SHL-5510 Multi-function Labeling Machine

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SHL-5510 Multi-function Labeling Machine

SHL-5510 Multi-function Labeling Machine

This labeler is used for multi-direction labeling on the object, including the top, bottom, double side face and comer(Anti-fake- mark).

Multi-function Labeler Features

  • Worktable connected to the forepart procedure, feeding easily.
  • Stepless speed regulating for capacity.
  • Label synchronal orientation device, label error less than 1mm.
  • Easy and smooth design.
  • Label lacking alam function.
  • Synchronal batch number printing.
  • This packing line can be splites to stand alone use.

SHL-5510 Multi-function Labeling Machine

 Multi-function Labeling Machine SHL-5510
Voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
Power 2.5Kw
Labeling Speed 0-180Pcs/Min(According to the size of the container and label)
Labeling Precise ±1mm
Suitable container range 350*150*180
Label Roll Max. outer dia.:380
Label Roll Inter dia.:76
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm 6700*1500*1400


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