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Sesame Paste Jar Filling & Packaging Line

Sesame Paste Jar Filling & Packaging Line is best for Paste which has better fluidity and less viscosity. With capacity of 40-60 bottles/min.The shrinking tunnel could be either electric heating or steam heating.With total air consumption 0.8 Mpa, can fill bottle with volume 250~1000gram.

  • Line Number: 15014
  • Automation: Automatic,In-Line
  • Max Output: Up to 60 Bottles/min
  • Staff Needed: 2-3

Machines Included:

  • Bottle turntable
  • Liquid filling machine,
  • Aluminum foil sealing machine,
  • Capping machine,
  • Sleeve labeling & shrinking machine,

Sesame Paste Jar Filling & Packaging Line

Paste Filling Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing paste filling machine, here are fundamental aspects you need to know.

They will help you choose a filling equipment which you can optimize to your unique specifications.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert in paste filling equipment.

How does Hand Operated Paste Filling Machine compare to Semi-Automatic Paste Filling Machine?

There are many differences between hand-operated and semi-automatic paste filling machines.

However, there are also similarities between them.

Therefore, let me shed more light on the comparison between them below.

Hand operated paste filling machine

Hand operated paste filling machine

The hand-operated machine is made with a piston structure that can fill both paste and liquids.

It can fill quantities that range between 5 to 65 ml.

This device is ideal for filling liquid medicine, fluid food, lubricating oil, shampoo, and cosmetics.

The application of this machine is relevant in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, pesticides among other industries.

Hand operated paste filler is made in a simple structure that is easy to operate without any energy source required.

It has a knob that can be adjusted.

This makes it easy to control both quantity filling and speed at which it runs.

Semi automatic paste filling machine

Semi-automatic paste filling machine

This machine is good for small and medium pastes and liquids filling particularly, in small enterprises, hospitals, and beauty parlor.

The machine is made from stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene.

Semi-automatic paste filling machines on the other hand can fill between 8-20 bottles per minute.

The filling rate is not only influenced by the paste and liquid characteristics but also the filling size.

The equipment has gained its relevance in the pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, nutraceutical, cosmetics, food, and agriculture industries.

The products that are filled using this machine are creams, ointments, and paste.

It can be placed on a table and is ideal for small-scale outputs of high viscous liquids and pastes.

Its structure is simple and easy to understand and operate.

It’s available in various shapes and sizes.

What are the Benefits of Paste Piston Filling Machine?

There are several merits of this paste filling device. Below are some of them.

 Piston paste filling machine

Piston paste filling machine

· It is Consistent and Reliable in Filling these Products

When using this machine, you have fewer challenges about the filling process because it is efficient and accurate.

You may use high volumetric or level fill which is all ideal particularly when using automatic or semi-automatic paste filler.

· The Machine Fills at a Relatively High Speed

The automatic paste filling machine can fill at a very high speed, unlike the manual one.

Also, the higher the filling speed, the higher the output and returns.

This reduces the production cost.

Besides, the machine can be modified to improve its speed of production.

For instance, you can include multiple filling heads, capping, and labeling features.

All these lead to the increased speed of the machine.

· This Machine Provides more Versatility

This machine can fill different products into various bottles of different sizes and shapes.

It can be adjusted when you want to change bottle shapes or sizes or even change a product.

· It is User-friendly

This machine has a very simple operation touch screen interface.

When using it, just select and key in different time and quantity to run a complete cycle.

If you want to change the time and quantity, make adjustments so that you can get the desired results.

You can now monitor the filling process as the machine continues to run.

· The Equipment Provides an Opportunity for Growth

The machine is being made bearing in mind that in the future, it may accommodate some changes.

That is the reason why it has an option of adjustment.

This makes it a flexible machine and there are possibilities of great improvement in the future by the manufacturers.

· The Machine can Fill both Thin and Thick Products

These machines fill liquids and paste very efficiently.

You only need to adjust it when you are changing the products that you are filling.

This is because filling rate and capacity of thin liquids and that of thick ones is different.

Are there Disadvantages of Paste Filling Machine?

Yes, there are some shortcomings to this paste filling machine.

The following are some of them:

  • It cannot be used to fill solid products.

This poses a great challenge to most companies that produce solid products.

Therefore, industries that produce both solid and liquid products like pharmaceutical companies must purchase a liquid and solid fillers separately.

  • To use a paste filling machine, you are required to have some level of expertise.

Even though the interface is not complicated, any misuse of the machine can cause a lot of losses to you.

For this reason, you have to train those who are supposed to run this machine especially an automatic one.

  • The machine is not cost-effective to purchase.

It also consumes a lot of power and this also renders it expensive.

This is worse when you are using a paste filling machine that you intend to improve its production capacity.

What are the Features of Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine?

There are many features of this machine.

The following are some of them:

  • This equipment is user-friendly and a small orientation on its use can help you to operate it easily.
  • It is very accurate and reliable since it fills pastes more efficiently.
  • The product contact parts are made from 304 or 316 stainless that is easy to clean and maintain. This conforms to the quality standard requirements for GMP.
  • They are based on how much volume you intend to fill in the containers.
  • The machine can be adjusted to different filling ranges and speeds.
  • It has a non-leaking head and a lifting filling device that facilitates the filling process.
  • These machines are very useful for the quantitative filling of pastes.

Which Types of Paste Filling Machines are available?

There are many types of these machines.

These include flowmeter, piston, gravity, overflow, pumping, and net weight paste filling machines.

These machines are ideal for liquids and pastes of different viscosity and they have different working principles.

Below are some of them and how each one of them operates to achieve its objective of filling the pastes.

Fully automatic paste filling machine

Fully automatic paste filling machine

1) Flow Meter Filling Machine for Paste

This is one of the paste filling devices that is accurate and very efficient.

It can fill liquids with varying viscosity to an accurate weight as you desire.

The machine can fill both drums and totes and it can fill between 30-300 containers.

Temperature, pressure, and viscosity changes are automatically compensated for while using this machine that has a single head filler.

Controlling the weight of the paste being filled is not a problem because this device can handle this very well.

2) Piston Filler Machine for Paste

This is one of the standard paste filling machines available in the current market.

Also, this equipment provides a cost-effective way of filling pastes into bottles.

When you want to use it, first you have to adjust fill speed and range.

Then place the container directly below the piston and start the filling process.

It will fill 8- 14 bottles per minute and this is dependent on the fill volume, speed, and product viscosity.

3) Gravity Filling Machine for Paste

This type of paste filler is ideal for liquids that remain in the same viscosity no matter the temperature change.

It makes use of a time-based control filling technique that is good for low viscous products.

The paste is filled into various bottles by gravity that pulls the product into the container beneath the dispenser.

4) Overflow Filler for Paste

This type of paste filler is good at accurately filling liquids with the same quantity into containers of different sizes.

It helps in dispensing a variety of liquids.

When this machine is set to operate, it fills the containers to the brim.

It then automatically stops to allow the next set of bottles to align for filling.

5) Pumping Filling Machine for Paste

This machine works by using a pump head for each cycle.

The pump helps in moving the product from the machine into the waiting container.

Also, the pumps are different because the product characteristics are different, and the varying container sizes.

6) Net Weight Paste Filling Machine

This machine works by pumping the paste into the holding tank located above a set of pneumatically operated valves.

The filling process is set in a computer and all fillings are independently timed to ensure accurate filling is done.

The paste flows by gravity into the bottles placed below the valves.

Is there a difference between Liquid Filling Machine and Paste Filling Machine?

Yes, there are some differences although they all have the same working principles.

The difference lies in the fact that the liquid filler fills only the thin liquids.

On the other hand, the paste filler deals with highly viscous products.

Also, the rate at which this machine works is much higher than the one for the paste filling machine.

This is because the paste is thick and tends to resist the free-flow into the containers.

Apart from these, the liquid filling machine can fill liquids like beverages, milk, cooking oils, and ink among others.

On the contrary, the paste filling machine fills products like creams, shower gels, lotions, shampoo, hair gel, and molten wax.

What are the Applications of Paste Filling Machine?

These machines are used to fill many products in different industries.

Below are some of its applications.

· Toothpaste Filling Machine

It’s one of the paste fillers that is used to fill toothpaste into tubes.

It is easy to operate, reliable, and fills with high accuracy.

· Adhesive Filling Machine

This is a device that helps in filling of products like glue, paste, and mucilage that helps in binding surfaces.

· Chocolate Paste Filling Machine

The equipment is relevant for filling of chocolate into various containers and packs.

It uses a technology of pressure dosing volume to fill the containers.

· Cream Paste Filling Machine

This is useful in filling body creams among others.

It can also be used in filling body lotions, shampoo, and gels.

· Chili Paste Filling Machine

The machine is specifically used in filling chili.

It has many product lines like rotary bottle feeder, bottle washing, and dry system, filling, and capping.

· Curry Paste Filling Machine

This is an automatic machine that is operated through a PLC touch screen.

Through a sensor, when there is no bottle, there is no filling.

· Ginger Paste Filling Machine

The machine has been designed to fill both free-flowing and non-free-flowing ginger paste.

It can also be used to pack toothpaste and cosmetics.

  • Lime Paste Filling Machine

This equipment is not only ideal for filling lime but also used for filling cosmetics, food, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

It’s good for thick products.

How does Paste Filling Machine compare to Cream Filling Machine?

There are similarities and differences between these two machines.

These include the following.

  • The paste filling machine weighs about 85 kg while the cream filling machine weighs 75kg.
  • The paste filling machine can fill both liquid and hard pastes. On the contrary, the cream filling machine can fill both creams and lotions.
  • Both of these machines made from 304 or 316 stainless steel that is easy to clean and maintain.

What is Double Head Paste Filling Machine?

Double head filling machine

Double head filling machine

This is one of the most advanced pasted filling technologies available in the current market.

They are arbitrary adjustable and can fill into different container sizes and shapes. It can also fill different liquids with varying viscosity.

It has been made in a simple structure that is easy to operate, fills accurately, and consistently.

Besides, it can be pneumatic or electric and the outer part of this machine is made from plastic, and wood materials.

This machine has found its relevance in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, pesticides, and special industries.

The product contact parts are made from 316 stainless steel material that conforms to GMP quality requirements.

These make it easy to clean and maintain, thus reducing the cost of frequent repairs.

What are the Benefits of Fully Automatic Paste Filling Machine?

There are many advantages of using a fully automatic paste filling equipment.

These include the following:

  • It has a high filling speed in comparison to both manual and semi-automatic ones.

This gives way to high output and in turn lowers the cost of production and increases the company return.

  • The machine is reliable and consistent in filling of both liquids and pastes.

It fills the same quantities into bottles all through a single cycle.

If you need any changes in the quantity to be filled into a bottle, you have to make adjustments accordingly.

  • These machines are versatile because they can be used to fill products that have different characteristics in different quantities.

Only relevant adjustments are needed.

  • Since the machine is automated, a little training on how to run it is enough to help you use it.

It’s simple to control once it’s configured and any malfunction can be corrected by making adjustments on the PLC touch-screen.

  • The machine provides room for upgrading in the filling and capping area by adding more heads.

How much do Paste Filling Machine Cost?

The cost of purchasing this machine varies from one manufacturer and supplier to the other.

Some may cost 150 to 180 USD, while others may cost between 900 to 1000 USD.

These machines are sometimes very expensive and to get one, you have to part with between 4000 to 7000 USD.

All these variations in the prices are influenced by the available adjustment options, size, and capacity.

When should you use Thick Paste Filling Machine?

This machine can be used when you want to fill and cap products that are highly viscous like putty.

It can also be relevant when you want to intensify the speed of filling these pastes.

When reliability and accuracy in the filling of thick pastes are a stake, this machine is the ideal one.

Filling of pastes into bottles and other containers of different sizes and shapes is difficult.

However, this machine makes it easy.

What is High Viscosity Paste Filling Machine?

This is a paste filling machine that is ideal for filling thick fluids like shampoo, shower gel, lotions, and motor.

It can also be useful in packaging low viscous products.

The machine can also fill bi-chemical cartridges, putties, silicone, and other sealants, and pastes for dental impressions.

It fills into containers like jars, drums, pails, cans, and bottles.

What are the Quality Standards for Paste Filling Machine?

There are many quality standards that when manufacturing this machine, you have to comply with it.

For example,

  • The product contact parts of these machines must be made from 316 stainless steel that complies with GMP.
  • It must be easy to clean and maintain and should not have dead ends that can hinder proper cleaning. This is because the dead ends can promote product contamination.
  • The machine must be made in compliance with FDA requirements for the safety of human consuming products.
  • It should have a relatively low power consumption to save on the production cost.
  • This machine should be easy to operate. It should have PLC from where all the operation parameters are keyed in.

It must also have an interface through which the filling process can be monitored.

  • It should fill the liquids and pastes reliably and accurately in different container sizes and shapes.
  • That is, it should be flexible.

With this information, you can choose effective paste filling machine which you can optimize to your production needs.

Contact SaintyCo now for best prices on paste filling machines and support equipment.

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