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  • Turkey


    We have managed many projects from land to start-up new factory projects (i.e. VEM İlaç-Çerkezköy), renovation projects (i.e. MAMSEL İlaç-Tuzla) and Phytotherapi Products Production Center (i.e. BİTEM Bezmialem Üniversitesi) under our Project Management and Consulting branch.

    SaintyCo is one of our partner from China. SaintyCo machines have been selected for some of our projects and have been set-up and running without any problem for more than 4 years.

    FZ Cone Mill- VGB-E Film Coating Machine FBG Fluid-Bed Granulator NJP-1200 Capsule filler

    ——Ibrahim Yaman

  • USA


    Dear Tony,Long time… All machines such as SDXD-11 Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine,CTP-2 Softgel Printing Machine,DPP-80 Laboratory Blister Packing Machine,ES-1/5 Laboratory Extruder and Spheroniziers(Pellet Extrusion and Spheronization for Lab Use) seem to be up and running fine. I think we are getting ready to place an order for another Sachet-filling machine…!

    SDXD-11 Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine CTP Capsules&Tablet Printer Machine -1DPP-80 Blister Packing-1 ES-5 Pellets Making, Pelletize

    Also, Can I get quotes on the following Equipment:

    1. Stripack-350 Advanced Strip Packing Machine

    2. NJP-800 Capsule Filling Machine

    3. I-500 Inspecting & Rejecting Machine for Capsule

    4. BJ-2 Series Disintegration Tester (2 of them)

    stripack-350 Advanced strp packing machineNJP-800capsule filler machineI-500 Capsule Inspecting &Rejecting MachineBJ-2


  • Brazil


    DPP-80 Blister Packing Machine is very small and easy operation. It saves lots of space for our room.

    When our technical team send mabel the video of the problem show on machine, they Send us back the solution in video type. It is very nice for our better understanding.

    DPP-80 Blister Packing-1


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