technical drawing.

It is from the technical drawing that you can modify soft gelatin encapsulation machines.

With all these in mind, let’s move to even a more important issue – technical specifications of soft gelatin capsule filling machine.

Chapter 7: Technical Specification of Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

The market currently has different types of Softgel encapsulation machines.

At times, it can be overwhelming to choose an efficient machine.

Therefore, you need to analyze every technical specification of soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

That’s exactly what I want to talk about in this chapter.

Remember, knowing these technical specifications is also imperative for the sake of determining whether or not a machine meets your needs.

Honestly, a soft gelatin encapsulation machine may have many technical specifications.

However, for the scope of this section, I will focus on the main specifications:

Technical specification of soft gelatin encapsulation machine

Technical specification of soft gelatin encapsulation machine

· Production capacity

Softgel capsules machines come in different sizes, designs, and shapes.

It is then quite evident that even the capacity will be depend on such characteristics.

In this case, production capacity merely refers to the quantity of capsules that specific equipment can produce within a particular timeframe.

It is necessary to consider this specification because it enables you to determine the right type of machine that suits your production needs.

For instance, if your requirements call for bulk production then definitely you’ll have to get a machine that is faster and relatively bulky.

· Noise level

Typically, when this machine operates, it produces noise to a certain level.

The degree of noise, however, varies from one machine model to another.

Some models come with devices that tend to reduce the level of noise whereas others do not have such mechanisms.

But at the end of the day, the noise that this machineproduces at any particular moment should never be the extent of becoming a nuisance.

A nonsensical noise cause unnecessary discomfort and inconvenience since you can hardly concentrate on doing other different tasks concurrently.

And that is the reason you should rather go for a Softgel encapsulation machine that is somewhat silent in operation.

Alternatively, go for one that comes with the noise prevention device when operating.

· Power consumption

Another technical specification that you have to look into is the consumption and any requirement of power that the machine uses.

It is an important element because this machine obviously uses power and some may need more power than the standard requirement.

So it enables you to know whether it is viable to purchase one with more or less power requirements judging by the output and your needs.

Establishing power consumption of this type of machine is vital because it makes it possible for you to also budget for the respective bill.

· Number of tumble dryers

Tumbler dryer is a component that facilitates drying of Softgel capsules by reducing moisture in the content during the processing period.

Tumble dryer

Tumble dryer

Different machines have varying numbers of this component, of course, depending on the production capacity.

It thus follows that it’s a fundamental technical element.

This is because it allows you to find out the type of machine you’d require for production of this materials.

Ordinarily, a Softgel encapsulation machine that has more than one tumble dryer facilitates faster drying of soft gelatin capsules.

And therefore, if possible, you can consider going for one that contains more than a single tumbling dryer.

Additionally, you may also consider one with drying trays.

· Shape and size of capsules

Softgel capsules come in different sizes and shapes.

It thus implies that several factors come to play when it gets to the production of these capsules.

Some machines enable you to adjust some of its auxiliary components as a way of attaining the ideal shape and size of the capsules.

Different types of soft gelatin capsules

Different types of soft gelatin capsules

On the other hand, the design of some machines restricts you to a particular shape and size of the capsule.

Thus you need to figure out what you precisely need and what can meet your production requirements.

The point here is:

When it comes to looking into this kind of machine, you need to establish whether it is suitable for the shape and size accordingly.

· Speed

Speed is a crucial component when it comes to the production of Softgel capsules.

Incidentally, several factors determine the rate at which this machine can manufacture these products.

Ideally, it is fundamental to make sure that the machine you’re picking has a relatively better speed that matches the production needs.

And to add onto this, speed varies from different components.

In some sections, high speed would not inherently be necessary whereas in others low speed wouldn’t be sufficient.

So it matters from different points of the production process and various components.

But the bottom line is that the overall speed of making sure that the entire process takes place rather fast is necessary for high productivity.

· Model of the machine

The truth is that the model of machine is the element that tends to create all the differences in a Softgel encapsulating machine.

It follows that every manufacturer of this machine tends to incorporate various technical specifications intotheir models.

Of course, the essence of this is to stand out in the market and increase chances of maximizing on as many sales as possible.

But here is the fact:

Many at times, some of the technical specifications that you find in some models improves efficiency and quality considerably.

Nonetheless, some models have an exceptional reputation in providing efficiency and high-quality service.

And it is therefore important at times to consider picking some of the top-rated brands available in the market.

· Dimensions

This typically refers to the length, width and the height of the Softgel encapsulating machine.

It is necessarily a vital consideration since it determines the overall size of the equipment.

Moreover, it is a critical specification because it also allows you to establish the space you’ll allocate for the machine.

If you’re to go for the bigger machines, it means that you’ll undoubtedly get larger space and vice versa.

Knowing the dimensions is also imperative as it will allow you to know all the elements regarding the logistics, especially when changing places.

· Type of material

In most cases, the material for making a soft gelatin encapsulation machine has to be sturdy given the processes it undergoes.

An ideal material for constructing this machine should be durable and resistant to various conditions.

Arguably, stainless steel is the best material especially for the main body and other components that undergo intensive processes.

Additionally, you need also to ensure that other components as well are made of relatively durable materials, resistant to different conditions.

All these critical technical specifications are essential elements and assessing them enables you to determine whether machine suits your needs.

Soft gelatin capsule filling machine with stainless steel structure

Soft gelatin capsule filling machine with stainless steel structure

Nevertheless, it is vital to take note of the fact that understanding technical information regarding any auxiliary system of the machine is essential.

Also, you have to ensure that you can configure all the relevant settings of this equipment.

This will enable you to customize different aspects during material processing.

Moreover, you also need to look into other essential parameters that improve the performance of the equipment.

Elements like automation, power saving, lubrication, safety, and accuracy are among some of the notable features that affect performance.

And above all, you also need to make sure that the particular Softgel encapsulating machine you pick meets the quality industrial standards.

Chapter 8: Gel Capsule Filling Machine Support Equipment

In the previous section, the concern was to know the necessary technical specification to consider when selecting suitable equipment.

The truth is:

You must evaluate the technical specifications because they affect the performance and efficiency in different spectrums.

While on it, this type of machine often come with a number of different auxiliary parts and systems.

They are the components or systems that supplement the performance and efficiency of the Softgel capsule machine.

In this section, you’re going to learn about the various gel capsule filling machine support equipment. They include the following:

8.1. Chilling System

It is undoubtedly one of the most significant support systems for Softgel capsule filling equipment.

Typically, the role of the chilling system is to cool down fluid in preparing it for heat transfer.

It is a system comprising of different components including the chiller, feedback system, burner and frequency drivers.

Chilling system

Chilling system

What this system does generally is to transmit signals corresponding to the input hence determining the ideal characteristic of the frequency drives.

8.2. Gelatin Melting System

As the name indicates, the role of this component is to heat the gelatin material and turn it in a semi-solid state.

You see, when manufacturing Softgel capsules, gelatin forms the basic ingredient.

But other vital ingredients are also blended with it to attain a better quality of final product.

Gelatin melting system

Gelatin melting system

But in most cases, you have to melt gelatin to mix perfectly with other ingredients.

This system is comprehensive and involves a number of different components to enhance the overall performance.

A notable component, in this case, is the gelatin melting tank.

This is a chamber where heating of this material takes place.

It is made of stainless steel material and integrates well with other components to provide efficient performance.

8.3. Drying Trays

Drying trays are located close to the tumbler dryers, and it is part of the drying system of Softgel capsule equipment.

Most significantly, the role of drying trays in this particular machine is to transfer Softgel capsules from tumble dryers to the drying tunnels.

Drying trays

Drying trays

These trays often come in different sizes, designs and shapes depending on various models and types of machines.

But what you have to realize is that they facilitate faster drying of Softgel capsules to the necessary standard.

8.4. Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers are the other essential supporting components of a Softgel capsule filling machine.

Ideally, they play a significant role in establishing the overall drying mechanism of these capsules

Fundamentally, the tumble dryers reduce the excessive moisture content in the Softgel capsules making it fit for packaging and storage.

It provides the basis for drying the capsules before moving to the drying tunnels thus making them significant components of this machine.

8.5. Softgel polisher

This auxiliary support equipment plays the role of refining the surface of Softgel capsules to give it the desired aesthetic appearance.

Usually, some varying conditions might lead to bruising of the surface of these products.

Ideally, they won’t have an appealing look hence reducing the quality.

Again, some would end up turning black hence the need for making sure that they’re well-polished before getting to the market.

Tumble dryer for softgel capsule filling

Tumble dryer for Softgel capsule filling

The polisher enhances the appearance of the final products to make them attractive and sellable.

8.6. Softgel pulverizer

During the encapsulation process, several things often happen which can eventually lead to incurring of high production costs.

Softgel capsules pulverizer

Softgel capsules pulverizer

And it is at this point that Softgel pulverizer plays a commendable role in reducing the costs associated with this process.

Generally, the key role of this component is to recycle misshaped or unqualified capsules independently.

8.7. Thicksort

This is another significant component that provides essential support to Softgel encapsulation machine.

It plays a vital role in sorting the capsules and pill accordingly on the basis of diameter and other different factors.

It functions in a systematic manner such that Softgel capsules are put into a vibrator which later enables the capsules to align with the track axis.



Of course, the sizes of this component also varies from one model of machine to another.

This also depends on the size and shape of capsules to sort.

But at the same time you should also know the fact that in some machines, you can easily configure the settings to get the appropriate size.

The Thicksort is vital because it increases efficiency when it comes to sorting the capsules into the required sizes among other elements.

8.8. Pharmaspec

Pharmaspec plays a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of this machine.

Its major function is to eliminate dust and chips that collect in a container.

This is what happens:

When processing Softgel capsules, they tend to get into the Pharma spec as a single layer.

Pharma spec


This is an indication that it can effectively eliminate any defective capsule in addition to the dust and other unnecessary waste substances.

8.9. Gelatin Service and Medicine Tank

This container is essential when it comes to holding the different ingredients during manufacturing of Softgel capsules.

It is a portable barrel owing to the fact that it features some wheels which makes it easier to move from one point to another.

The component features a stainless steel material construction guaranteeing strong standards in handling the ingredients.

Gelating service and medicine tank

Gelatin service and medicine tank

Furthermore, it comes with a myriad of parts and components that enable it to perform efficiently and deliver desirable results.

Some of the components of the gelation service and medicine tank include a regulator, pressure gauge, sight glass and security valve among others.

8. 10 Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer

A vacuum homogenizer consists of a different component that impacts its efficiency and performance in various ways.

All the components of this supporting equipment together with its compact structure guarantees stable performance.

Vacuum homogenizing mixer

 Vacuum homogenizing mixer

This component is essential specifically when it comes to the production of semifluid products like cream cosmetics, milk food, and grease drugs.

This auxiliary equipment is also vital as it offers multipurpose application and suitable for homogenizing and mixing products.

8.11. Colloid Mill

The role of a colloid mill in a Softgel capsule machine is vitally to crush, emulsify, homogenize and mix different types of substances.

Its applications are typical in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical mixing industries since it helps in material attrition.

Colloid mill

Colloid mill

In the production process of soft gelatin, this part is of crucial significance given that it grinds the equipment appropriately.

Obviously, Softgel encapsulation machine also contains other auxiliary parts and systems which we can’t explore all here.

But it is also important to understand that these are the main soft gelatin capsule filling machine support equipment that you should consider when buying this machine.

Chapter 9: Main Applications of Softgel Capsules Manufacturing Equipment

Inherently, Softgel encapsulation machine is versatile equipment that you can use in a wide range of applications.

From this guide, it is apparent that this machine can be used in several applications in different industries.

It is a common machine in the pharmaceutical industry alongside other medicine related environments.

So without taking much of your time, let’s look at some of the main applications of Softgel encapsulation machines:

· Medical Marijuana Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This is one area where the application of this machine widespread.

For several years, governments have been debating on legalizing medicinal marijuana.

Initially, administration of medicinal marijuana was in the form of a dry substance only.

But this is changing because nowadays, you can get in various forms such as edibles and Softgel capsules.

Softgel medicinal marijuana capsules have become common due to the fact they contain therapeutic ingredients.

Incidentally, manufacturing of this type of capsules is only possible with the use of a Softgel encapsulating machine.

Medical marijuana

Softgel medical marijuana

One fundamental element regarding the processing of Softgel medical cannabis is that it goes through all the processes similar to the normal Softgel capsule.

Understandably, to maximize in this particular product, you must find ways of creating a desirable product that appeals to the buyers.

Remember not many people are familiar with Softgel medical marijuana capsules.

Therefore, you must ensure that every aspect you incorporate in it adds its value positively.

The good thing about this machine is that it meets all the quality and regulatory standards.

t thus gives you an assurance that the products are safe and meet the customer tastes and needs.

In short, medical marijuana Softgel encapsulation machine plays a significant role in most industries.

· Softgel Encapsulation Machine for Paintball Production

This is the other area where the application of Softgel capsule machine is universal.

Initially, when the game of paintball was starting, it was pharmaceutical companies that were manufacturing them.

This was because the pharmaceutical companies had the equipment for making these products in place.

However, with time, paintball manufacturers began to produce these items independently.

Several types of machines are used to produce paint balls both in large and small scale.

In the recent past, many manufacturers have opted for Softgel encapsulation machine to produce these items.

In actual fact, relatively large facilities producing paint balls work in a continuous process using Softgel capsules machine.

Paintball production

Paintball production

What am I trying to say here?

Softgel encapsulation machine for paintball production is suitable for voluminous production.

In these machines, the die rolls contain dimples of pockets which form the casing of paintballs.

The machine injects a standardized amount of paint into the cavity automatically whenever gelatin moves into the dimple or pocket.

Again, it seals the two strips together automatically, which leads to encapsulation of the paint.

It then goes through the usual tumbling and drying process until the final product is over.

Generally, the efficiency regarding the swiftness of producing paintball and the quality for the end product using this machine is beyond reproach.

Softgel encapsulation machine also adds essential value in the production of these items especially in large scale since you can manufacture them in bulk.

And that is probably the main reason why this machine has become common in most of the companies that produce paintballs.

· Softgel Encapsulation Machine in Pharmaceutical Industry

It is arguably the most significant sector where the application of Softgel encapsulating machine is broad.

Ordinarily, most capsules contain ingredients designed for particular medicinal purposes.

It is a machine that many soft gelatin capsules manufacturing companies depend on for their daily production needs.

It is already clear that the contents of the capsules are from a wide range of ingredients.

Therefore mixing and encapsulating these ingredients in various proportions is what softgel encapsulation machine does best.

Soft gelatin capsules

 Soft gelatin capsules

You can easily fill liquids and semi liquid substances into soft gelatin capsules.

And the good thing about this machine is that you only need to adjust or modify it to fit the specific type of application that you prefer.

The bottom line?

This machine offers broad functions in the production of pharmaceutical products.

This, therefore, makes it an ideal type of machine in this industry.

· Manufacturing of Body Supplements

Selling different body supplements is a booming business – it is something I can confirm.

For instance, when exercising in gyms most of the time, some people often go for body supplements that would enhance muscle activity and growth.

With a Softgel encapsulation machine, you can easily make body supplements.

In fact, you’ll realize that nowadays most supplements come in the form of capsules.

The machine helps to mix the ingredients and filling them in the capsules whether in powdery or semi-liquid form.

Still, this machine helps to encapsulate the ingredients in the colored gelatin shells thus making them relatively attractive.

Working out

Working out – Photo courtesy: Ask Men

Currently, such capsules are available to supplement different parts of the body.

Besides, they enhance the productivity of an individual from different perspectives.

Primarily, those are some of the major applications where you’ll find the Softgel encapsulating machines.

Now, I want to introduce you to some soft gelatin capsule filling machine you can consider for your industrial applications.

Let’s dive right in:

Chapter 10: SaintyCo Softgel Manufacturing Line

Now, this is the truth;

There are many Softgel encapsulating machines on the market.

Anyone who looks for an ideal one in the market can face a myriad of challenges.

And, that’s why you need to understand every aspect of this guide.

Of course, this guide is essential given that so far you can now make some informed choices by various factors when picking this type of machine.

However, there is still one vital aspect that it would be essential – choosing the best brand.

Going for an established brand in the market is one of the surest ways of getting suitable Softgel capsule equipment.

And one of the manufacturers that you should never have a second thought when choosing this machine is SaintyCo.

For years now, SaintyCo Softgel machines are known for their quality and high production capacity.

They come in different designs, shapes with unique technical specifications.

For instance, the gelatin lubrication systems, UPS systems and dedicated pumps for formulating oils or pastes are among the main features.

Some of the most common SaintyCo manufacturing line include:

· Aprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This is one of the most notable encapsulation units from SaintyCo that features quite a number of unique functionalities.

First, this is one of the latest models from this company and features a maximum operating speed of up to about 3.3 rpm.

It has a user-friendly control system, an ever effective lubrication system, and medicine injection pump.

Aprila SG50 R&D Softgel Encapsulation Machine

Aprila SG50 R&D Softgel Encapsulation Machine

What’s more?

It comes with a dual tumbler dryer capsule charge and conveying system as well as a bronze construction spreader boxes.

The injection wedge of this machine is coated with brass and also contains the useful chilling drums.

Furthermore, the SaintyCo’sAprila SG50 Softgel Encapsulation Machine also features several imperative auxiliary equipment including capsule drying dolly and spare part package.

This machine is also compliant with all the technical, and quality specifications set by the respective regulatory bodies.

· Aprila SG100 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This is also the other relatively new small capacity capsule machine from SaintyCo.

However, its efficiency is above par and features speeds of up to 5 rpm and production capacity of up to 42000 softgels per hour.

It is one of the best machines especially for startups, R&D projects, and for small-scale production.

Additionally, you can also use this equipment to produce both standard gelatin and vgel based plant gelatin softgels without any significant challenge.

Aprila SG100 Softgel Encapsulation System

Aprila SG100 Softgel Encapsulation System

The Aprila SG100 Softgel Encapsulation Machine features a color touchscreen control which allows for easy production of softgels.

It also has an effective capsule discharge and conveying system, a tumble dryer system as well as an injection wedge which is brass coated.

This particular machine is versatile, and you can use it in various applications including recreational, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

· Aprila SG200 Softgel Encapsulation Machine

This machine is third in the series of SaintyCo encapsulation machines.

It is a medium capacity model running at a speed of 5 RPM and production capacity of 64, 800 softgels per hour at eight oval 4 rpm.

It also comes with a color LCD touchscreen control system, a tumble dryer, and capsule discharge and conveying system.

Aprila SG200 Medium Scale Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

Aprila SG200 Medium Scale Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

This machine is also ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical, recreational and food processing industries.

The Aprila SG200 Softgel Encapsulation Machine also can produce both standard and vgelplant-based gelatin softgels.

· Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

As the name indicates, this unit serves suitably in large-scale production.

It comes with a thickness monitoring gauge and a gel feed tubes with tape heaters.

This machine also features all the basic components including the spreader boxes, die rolls, capsule discharge and conveying system.

Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine

Like all the other R series models the Aprila SG250 Large Scale Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine also has a remote access Ethernet connection ideal for technical support.

This machine comes with an injector wedge that is coated with brass, casting drums and a myriad of auxiliary equipment.

Other than these, the SaintyCo Softgel manufacturing line also comes with a wide range of support equipment as described in chapter 8.


As you can see from this guide, for you to import a suitable softgel encapsulating machine you need to understand all factors I have mentioned here.

Importantly, you must know why you need a soft gelatin encapsulation machine.

But the most significant one is to know a reliable manufacturer who guarantees you a quality and efficient Softgel machine for your encapsulation needs.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all these details hence placing you at a better position of picking and importing the best softgel encapsulation equipment.

And by the way, in case you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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