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SBC Pre-filled Syringes Blister Packing & Cartoning Packaging Line

SBC Pre-filled Syringes Blister Packing & Cartoning Packaging Line

Blister Packing Machine& Cartoning Packaging Line Applications:

The production line is the first domestic automatic packaging equipment for the pre-filled syringe, and developed by ourselves. This line suitable for syringe, syringes and vials packing together.

Blister Packing Machine& Cartoning Packaging Line Feature:

1.Uses the ABB Robots feeders, improve production efficiency and automatic program.

2.The feeder can be connect with labeling machine, output can be used with strapping machine, carton packer and other equipment, thus formed a complete automatic packaging production line.

3.Uses the servo motor-driven and the main motor is adopts frequency control.

4.Equipped blister forming detection,feeding Camera detection, lack of material testing,to ensure the passing rate of finished products.

5.Uses the safety cover protection devices to ensure operator safety.

 Technical DataSBC 150SBC 200
Max output140-160 syringes/min

(27×137mm) 7 syringes per blister(1or2ml)

200 syringes/min

(27×137mm) 10 syringes per blister(1or2ml)

Max Forming area and depth245×130×35mm345×130×35mm
Leaflet Size(80-250)×(90-170)mm(80-250)×(90-170)mm
Carton material250-350g/m2250-350g/m2
Carton size(70-180)×(35-85)×(14-50)mm(70-200)×(35-85)×(14-50)mm
Air compressor0.6-0.8Mpa ≥0.8m3/min0.6-0.8Mpa ≥0.8m3/min
Leaflet material60-70g/m260-70g/m2
Blister Packing Machine ModelBP-260BP-380
Punch frequency20-23 cycles/min20 cycles/min
Max. Forming area and depth245×130×35mm345×130×35mm
Adjustable range of stroke≤130mm60 – 175mm
Air compressor≥0.38m3/min (self -prepared)≥0.22m3/min (self -prepared)
Cartoning Machine ModelCM-100CM-200
Speed30-100 cartons/min200 cartons/min
CartonQuality requirement250-350g/m2250-350g/m2
Dimension range(L×W×H)(70-180)×(35-85)×(14-50)mm(70-200)×(35-85)×(14-50)mm
LeafletQuality requirement60-70g/m260-70g/m2
Unfolded leaflet specification(80-250)×(90-170)mm(80-250)×(90-170)mm
Fold range1-4 fold1-4 fold

SBC Pre filled Syringes Blister Packing and Cartoning Packaging Line

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