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SMG-10F Laboratory High Shear Mixer and Granulator

SMG-10F High Shear Mixer Granulator for Lab-Interchange Pan

SMG laboratory high shear mixer and granulator is one of the ordinary process equipment which is widely adopt in solid dosage production for mixing,granulating and milling in research center of pharmaceutical industries, and it also can be used in laboratory of chemical, food industries Etc.

  • Automatic PLC control,mixing,granulating and milling one-step accomplished in one machine, compact design with less space occupy.
  • Equipped with M28 impeller which ensure excelledt granulation, even when main material and auxiliary material have big specific density difference.
  • Products are firm and uniform and high yield.
  • Can be efficiently match with drying machine.
  • Automatic judging of the terminal point of granulating process, having a good process reproducibility.
  • Agitator and chopper blade axis adopting pneumatic seal and combined machinery connection which avoid cross contamination to meet the requirement of GMP production.
  • Interlayer material container is optional to heat or cool the material which meet the requirements of different granulating process.
  • Pressure slurry charging and atomizing slurry charging is for option.
  • WIP washing in place system is for option.
Technical DataSMG-10F
Container volume1L
Working volume


Powder bulk density0.45kg/L
Mixing speed50-1000r/min
Mixing motor power1.5Kw
Granulating speed150-3000r/min
Granulating power0.4Kw
Power supply380V/60Hz, 3Phase, 32A
Compress air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimension2200 x 850 x 1560mm
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