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SHL-3510 Automatic Two-side Labeling Machine

SHL-3510 Automatic Two-side Labeling Machine

 Automatic labeling machine Features
  • It can label the single-side of round bottle; single-side, dual-side and tri-side of square bottle; single-side and dual-side of flat bottle(e.g. The bottle of shampoo, emulsion of bath, cooking oil, Lubricating oil, detergent and eye-drop etc.).
  • With synchronous chain emendation system, it makes sure steadiness and exactness of emendation.
  • With screw adjustment suppression system, precise movement and big adjustment range, are suitable for plenty of specification bottles.
  • Transparent labels are not bubbly, and labels are not crapy.

 Automatic labeling machine Our advantages:

  • Employed Japanese-made servo motor, featuring in high speed and fine stabilization.
  • The labeling speed can reach 300bottles/min, which is faster than those of other factories.

SHL-3510 Automatic Two-side Labeling Machine

Automatic Two-side Labeling MachineSHL-3510
Power supplyAC220V,50/60Hz,1Phase
Power consumption(kw)1.75
Speed(pcs/min)0-300(Depend on the length of the label)
Container range(mm)Length:15-150,Width:10-100,Heigh:40-350
Label range(mm)Height:15-180,Length:10-200
Max.Label supply(mm)Diameter:420,Roll inside:76
Label distance(mm)3-4mm
Distance between label’s up&down side and body paper’s up&down side(mm)2mm
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm3200*200*1500

Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information about automatic two side labeling machines.

From components, working principle, design, specifications, to the troubleshooting process – you will find all information you’re looking for right here.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert in automatic two side labeling machines.

What is an Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

This is a machine that will accurately apply labels on the front and backside of a container.

The container may be flat, oval, or square in shape.

Labelling machine

Labeling machine

What are the Parts of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

The operator must understand what these parts are and how they function.

This is important during maintenance, repair, replacing, and troubleshooting the machine.

These are the components of an automatic two side labeling machine:

Parts of automatic labelling machine

Parts of automatic labeling machine

Web Unwind Reel

This is the place that you will place the label roll.

If you have a larger role, you will apply power to the system to assist in unwinding.

Dancer Arm

This part allows the labeling process to begin smoothly.

It provides the tension while acting as a braking system to stop the web from unwinding roll from overfeeding.

Label Sensors

It detects gaps between labels then sends an alert to the control panel to activate the label stop series.

This system will automatically shut down the machine when such an error occurs.

Peel Plates

This component will separate the labels from the backing paper.

While the web breaks sharply on the peel plates, the label will continue moving in s straight line.

Drive Roller

This is the workhorse of the labelling head.

It will pull the web backing, thus starting and stopping on every labeling sequence.

It does this with the assistance of the pinch roller.

Labeling Station

This station contains the labeling head and the labeling pad.

It helps in situations where it is impossible to print labels on containers.

Discharge Plate

Errors might occur during the printing and placing of labels.

The unit has configurations that will spot and prevent label offset.

Electric Station

This part will house all the electrical components that power the machine.

These include fuses and power cables.

Body Frame

This component will hold all the parts of the automatic two side labelling machine together.

It is a durable strong stainless steel structure.

Feeder Hopper

This component contains all the containers that you plan to label.

It is easy to access since it is at the upper part of the machine.

Control Panel

This allows the operator to monitor and input the labelling requirements into the machine.

Rejection Unit

This unit eliminates all containers that have labels with errors.

It automatically removes all labeling errors to ensure only quality labels pass to the next stage.

Product Transport

It functions by moving items from one part of the machine to the other.

Also, it will enable you to meet specific parameters during the labeling process.

Motor Systems

It will assist in driving the moving components of the automatic two side labelling machine.

The motor system converts electrical power to mechanical power.

Large machines contain large motors, while small machines have small motor systems.

Safety Mechanism

An automatic two side labelling machine has emergency buttons that enable the operator to stop the labelling process.

It cuts off the power supply once the operator presses it, hence minimize any hazards in the production line.

How does Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine Operate?

Several automatic two side labelling machines are available in the market.

This machine works on the following stages:

Preparation Stage

Make sure the machine is in the best working condition, and all parts are functional.

Feeding Containers

In this stage, the operator feeds containers on the hopper.

The conveyor or product transport system will direct them to the labeling station.

Labeling Stage

The labels usually come with prints on them and in the correct dimension to the containers.

During the labelling process, the containers and the labels move in harmony.

This enables the labels to stick at the right place on the surface of containers.

The in-feed units assist in making the bottles have the right spacing before labelling.

Peel plates will break the web film from the backing paper.

The label continues to move in a straight line.

This will happen on both sides of the machine since it will apply the labels on containers.

It will largely depend on the configuration of the containers.

Automatic units release labels for application on the containers in the right position.

Release Stage

Automatic sensors will determine if the labels are in the right position before moving to the next phase.

After approval, the containers freely move to the next stage in the production line.

The machine will identify and reject containers with no labels or with bad label placement.

What are the Unique Features of Automatic Two Side Labelling machine?

These features will vary from one manufacturer to the other.

Here are some of the features you are likely to find in an automatic two side labelling machine:

  • A full stainless-steel body design and finish.
  • It is easy to change the label application height.
  • It comes with a built-in AC variable frequency drive mechanism.
  • The machine can form partial, full, or overlap labelling.
  • It offers user-friendly label placement adjustments.
  • Also, it is easy to maintain.
  • The machine has automatic self-protection against fluctuating voltage.
  • The label dispenser, conveyors, and top belt units work in synchrony.
  • It allows no changing of parts for label sizes or star wheels for hopper systems.
  • Besides, it has a single pot on-line speed change control.
  • It can accommodate online inkjet and contact coding systems.
  • No container- no label sensing mechanism that minimizes wastage of labels.
  • In-built, real-time speed mechanism that shows the speed of operation of the machine.
  • Simple and intuitive programmable logic controller [PLC], and human-machine interface [HMI].
  • Unique container centering mechanism that ensures accurate label application.

What are the Technical Specifications of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

The buyer can customize the specifications as per their production needs.

These technical specifications will vary from one machine to another and they include:

  • It can handle label heights of between 8 mm to 150 mm.
  • The minimum label length suitable is 12 mm.
  • Label roll diameter is approximately 300 mm.
  • Core diameter can be either 75 mm or 76 mm.
  • The gaps between the labels are averagely 3 mm.
  • Labelling accuracy is at ± 1 mm to 1.5 mm.
  • It needs a power of 2.0 Amp.
  • Electrical need is 220 VAC, single phase, at 50 Hz, or 60 Hz.
  • Power capacity is 0.75 kW.
  • Height of the conveyor is averagely between 830 mm and 875 mm.
  • It can handle container sizes of between 10 ml to 250 ml.
  • The machine’s movement is left to right from the operator.

What should you Consider When Choosing Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

The features and specifications of this machine may vary from one manufacturer to the next.

This may be confusing while selecting a machine suitable for your production needs.

Some factors worth considering while choosing an automatic two side labelling machine include:

Financial Budget

The budget you have set will determine the type of machine you can purchase.

Labeling Parameters

The automatic two side labelling machine you select should meet your labeling parameters.

Consider production aspects like:

  1. Labeling speed
  2. Labor costs
  3. Setup cost and time
  4. Labeled units per day
  5. Type of label
  6. Size of bottles

Available Work Station

Ensure the automatic two side labeling machine will fit your work station.

These machines tend to require a large work area for installation and operation.

Size of Containers

The configuration of the containers will determine the machine suitable for your production.

Features of the Machine

Ensure you consider unique features like:

  1. Bottle dimensions
  2. Salient features
  3. Technical specifications
  4. Label dimensions
  5. Maintenance

Body Material

Select automatic two side labelling machines that are of durable stainless steel.

Hopper Feeder

Ensure the feeder capacity can hold the product without the need for frequent refilling.

This will save you time during the label application process.

Features of the Machine

Modern automatic two side labeling machines have several programmable configurations that will enable you to handle specific labelling parameters.

Quality Standards

Always select stick packing machines that comply with international quality standards.

This is to ensure the safety of operators and the products.

Also, it ensures the reliability, effectiveness, and acceptability of the labelling process in the industry.


Choose an automatic two side labeling machine that is easy to use.

This ensures that your operators can handle it without much training.

Future Upgrades

Some instances will make you expand your production when the need arises.

Automatic machines can handle such upgrades better than manual machines.

Support Equipment

Select automatic two side labelling machines that allow for seamless integration with other support equipment.

This can be a filling, capping, and packaging machine that will streamline your production line.

Also, your entire production will happen within a single area.

Operating Environment

Some industries work with harmful and corrosive chemicals.

Select an automatic two side labeling machine that will withstand all these chemicals during the labeling process.

What are the Applications of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

Several industries use this machine in their production line.

They include:

 Labelling system

Labeling system

Food Industries

This allows you to label powders, honey, dairy products, fruit juice, etc.

Chemical Industries

Examples include hand sanitizers, bleach powder, dishwashing liquid, glue, rubber, pesticides, etc.

Petroleum Industries

An example of this application is the labelling of engine oils.

Water Packing Industries

These industries will fill water in bottles, label, and sell them.

Pharmaceutical Industries

This includes labelling herbal powder, dental products, syrup, medicine bottles, etc.

Cosmetic Industries

Some applications include lotions, hair products, lip balm, shampoo, hair developers, hair straighteners, etc.

Beverage Industries

Examples include soft drinks, beer, wine, hard liquor, etc.

What are the Optional Features of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

These are features that you can decide to incorporate in an automatic two side labelling machine.

They include:

  • An inkjet printer.
  • A tough glass or acrylic safety unit.
  • Transparent sensors that detect plastic gaps in labels.
  • Special steeper clapping mechanism that will properly align containers.
  • A circular container labelling attachment.
  • OCR units with vision systems that check label coding, barcodes, etc.
  • A tower light that will display the status of the machine.
  • Empty label roll to make the machine stop then sound an alarm.
  • Unique label sensors that detect transparent labels that have no sensing mark.
  • An online pneumatic system that will reject bad products.
  • A turntable for circular containers and a packing conveyor.

What are the Trends in Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

Some of the labelling trends available that this machine can apply includes:

Digital Label Printing

It allows for the customization of labels and increases the production rate.

Recyclable Labels

Recycling of products is an important factor in today’s world, thus allowing new developments to happen.

Lightweight Labels

This has the benefit of reducing the amount of paper and adhesive you will use.

Premium Labels

These are high-quality labels with clear images, varnishes, and embellishments that will influence the consumers.

Automation in Printing Labels

It will enable streamlining and integration, hence maximizing the efficiency of the labeling operations.

What are the Types of Labelling Machines available in the Market Today?

In today’s market, there are several types of labeling machines to choose from:

Pre-gummed Labeling Machine

These machines will apply labels that are pre-coated with glue.

To activate it, you will spray it will water for it to stick.

Print and Apply Labeling Machine

This machine has information in it that you can print on labels on demand.

Retailers use it to print weight and price at the point of sale.

The labels have barcodes that you can scan during checkout.

Hot Melt Labeling Machine

It will heat the adhesive before you apply it to the products.

The adhesive is in a solid-state at room temperature.

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

The machine will use an adhesive that is in s liquid state at room temperature.

It is common in wet environments such as beverage industries.

· Pressure-sensitive Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

This machine will use labels that already have glue.

The labels are on a release paper and need no water to make the adhesive sticky.

It is the common label applicator in the market due to its simplicity.

· Heat-seal Labeling Machine

This machine will apply pressure on labels that have a heat-sealable material.

What are the Advantages of Using Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

Labeler machine has a lot of advantages that will benefit your industry.

Some of these advantages include:

Multi function labeling machine

Multi-function labeling machine


Automatic sensors will minimize damages, hazards, and loss during the labeling process.


Automatic two side labeling machines will assist you to embed the brand details on the labels of containers.

This allows the consumers to identify your products.


This machine enables you to meet your production needs while lowering your operational costs.

Ease of Use

An automatic two side labeling machine is one of the easiest and simplest labeling machines to use.

The machine will need minimal to no operators during its operation.

Accuracy and Efficiency

The machine will apply labels accurately and efficiently, allowing minimal room for errors.

High Production Capacity

Automatic two side labeling machines will offer you a high production capacity.

This means you will be able to meet your client’s demands in a short duration.

Reduce Human Labor

This machine will require minimal supervision during its operation.

It can fully operate with just one person manning the machine.


Automatic two side labeling machines will offer safety to the personnel and the products.

Reliability and Dependability

This machine will enable you to label containers daily with no downtime.

Besides, it will perform the labeling tasks without breaking down as long as it is fully functional.

How does Multi-purpose and Standard Two Side Labelling Machine compare?

Multi-purpose labeling machines can apply labels on containers that have varying shapes and sizes.

This means it can handle both circular and flat containers.

They operate at high capacities, are very durable, and easy to operate.

Standard labelling machines can apply labels on specific kinds of containers.

An example is a flat labelling machine that will apply labels on flat and not circular containers.

Tube labeling machine

Tube labeling machine

What are the Limitations of Using an Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

These limitations are not a reason not to purchase and use an automatic two side labeling machine.

They include:

Purchasing Price

An automatic machine will cost more than a manual machine.

Technological advancements will determine the price of a labeling machine.

This means you will spend more when buying automatic two side labeling machines.

Work Area

The automatic versions will need a lot of workspace for installation and operation.

Level of Expertise

The operator needs to have some knowledge on how to work this machine.

Therefore, you should spend time and money to train the operators.

Power Consumption

Large commercial two side labelling machines require a lot of power to operate efficiently.

What are Some Design Specifications for Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

This will allow you to purchase and install a machine that is suitable for your production needs.

These design specifications include:

  • Changeover
  • Body material
  • Maintenance
  • Configuration
  • Ease o fuse
  • Reliability
  • Downtime
  • Power needs
  • Material quality
  • Construction material and rigidity
  • Performance features
  • Rejection capacity

How do you Improve Efficiency of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

Improving the efficiency allows the machine to operate optimally and lasts for a long time.

Replace all worn out parts such as feed rollers as they might tear the label web.

Gently wipe and dust the sensors to ensure they work properly.

Regularly analyze the cleanliness of the photoelectric sensors.

Replace all faulty electrical components as it may lead to electric shocks and fire hazards.

Apply an anti-rust treatment on stainless and iron parts.

Use a swab dipped in alcohol to wipe clean the cutter blade as it may affect the label while cutting.

Clean the conveyor system by removing dust, glue, or labels that might have got stuck.

Lubricate moving parts to minimize tear and wear and increase durability.

Ensure all parts are working well by conducting frequent inspections quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

What Product Material can you Use with Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

This machine can handle product material that is of:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PET

How does Automatic and Manual Two Side Labelling Machines Compare?

Here is how these two machines compare:


Manual labeling machine always requires operators for them to function.

An automatic two side labeling machine will conduct all tasks with minimal to no human supervision.


Manual machines are cheaper than automatic machines.

Operating Time

Automatic two side labelling machines will operate 24/7 as long as they are in good working condition.

The operating time of manual machines depends on the availability of operators.

Production Rate

Automatic two side labelling machines have a high production rate than manual two side labelling machines.

Additional Equipment

It is possible to use other support equipment with an automatic two side labelling machine.

Automatic Sensors

Automatic two side labeling machines have sensors that automatically rejects bad labels and containers.

Control Panel

This part allows a single operator to monitor and control an automatic two side labeling machine.

Maintenance Cost

Manual machines have fewer parts thus easy to repair and maintain than automatic machines.

Why is it important to label products using an automatic two side labelling machine?

It is vital to label products due to the following:

Product Specification

This allows you to differentiate similar products that come in different grades.

Examples include standard and premium products.

Product Promotion

The labels can attract the attention of consumers.

An appealing label will set the product apart from the competition.

Additional Information

This information will educate customers on how to use and handle the product.

Product Identification

This will differentiate your product from other like products.

An example may be ready to drink fruit juice that several manufacturers can produce.

Legal Requirement

The law requires manufacturers to include information such as:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Manufacture and expiry date
  3. Batch number

What Types of Labels can an Automatic Two Side Labeling Machine apply?

Automatic labeler machine can apply two kinds of labels namely:

Cyclinder labeling machine

Cylinder labeling machine

Non- permannt Labels

This is a customizable label that safely sticks on the surface of different types of containers.

It is easy to peel off and leave no sticky substance on the surface of containers.

A smooth container surface will provide a better bond than rough surfaces.

Also, when these labels stay for long, they tend to bind on the surface permanently.

Besides, you can recyclable the label.

However, these labels are expensive to acquire.

The limitations that a non-permanent label has are:

  1. Cold and hot climates.
  2. Humid environment.
  3. Corrosive substances.

Permanent Labels

This is a single-use type of label.

It has strong adhesives making them stick permanently on the surface of containers.

Peel, tack, and sheer features will enable the label to form better bonds.

The longevity of these label on the containers depends on:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. The adhesive
  3. The surface of the bottle
  4. Time of application
  5. Type of application

What Quality Standards should Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine conform to?

Quality standards will ensure the health and safety of the public and the personnel.

They include:

Food and Drug Administration [FDA] Quality Standard

FDA will protect public health by ensuring safety, efficiency, and secure drugs and biological products.

SS AISI 304 Compliant

This ensures the machine uses authentic stainless steel that is durable.

Current Good Manufacturing Practice [cGMP] Quality Standard

Current Good Manufacturing Practice quality standard ensures that the machine has:

  1. Consistent manufacturing practices.
  2. Conforms to international quality standards.
  3. Produces quality labels.

European Union CE marking

All companies in the world accept this quality standard even though it applies to European Economic Areas.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS]

This standard assists in reducing environmental effects and health impacts.

It ensures the machine will not produce any harmful substances during its operation.

What Details should be on Label that Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine applies?

This machine can apply labels that contain information like:

  • Description of contents in bottles
  • Storage instructions
  • Allergy warnings
  • Batch number
  • Net weight
  • Manufacture and expiry date
  • Nutritional information
  • Ingredients of contents in bottles
  • Name, address, and location of the manufacturer

How does Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine and One Side Labelling Machine compare?

An automatic two side labelling machine can apply labels on both sides of the containers.

One side labelling machine is suitable for applying labels on one side of the containers.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

These factors are:

  • Model and features
  • Automation
  • Brand
  • Country of manufacture
  • Discounts and sales
  • Physical state of the machine
  • Production rate
  • Machine design
  • Supply and demand
  • Market conditions and economy

What is the Price of Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

The price may be anywhere between 1000 US dollars and 15000 70000 US dollars.

What Support Equipment can you Integrate with the Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

These are machines that can work hand in hand with an automatic two side labelling machine.

They include:

  • Packaging machines
  • Filling machines
  • Capping machines
  • Counting machines
  • Unscrambling machines

How can you Troubleshoot an Automatic Two Side Labelling Machine?

Troubleshooting enables the personnel to solve problems after identification:

Curling Labels

Use stronger adhesives, adjust compression levels, and use dry containers.

Labels Falling Off

Lower the quantity of adhesive.

Labels not Aligning

Adjust the machine appropriately and minimizing the quantity of adhesive.

In short, it is important to refer to the manual this machine comes with during any troubleshooting process.

SaintyCo offers a range of automatic two side labelling machines depending on your unique specifications.

Even if you want custom designs, SaintyCo customizes labeling machines to your specifications.

Contact us now for all your labeling machine needs.

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