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V Blender

V-Shell Blenders are commonly used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical, food and related industries to mix dried powder and granules.

This Mixer has the following distinguishing features: No blind angle in the V-Shells, no accumulation of materials, high speed I-bar, efficient and short mixing time. The housing are made of stainless steel.  The V-Shells have elegant appearance the charging of materials can be made either by manual operation or through pneumatic vacuum system. For discharging, rotating valves and rapid swivel heads are adopted.

V-Shell Blenders:

It consists of two V-Shells of different or same altitudes, and through mechanical transmission, the materials in these shells are made to move back and forth, crossed over and rotate 360° to achieving ultimate uniform mixing.  SaintyCo’s V-Shell Blenders are rugged in designed and construction, 304 S.S. (optional 316L) mirror polished of inner and outer shell to meet the cGMP Standard.  We offer the most affordable V-Blenders in the marketplace from laboratory to large scale production batch.

V Blender:

Technical DataV-100V-180V-300V-500
Vessel Volume (L)100180300500
Max. Mixing Weight (kg/batch)354060100
Charge-in Time(min)4-6
Mixing Time Recommend (min)4-64-86-106-10
Mixing Rotation (rpm)12121212
Mixing Power (kW)
Working Height(mm)1870187018702450
Weight (kg)280290300550
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