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NTS50-100 Pharma Lifter-Telescopic & Movable

NTS50-100 Pharma Lifter-Telescopic&Movable


NTS series Pharma Lifter is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry for transferring and charging powder and granules. It can be used along with equipments such as blender, mixers, mill cum sifter, tablet press, coating machines, capsule filling machines and so on. Using the TS series Pharma Lifter has optimized the producing flow and avoided dust and cross pollution. It’s the desirable transferring equipment in pharmaceutical industry for solid dosage sector. Meanwhile, it can be widely used in such areas as raw medicine material industry, chemical industry, and foodstuff industry.


NTS series Pharma Lifter consists of chassis trolley, telescopic post, hydraulic system, turnover structure. To start to work, cover the tank with the cone adapter and seal them tightly with hoop to form an integrated hopper. Switch on the lifting handle, the hopper is lifter; then switch on the turnover handle, the hopper turns 180 º. Move the chassis trolley, orientate it and fix the outlet of the cone adapter with the inlet of the next processing equipment. Open the butterfly valve on the cone adapter, materials flow out fluently into the next equipment. Especially designed with telescopic system, t his has enlarged working scope.


It’s made of Austenitic stainless steel. There is no dead angle, no concave/convex face, and no screws on the surface. Especially equipped with one cone adapter, a sealing set and butterfly valve for tank, the dust and cross pollution are well controlled. Tailor-made butterfly valve with no dead angle, no remnant, and appliance against wrong way operation is easy to dismantle and wash. Tailor-made casters protect the floor from being destroyed or leaving stains. Especially designed with oil collector, this has avoided the hydraulic oil polluting the clean area. It’s authenticated by the Provincial Science Committee to be of “reasonable design, compact structure, steady performance, beautiful for, easy to wash; main technical level reaches to the world similar products of 1990s.”

NTS50-100 Pharma Lifter-Telescopic&Movable

Pharma Lifter-Telescopic&MovableNTS-50NTS-100

NTS Pharma Lifter for Drum Telescopic&Movable

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