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RC-150C Roll Compactor

RC-150C Roll Compactor

The RC-150 universal full automatic dry granulator is the most advanced home-made one in the world, which is designed and developed on the basis of GMP concepts and characteristics of patent medicines and biochemical medicines. It’s widely applied for granulation in such industries as pharmacy, food and chemical engineering, which is especially applicable for granulation of materials vulnerable to being decomposed and ineffective or agglomerated when contacting wet and heat. The grains it produces are directly used for granule packets tablets and filled capsules.

The overall easily removable design, taking 20 mins only, facilitates cleaning and makes cleaning easily acceptable.

  1. Before the work is finished, self-configured negative pressure air pump precleans machine’s working chamber and sucks away residual medicinal powders inside materials bucker, charging barrel, periphery of pressing wheel, whole grain and sieving.
  2. High-end configuration of PLC and 10” touch screen precisely controls feeding, pressure, force moment, speed, formula, sheet thickness, amount of powder supply and sieving, etc, and will run date display and can also upload server or printout by IDS.
  3. Helical feeding mode has synthesized advantages of vertical and flat feeding and meanwhile dodged disadvantages of vertical and flat feeding.
  4. The unique pneumatic vibration screening system can coordinate the star-type valve to keep discharging materials and recycling the thin powder. It can control the thin powder rate of the finished products below 5%.
  5. The revolving electric cabinet is compact in construction. It is easy for the user to maintain it.
  6. The full closed granule-making box can coordinate the radial up and down pressing pulleys ans the axial space, so it can meet all the requirements for pressing different kinds of powder tablets. It is composed of W-type screen, gear-type granule organizing pulleys, wave-type screening pulleys. Do the granules are well organized, with lower rate of thin powder.
  7. It can automatically lift the feeder to coordinate the star-type and the screw rod to continue deeding materials to the pressing pulley to equal the thickness and hardness of the tablets.

  1. Negative pressure airflow automatic feeding enables powder to be conveyed inside closed pipeline which stops dust’s flying.
  2. Reverse rotation of constant torque German servo motor driven twin-screw achieves high-efficiency and precision feeding which assures quality of sheets.
  3. High-precision pneumatically-controlled eccentric roller adjusts dimension od sheet thickness which ensures running parallelism of two pressing wheels and enables sheet thickness and sheet hardness to be even.
  4. Effect of W-type curved surface grains-arranging mode is excellent and fine powder is less.
  5. Fine powder of airflow vibrating sieving device is directly sucked away by vacuum and rate of finished fine powder is controlled at 5% below.

RC-150C Roll Compactor

Technical SpecificationsRC-150C Roll Compactor
Tabletting capacityKg/h<50<150<300
Granulation capacityKg/h<35<100<200
Pinch roller rotation speedr.p.m3-203-303-30
Pinch roller rotation speedr.p.m20-20020-17520-150
Straightening rotation speedr.p.m5-1305-1105-120
Grain specificationФmm10-80/2-0.1810-80/2-0.1810-80/2-0.18
Pinch roller pressureKN98330600
Air source pressure


Air consumptionM3/min
Main machine powerKw81425
Auxiliary machine powerKw33.55
Main machine weightKg80020002500
Overall dimensionLxWxH m0.85×0.85×1.81.45×0.85×1.81.6×1.6×2.1

RC 150 Roll Compactor/Drying Granulation Machine

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