SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper

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SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper

SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper

General Description:

SGP-200 Automatic In-Line/Spindle Capper is applicable for round, rectangular and most irregular bottles and containers. A noiseless Cap Elevator to unscramble and feed caps for capping system. Contains a large capacity floor level cap hopper to stock caps for long runs without continual refilling. The cap chute is adjustable for different size of caps. Unique design requires no changeover parts and no tools when changing caps sizes.  Four Hand wheels with digital indicators for quick and easy adjustments. A cap chute sensor is provided to detect caps in caps chute. The cap elevator will stop when the cap chute is full. A safety guard surrounds cap lightening station for operator’s safety. A fail safe dual inspection system removes incorrectly oriented caps from loading chute.


  • Rejecting system for improperly capped bottles and/or missing foil cap liners. (optional).
  • Sensor detection and rejection system available to remove off line improperly capped bottles and caps having missing foil cap liners.
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • Standard option PLC Control w/Color Touch Screen Panel
  • Snap-On Capping System can be integrated into this unit for dual applications.

SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper

Technical Parameters SGP-200
Bottle Diameter & Output 35 ~ 140 mm & 60-100 bottles/min.
Bottle Height 38 ~ 250 mm
Cap Diameter 25 ~ 70 mm
Power Consumption 1.2Kw
Main Machine Dimensions(L xW xH) 1300 x 850 x 1400mm or 52” x 34” x56”
Main Machine Weight 600Kg
Cap Dropper Dimensions(L xW xH) 1100 x 1200 x 2150 mm or 44” x 58” x 85”
Cap Dropper Weight 190Kg

SGP-200 Automatic In-Line Capper Component List

Item Name Manufacturer Specification Quantity
1 Bottle clamp/reducer ABB M2QA71M4B-B5A/RV050/25 1
2 Cap feed motor/reducer ABB M2QA073301-BSA/RV040/30 1
3 Operation plat farm motor/reducer ABB M2QA71M4B-B5A/RV040/60 1
4 Screw motor/reducer ABB M2QA71M4B-B5A/RV050/5 1
5 Filtering pressure regulating valve Germany FESTO LFR-1/4-D 1
6 Magnetic valve Germany FESTO MEH-5/2-1/8-P-B 1
7 Slide valve LEGRIS 6690713 1
8 Limit switch operation plat farm UP/DN Japan


D4V-8104Z 2
9 Photoelectric switch (amplifier) USA


10 Proximity switch AUTONICS E2E-X18MEI 1
11 Analog output (A.O) Germany SIEMENS 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA0 1
12 Analog output (A.O) Germany SIEMENS 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA0 1
13 Basic operator panel (B.0.P) Germany SIEMENS 6SE64000 BP000AA0 1
14 Contactor (DC) Germany SIEMENS 3TH4253-1XFA 3
15 Control Processing Unit (C.P.U) Germany SIEMENS 6ES7214-1AD33-0XB0 1
16 Inverter Germany SIEMENS 6SE6420-2UC3-7AA1 3
17 Thermal overload relay Germany SIEMENS 3UA5040-B 1
18 Touch screen Germany


6AV6545-0CA0-0AX0 1
19 Diffuse Fiber Sensor USA


PBT46U 2
20 Opposed Fiber Sensor USA


P1T46U 1

Tablet Capsule Counting Line

SGP-200 Automatic In Line Capper

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