SL-32C Tablet & Capsule Counter

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SL-32C Tablet & Capsule Counter

SL-32C Tablet & Capsule Counter 

Model SL-32C Counter is suitable for counting hard gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills and other solid materials. Each unit has 16 channels with dual nozzles and equipped with Honeywell’s Intelligent Sensor Eyes, which has a total of 176 sensor eyes for 100% counting accuracy. The counter has three-stage vibrations to infeed tablets or capsules; vibrating frequency adjustable for quick and stable infeeding. Bottles are positioned and changed by air cylinder to ensure accuracy positioning prior to filling to avoid spillage. Also featuring slightly diving nozzles and lock bottles into placed prior to filling.


  • Adopted the primary, secondary and tertiary oscillations, strength is adjustable.
  • Adopted 8+8+8+8 vibratory mode, four bottles is filling together.
  • To replace tablet, capsule, alien-form pills and etc, different products don’t have to change the configuration of machine.
  • The system of control adopted original imported industrial controller PLC and with color touch screen as to human machine interface.
  • All parameters are able to preset and adjust.
  • The area of equipment contacted with pills adopted of 316L stainless steel material. All machine are adopted 304 stainless steel material.
  • Pneumatic components all adopted imported products, dependable performance and high positioning accuracy and high cycle life.
  • SL-32C three layer vibration is adopted.

SL-32C Tablet & Capsule Counter 

Tablet & Capsule Counter  SL-32C
Number of Counting Channels 32(8+8+8+8)
Container Height Range 30 ~ 200 mm
Container Opening 20 ~110 mm
Product Specifications Tablet Diameter 3 ~ 22mm;  Capsule #00 ~ 5
Single Bottle Capacity 15~9999 pcs
Capacity 100,000-600,000pcs/hour
Power AC 380V 3P 50-60Hz
Compress Air Pressure 0.45-0.7Mpa
Container volume 300L/min
Dimension 4000×2250×1850mm

Tablet Capsule Counting Line

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