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QY Movable Washer

QY Movable Washer

Moveable & Semi-Auto Washer for Bin and container


The Movable Washer is the main containers washing equipment in the solid dosage production procedure. One main machine can wash various bin and container specifications and, consequently it is considered as the ideal washing equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc


This equipment is composed of pump station, washing and control systems. When operating, push the used bin or container in the washing room, take down the bin lid, then put on the lid installed with rotating washing ball and prepare all the washing processes. Then, set the washing procedure according to the process requirements. On confirmation, start the washing procedure according to the set parameters. When the washing is finished, the machine stops automatically. Outer surfaces of the bin or container are washed manually by the operator with a high pressure water jet. Finally, push the washed bin or container in a drying room for drying purpose and then store it in a clean room for next production usage.


This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation; the whole machine has no dead angle or protruded screws. The washing process has been greatly optimized with user friendly operation. QY Series Movable Washers comply entirely with GMP requirements for medicine production.

QY Movable Washer

Movable WasherQY-5
Flow rate(T/h)5

QY Movable & Semi Auto Washer for Bin and Container

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