SAF-350B 0-1KG Semi-auto Bag Powder Auger Filler

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SAF-350B 0-1KG Semi-auto Bag Powder Auger Filler

SAF-350B 0-1KG Semi-auto Bag Powder Auger Filler

Powder Auger Filling Machine Application:

>Easy to operate, low maintenance, long service life.

>Variable speed auger and agitator drive system

>Optional fill head height adjustment

>Fully adjustable filling range

Powder Auger Filling Machine Character

Unique hopper design is our one of scientific and technological achievements with many years studying in powder packaging industry, and access to national utility model patents, in line with GMP certification requirements.

The design principles: safety, health, simple, durable, and good looking.

There are economical and convenient hopper type to be selected. Economy model with the cone hopper is combined to one set, only to remove the cone then can be cleaned; convenient model: with horizontally openable front half hopper, as easily open doors and windows, which makes cleaning faster and easier.

Metering screw driven by servo motor, particularly suitable for requests high accuracy, high speed and more stability occasions.

Blenders speed can be adjusted to suit different types of materials, so as to achieve the best measurement results.

Whole machine set used SUS304, waterproof motor (IP65), could be washed directly by water,  meets the food industry requirements.

Contact parts could choose SUS316 as optional.

Technical Data SAF-350B
Products filled Powder
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Filling range ≤1000g
Capacity 25-35 fills/m
Filling tool Auger
Power supply 220v/380v;50-60hz,1.4kw
Machine weight 150kg
Machine size 780*730*1690mm


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