SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine

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SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine

SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine

Labeler Features

  • This labeling machine is suitable for Ampoule, Oral liquid bottle and the slightness bottles.
  • Double transporting tracks. Upper one is for labeling the bottles and the lower is for transporting bottle pallets. So that the labeled bottles will fall in to the pallet allurately.
  • Auger applies in bottles separation mechanism, ensure the distance between the bottles correct.
  • Bottles upright transporting horizontally, steady and easy operate.
  • Labels orientation device make the labels’ position error less than ±5mm.
  • After labeling, the failure rate is less than one ten thousandth.
  • Function of alarming when lack of labels.
  • Panasonic servo motor adopted in the machine’s main motor, PLC controlled with touch screen. Fast speed and steady performance.
  • This machine designed elaborately, compact structure, steady performance, convenient debugging. Suitable for various specs bottles’ labeling and enter into pallet.

SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine

 Horizontal Labeling Machine SHL-2586
Electric Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Power 1.5KW
Labeling Spees 0-400BMP(depend on the length of label)
Labeling Precision ±0.5mm
Lettering machine speed  0-400(synchronize with labeling)
Container’s range  Length 25-120,Diam 10-30
Label’s range Height 20-90mm,Length 25-100mm
Max. label roll Diam 420mm,Inside diam 76mm
Overall dimensions 3600×1800×1700(L×W×H)


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