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TC-4 Tabletop Tablet/Capsule Counter

TC-4 Tabletop Tablet/Capsule Counter

The TC-4 Tablet/Capsule Counter & Filler allows for quick and accurate counting and filling into bottles at a pre-set count. This improves production efficiency and ensures that no bottle has a under or over count of product, which can lead to additional costs.

Application product :

Tablets, Capsules, Irregular tablets, Hard capsules,Gummy & Soft capsules etc.

TC-4 Tabletop Tablet/Capsule Counter

Counting and Control Module:

  • Dual nozzles with shift gate
  • Keyence fiber optic detection system,transparent capsule acceptable
  • Count memory set
  • Emergency stop

Vibration Tank:

  • SUS316 tank
  • Tank gate adjustment
  • Vibration speed knob

Spin-Separate Plate:

  • Glass plate driven speed control motor
  • Spin speed knob
  • SUS#304 stainless steel guide bar withdiameter adjustment
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