RC-5B Roll Compactor

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RC-5B Roll Compactor

RC-5B Roll Compactor

The RC-5B automatic dry granulator is the most advanced home-made one in the world,which is designed and developed on the basis of GMP concepts and characteristics of patent medicines and biochemical medicines. It’s widely applied forgranulation in such industries as pharmacy, food and chemical engineering, which is especially applicable for granulation of materials vulnerable to being decomposedand ineffective or agglomerated when contacting wet and heat. The grains it produces are directly used for granule packets, tablets and filled capsules.

RC-5B Roll Compactor

Technical Specifications RC-5B Roll Compactor
Item Unit RC-5
Tabletting capacity Kg/h 1-5
Granulation capacity Kg/h 0.5-3
Pinch roller rotation speed r.p.m 3-20
Pinch roller rotation speed r.p.m 10-50
Straightening rotation speed


r.p.m 200-700
Grain specification Фmm 10-80/2-0.18
Pinch roller pressure KN 68
Air source pressure


MPa 0.4-0.7
Air consumption M3/min
Main machine power Kw 2.5
Auxiliary machine power Kw
Main machine weight Kg 800
Overall dimension LxWxH mm 1160*550*1250
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