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SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

Suit for cylindrical shape products in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other light industries, labeling around or half around all ok as client need.

SHL-2520 Automatic Labeling Machine, configure the ultra-large-scale integrated circuit. Microcomputer configuration, can use the touch screen to facilitate the completion of the various data input, and also make the full control of labeling machine when device start up. Can make adjustment of labeling speed depends on the bottle and label sizes.

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeler Features

  1. This labeling is special for stand-up round bottles.
  2. Bottles separation device applied syncro sponge wheel stepless adjustment. The distance of each bottle can be set at will.
  3. Turntable track feeding mechanism adopted before labeling, or connected with former procedure (Filling), steady feeding and large buffer.
  4. Rolling wheels press bottles and make the labels more firmly.
  5. After labeling, finished products are easy to collect
  6. Panasonic servo motor adopted to make labeling fast and steady.


SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine Features:

  • The whole machine and spare parts use internationalstandard S304 stainless steel imported alloy material; double anodic oxidation treatment, with high corrosion resistance and never rust, suit for any production environment.
  • German import labeling engine is optional, advanced self-adaption labeling control system, reduce and simplify operating and adjusting, improve efficiency; After change products or label, made simply adjustment is ok, don’t have much requirement for worker skill.
  • Separate bottle device use silica gel material, keep bottles delivery to labeling part with same distance.
  • Rolling label device can choose detachable belt or industrialsynchronous belt.

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine Optional:

  • Opaque or transparent label material all ok.
  • Turntable is optional if machine operation alone, increase efficiency, save labor cost.
  • Detect Bar code or with label or not function, rest label alarm function.
Technical DataSHL-2520
Labeling speed50 to 200 bottle / min (depending on size of bottle and labels)
Bottle outside diameter20-100mm
Bottle height30-260mm
Applies label rangeLength 10-300mm, Height 10-140mm
Power supply220V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 0.55Kw
Dimensions1800 x 800 x 1500mm
Conveying directionLeft → Right


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