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PM320F Powder 3-Side Sealing Packing Machine

PM320F Powder 3-Side Sealing Packing Machine

Standard Features:

Automatically measuring volume, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the lot number and cutting easy tearing notches, making chain sachet, finished product conveying.

Applicable for the powder products, such as flour, starch, milk powder etc.

  • PLC control system, wide vision pressure screen;
  • Compact structure, easy to operate and maintain;
  • The case to be made in stainless steel

PM320F Powder 3-Side Sealing Packing Machine

Technical specificationPM320FPM320B-F
Measuring rangeMax. 300mlMax. 500ml
Measuring methodAuger
CapacityMax. 40bag/min
Bag sizeL: 50-200mmW: 40-130mmL: 50-200mmW: 40-150mm
Film widthMax. 260mmMax. 320mm
Sealing type3-side sealingBack sealing
Control systemPLC + Chinese/English interface
Power supply1N + PE/50Hz/AC220V/2Kw
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.25m3/min
Dimension1003 x 685 x 1650mm

PM320F Powder 3 Side Sealing Packing Machine

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