SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

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SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeler Features

  1. This labeling is special for stand-up round bottles.
  2. Bottles separation device applied syncro sponge wheel stepless adjustment. The distance of each bottle can be set at will.
  3. Turntable track feeding mechanism adopted before labeling, or connected with former procedure (Filling), steady feeding and large buffer.
  4. Rolling wheels press bottles and make the labels more firmly.
  5. After labeling, finished products are easy to collect
  6. Panasonic servo motor adopted to make labeling fast and steady.

SHL-2520 Vertical Labeling Machine

Vertical Labeling Machine SHL-2520
Electric Voltage AC220v       50/60Hz
Power 0.9KW/Hour
Labeling Speed 0-400bottles/min(depend on the length of the label)
Labeling Precision Less than 0.5mm
Lettering machine speed 0-250times/min.(synchronize with labeling)
Container’s range Length 25-120mm Diam 10-30mm
Label’s range Height 20-90mm   Length 25-100mm
Max. label roll Diam 380mm   inside diam 76mm
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 2400*1500*1200


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