QDS800-1500 Bin Washing Station-double chamber

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QDS800-1500 Bin Washing Station-double chamber

QDS800-1500 Bin Washing Station-double chamber

Bin Washing Station Application:

The bin washing station, double chamber is the main automatic washing and drying equipment in the solid dosage production procedure. One main machine can wash and dry different specifications of bins and containers, and consequently it is considered as the ideal washing and drying equipment for bins or containers in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.

Bin Washing Station Principle:

This equipment is composed of front conveyor line, washing chamber, drying chamber, rear conveyor line, pump station, air handing unit(AHU),electric cabinet and operation box. Bin conveying, washing, drying and cooling are finished automatically according to preset recipe. Continuous operation is achieved by automatic PLC control. When operator push the bin on the front conveyor line, the bin automatically go through washing, drying, cooling processes and arrive rear conveyor line. Then remove the bin and store it in a clean intermediate room for next production usage.

Bin Washing Station Features:

This Bin Washing Station is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It is intelligent mechanical and electric in tegrate machine with washing, drying and automatic conveying function. One chamber operating washing function whiles the other performing drying function at the same time, resulting in high working efficiency. Specialized chamber for drying reduces temperature fluctuation greatly, thus improving drying efficiency and energy consumption. The washing process has been gratly optimized. QDS series bin washing stations, double chamber comply entirely with GMP requirements for medicine production.

QDS800-1500 Bin Washing Station-double chamber

 Bin Washing Station-double chamber Main structural dimensions Pump power Kw Pump flow rate T/h Pump pressure bar Total power Kw
L H1 H2 H
QDS800 6900 700 1935 3385 3.0 10 6.3 15
QDS1500 7500 700 2340 3865 5.5 15 6.7 17


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