SDXD-18 Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine

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SDXD-18 Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine


The machine can pack powders, granules, liquids, pastes and so on with the mode of three side or four side sealed sachets. It is the packaging machine in foodstuff, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry which is your best choice.


Producing speed is high, changing the size is easy, product’s package is beautiful, and the sealing site is not stained with fluid or powder, so the package is firm.

Wrapping Material:

All kinds of multilayer heat-sealable films.

SDXD18 Work Flow:

  1. Reel of material
  2. “V” Formation
  3. Folding guides
  4. Optical sensor
  5. 4TH seal
  6. Vertical sealing jaws
  1. Scissors
  2. Pulling Fingers
  3. Opener
  4. Discharge funnel
  5. Discharge funnel
  6. Upper seal

Main Technical Specifications SDXD18
Size range of sachet 85×100~180×225mm
Volume 5~325ml
Output 40-80pouches/min
Consumption 2.05 KWA
Weight 700kg
Dimensions 3200×970mm(L×W)


SDXD-18 Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine

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